Broken ear — how to treat and the first signs, photos

Signs of a broken ear and how to cure it?

It is known that the human ear has elastic cartilage and soft tissues that protect the drum region from the negative effects of the environment. The question arises, is it possible to break your ear?

Despite the soft texture, the ear can be broken and, unfortunately, this is a pretty common case. Often patients themselves are active fans of sports and various martial arts. So in this article we will examine the question of how to treat a broken ear?

Basic information about the violation of the structure

Broken ears are the accumulation of several types of injuries. Although by itself the concept of «broken ears» is false, as the injury on the ear cartilage breaks only as in the outer ear bones are missing.

In the case of trauma the external ear has a special risk of injury to the skull and brain.

Most often, this type of injuries boxers suffer or lovers of Oriental art, as in this sport often captures with touching the ears.

In this case, lightning to understand that a person broken ear impossible. This is due to the active hormone production. However, after a couple of hours on the site of injury forms a large hematoma, which is filled with a specific liquid.

In case of late treatment, the patient may be deformed outer ear and the organ of hearing in General. Often, when such fractures are formed of the perforation on the eardrum, which represents a great danger to human life.

In addition to the injuries of the bony walls of the wrestlers, often such injuries children suffer during active games and because of its children’s spontaneity and lack of self-defense.

Unfortunately, this type of injury children suffer very badly, as the pain spread not only to the ears but also on the surrounding tissue.

The first signs of the broken ear

Violation of the integrity of the bony walls of the ear and cartilage can significantly compromise the human health. All types of fractures should be urgently directed to the doctor.

For the most part, affected only the outer ear. However, in rare cases, communities can be injured as the average and internal ear.

Please note the following causes of injuries. After reviewing them, you accurately determine the injury to the ear:

  1. Severe bruising.
  2. Drop ear.
  3. Animal bites.
  4. Mechanical trauma.
  5. Extreme activities.
  6. The active sport activities.

These symptoms are considered direct injuries that destroy the structure of the ear and cause a lot of unpleasant symptoms.

In addition to these symptoms, if a broken cartilage on her ear, the next symptoms:

  • congenital pathology. In this case, the ear may acquire an irregular shape, which causes deformation of the hearing;
  • perforation of the ear. In this situation, detached part of the shell due to a gunshot wound or animal bite;
  • in subcutaneous extravasation of blood appears hematoma. It can cause the appearance of lymph and affects the state of well-being;
  • in case of damage to the ear canal is noted, hearing impaired and heavy bleeding.

In addition to these reasons, the integrity of the ear can be damaged in accidents and other dangerous situations. To determine the severity of the injury, note the following symptoms:

  1. Rupture of the ear tissue.
  2. Throbbing pain in the ear.
  3. A significant deterioration of the audibility of sounds.
  4. Strong dizziness.
  5. Formation of hematoma.

You should know that in violation of the integrity of the soft tissues the patient will be bleeding at the site of injury. In case of violation of the structure of the ear canal pay attention to facial expressions and movements of the human jaw. Commonly with this injury when speaking to the patient feels unbearable pain.

In any case, the patient should immediately seek medical help. When not treated, the risk of complications of the following diseases:

  • hearing loss;
  • narrowing of the ear canal;
  • dysfunction of the Eustachian tube;
  • loss of function of the auditory ossicles;
  • viruses and infections.

The symptoms of broken ear in the photo as follows:

Signs of trauma in a child

Symptoms and signs of damage from kids, in most cases, similar cases of an adult. However, for the most part violations of the structure of the hearing organ are not associated with active sports, and children’s games.

Closely monitor the child’s behavior in the process of active games. If the child became restless and crying when you touch the ears, inspect them.

Remember that children’s fractures are formed in such reasons as:

  • the fall of a child from the height;
  • active games in the open area;
  • the occupation of East or martial arts.

In addition to these reasons, the reasons for injuries can be a great many. It is therefore important to know the following signs:

  1. Redness of the ear.
  2. Severe pain in the ears.
  3. Violation of the integrity of tissues.
  4. Loss of hearing acuity.
  5. The appearance of hematomas.
  6. Strong dizziness.
  7. Bloody discharge from the ears.

If you identify even a few of these reasons, you should immediately consult a specialist. Thus, you will protect the baby from complications and facilitate further treatment.


First and foremost, treatment of fracture of the ear involves tissue repair and the maintenance of the functioning of the ear.

However, on the way to a medical facility must be applied to the affected ear cold object. It could be ice or any other substance. Put it in a bag and wrap with gauze. Then lean to the affected ear.

Next, you need to stop the bleeding and disinfect the wound. This is necessary in order to in the ear is infected. For that purpose, use iodine or hydrogen peroxide. In the ear it is desirable to impose turundy soaked in peroxide solution.

In the process of first aid patient should not talk, because it may damage the ear canal.

In a medical facility the patient will receive professional assistance, which includes the restoration of cartilage and tissues. If the wound was serious and deep, the patient is assigned to surgical intervention.

In the case of minor damage, the patient is assigned a drug treatment and physiotherapy. In this case, the healing process takes a long time, and the patient’s condition rapidly normalized.

During the treatment the patient is assigned to heat therapy and laser therapy.

Remember the important rule: if the injury was caused by a fall on the chin, the patient must examine both ears, so how big is the possibility of injury to both bones.

In addition, it is necessary to examine the skull and the brain, as in injuries of the ears are great situation the concussion.


In every case of trauma, the doctor will prescribe individual treatment. So, with a slight upheaval of the ear cartilage specialist assigns a pressure bandage and lotions.

In case of violation of the ear bones, most likely, the patient subject to surgery or otoplasty.

And surgery is necessary when damage to the middle ear and deformations of auricles.

In the case of heavy bleeding, you need to heal postradavshie cells. This must be done in the first place, as the blood can develop a hematoma.

In severe cases, when a fracture is accompanied by a separation on the ear, place the ear in ice. Thus, the viability of cells will be increased.

Remember that replantation is possible only for seven hours. So to go to a medical institution is required in a matter of minutes.

In addition, it is necessary to revive the patient and to help him cope with the pain shock. To do this, apply ear bandage.

After healing, the patient is prescribed medication that will prevent complications of the disease. The medicines include antibiotics and vitamin supplements.

The patient should carefully follow the specified treatment and not to disrupt the dispensing of drugs. In addition, the patient should follow all safety precautions and limit yourself to physical exercises.

For the speedy recovery of the tissues, it is necessary to take vitamins and drugs that promote healing. In addition, a good method of treatment is considered medicinal herbs.

Brew tea on the basis of rose hips, lemon balm and chamomile. They soothe the body and help heal the affected cells.

In any event, regardless of cause tissue and cartilage do not take independent decisions on method of treatment.

After full recovery the patient is recommended some time to consult with the attending physician. It is necessary to eliminate the consequences.


In most cases, if you adhere to treatment, the prognosis for recovery is favorable.

Complications can occur in few cases. So, it is crucial to seek medical assistance. Remember that improper treatment may lead to complete hearing loss and disability.

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