Breathing exercise with a cold and nasal congestion

How to do breathing exercises for the nose?

Breathing exercises for the treatment of rhinitis is designed to improve circulation in the nasal cavity and in the internal parts of the organ of respiration. Exercises for the common cold will help to restore nasal patency and significantly enrich the blood in the nasal cavity with oxygen. When conducting exercises, it is important to maintain the regularity and to conduct classes several times a day. If a stuffy nose in a child to perform a procedure in the form of games. Do not force the baby to gymnastics by force, as under this influence, the boy’s condition will only worsen.

When performing exercises need to know the basic methods. If to carry out the exercises without any knowledge about the main points, you can provoke the deterioration of the immune system and cause progression of the disease. Is important care to learn the rules of conduct breathing exercises and apply them in the future.

What is rhinitis

Inflammation of the nasal mucosa may occur as a result of lower immune system, hypothermia, prolonged exposure to the sun or in a room where the air is too dry. In addition, the main causes of rhinitis are infectious and viral agents that are in contact with the mucosa cause a dangerous process.

If the runny nose does not cure in the early days, rhinitis may acquire a chronic nature, or to provoke the development of inflammation in the maxillary sinuses and the frontal lobe.

In this case, the patient appearing sinusitis or sinusitis. Disease of the paranasal sinuses accompanied by severe nasal congestion, fever, pain between the eyebrows, feeling of pressure in the sinuses.

Acute rhinitis can different symptoms, but in each case, the patients reported the formation of copious amounts of mucous secretion, which disrupts the natural breath. The mucus can cause sleep disturbance and intoxication of the whole organism.

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To facilitate the patient’s condition in the early stages of inflammation, doctors have come up with healing exercises. With the right approach to the exercises, the patient will feel relief and reduction of symptoms immediately after exercise.

How to correctly perform exercises

Breathing exercises vasomotor rhinitis when necessary to restore nasal function and improve overall health. Usually exercises are not are complex, but are very effective.

The best time to exercises for the nose in the fresh air or in the room, which is pre-aired and well-moistened.

If at the time of the procedure you will feel a strong nasal congestion use vasoconstrictor drops Tizin, Otrivin, Naphazoline, long time.

You must carry out reorganization of the cavity with saline. After the injection, wait twenty minutes.

To gymnastics can be in any comfortable position. The patient can sit, stand or lie on a hard surface.

Immediately before exercise check body temperature. If it is above 37 degrees, classes is better to postpone for a few days.

Gymnastics No. 1

First we need to make a small and relaxed breath in through your nose. At the same time follow the diaphragm.

It is important that she did not participate, and his chest wasn’t inflated. The feelings, the air needs to only walk up to the larynx.

Then pause for five seconds and slowly exhale through the nasal route. Repeat the exercise for three minutes. For the second cycle, the patient will reflexively inhale deeper.

Try to exclude the moment, as the essence of gymnastics is an extension of the bronchi.

Immediately after the procedure, the patient will mark the restoration of the rhythm of the breath and returning functions of the nose. The breathing becomes free and easy.

Gymnastics No. 2

In case of violation of microcirculation, the formation of adhesions or reduced pressure inside the lungs doctors recommend to support breathing in the following way:

  1. Inhale so that the lung expanded. The breath should be short and quick.
  2. Moderately exhale.
  3. Take a deep breath and again make the out.

Thus, the patient activates the breathing process and favorably affects the lungs. They seemed to straighten out and start working five minutes after the exercises.

When conducting exercises, the patient receives a large amount of oxygen. With him the process of nutrition in the structural area of the lung, which causes the active restoration of function of organ of respiration.

Repeat these exercises should twice about five times a day.

Gymnastics No. 3

For cleansing of sinuses and the establishment of a uniform breathing, you can try the following exercises.

  1. Gently but deeply inhale the air. When you inhale relax the muscles in the front of the abdomen. This way you will be able to fill your lungs with air to a maximum extent.
  2. Pause for a few seconds.
  3. Exhale the air through your mouth, not delaying him in the stomach.
  4. Before the new inhalation, pause for ten seconds.

Repeat the movement five times. This procedure will allow you to restore breathing and to provide normalization functions for a few hours.

Gymnastics No. 3 removes phlegm and stimulates the immune system in conditions of inflammatory process, but the most important thing in that breathing is improved blood circulation.

In this form of gymnastics is derived sputum and infection that penetrated deep inside.

Stimulating the reflex process of the lung occur speedy recovery.

Gymnastics No. 4

To normalize the functions of the organ of respiration the patient is another form of exercise.

  1. In a standing pose bend your torso slightly forward.
  2. Put your hands on your hips.
  3. Exhale and then pull your stomach.
  4. Stick to this pose for fifteen seconds.
  5. After the allotted time take a smooth breath. It is important to relax the belly.

Exercises of this kind must be done in the morning and just before bedtime.

Gymnastics No. 5

In conclusion, we propose to consider breathing exercises Strelnikova from nasal congestion. Alexandra Nikolaevna Strelnikova is the author Wellness methods.

The essence of her method consists in deliverance from suffocation with a strong inflammatory processes.

The principle of its method is as follows:

  1. Hold your breath for a few seconds, and then take a smooth breath.
  2. Exhale and inhale smoothly again.
  3. Hold your breath for five seconds and again take a deep breath.

In the process of respiration important to connect all zones of the lung. Inhalation and exhalation should be done slowly and very gently, and in the process just the exercises to stick to one rhythm.

The whole procedure takes about ten minutes. During this time, nasal breathing is restored and reduces the pain between the eyebrows, caused by sinusitis.


If the patient is prone to frequent infectious or viral diseases, conduct breathing exercises every day for three weeks. Pay special attention to the exercises of Alexandra Strelnikova method or practice yoga.

If the combination of medication and exercises on breathing, the effect will occur in the near future. Hold therapy is best in a Park or in the woods.