Bump (ball) behind the ear in a child: what it is, Komorowski, photo

What is the lump behind the ear in a child?

The child’s health and wellbeing is most important to loving parents, so they with incredible zeal to protect their child from various ailments. But, unfortunately, not all their best.

Sometimes children of different ages appear seal over the ears, which is a real concern for moms and dads trying immediately to do anything. Next, find out the following points: lump behind the ear in a child: that’s why is formed and whether to worry.

How does a lump behind ear in child

The seal behind the ear or a lump – usually all education, which is mainly due to the increased size of the lymph node in the neck. A similar phenomenon occurs as a result of inflammation, who had already spread in the body and begin to attack the most vulnerable systems.

As a rule, appeared the lump is not painful and is not dangerous for the baby’s health. Such a ball behind the ear should be thick, movable, and during palpation should clearly be felt.

Important! If the education fails and does not decrease the child for several days, you should certainly visit a doctor.

However, there are a number of other factors provoke the emergence of such a seal behind the ear, and in each situation the symptoms are very different. Under any circumstances, parents should carefully monitor the tumor.

So, at an early stage a lump may not display any signs and do not disturb. However, some signs even in non-hazardous form still exist. These include:

  • the visual appearance of the bumps;
  • a clear definition of boundaries;
  • pain when touched, observed;
  • the lack of discomfort.

In some cases, the process acquires a negative flow, which can start festering. It is noted the accession of such symptoms:

  1. Redness growths.
  2. The development of edema.
  3. The bumps increase in size.
  4. Sore to touch.
  5. Burning and itching in the parotid region.
  6. The accumulation of fluid in the seal.
  7. Headache.
  8. The increased body temperature.

Attention! If time does not reduce the child to the doctor, the seal can be modified with this change and its accompanying symptoms are: education becomes solid and disappears its mobility.

Causes of lump behind ear

If behind ear child’s education is small, then this may indicate the development of various diseases. Many of them are not harmless for the baby.

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Usually what looks like a seal and what size (photo of lumps behind the ear of various etiology presented in this article below) depends on the factor that caused its manifestation.

So, next will familiarize with the primary sources and manifestations of bumps on the head behind the ear in a child.


If there is a lump near the ear, the first thing you should consider is the inflammation of the lymph nodes, which is the weakening of the protective functions of the organism.

It can occur at any seasonal time of the year, and notice immediately it is not always possible.

The baby bump behind the ear is generally not visible, as palpable lymph nodes bad.

Quite often, this inflammation is caused by infectious diseases.

In such a situation, your child may complain of pain near the ear, but sometimes there are cases of occurrence of painless inflammation.


In this infectious disease of inflamed parotid gland, which entails the appearance of lumps under the ear on the neck.

Characteristic swelling appears on the earlobes, cheeks, neck, and the patient child will complain of pain when swallowing and may even refuse food.

If you suspect the development of this disease should immediately consult a doctor.


Help. Parotitis or mumps is a dangerous disease because delayed seeking medical care or disregard the recommendations of the doctor, often develop life-threatening health complications.

The inflammatory process in the ear

If there is the appearance of education on only one side, it is a sign of inflammation of the middle ear or dermatitis.

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After suffering otitis media lymph nodes increasing in size, and then rather quickly decreases.

In the special treatment of the cones in this case there is no need, but expert advice does not hurt.

This is necessary in order to make sure that everything is in order, otherwise — a chance time to start treating the disease.

Sebaceous cyst and lipoma

Such diseases are characterized by the emergence of a solid lump, which is usually located under the skin on the bone.

Atheroma – a benign tumor in the skin or the hair root, is filled with secretions. During normal operation, the sebum excreted through the ducts to the outside.

If a channel is clogged, the fluid, and the capsule size increases. After contact with pathogenic agents, the formation of purulent masses. Treated this phenomenon with the help of surgery.

Lipoma (Wen) is a benign tumor arising from the adipose tissue. When you press it there is movement under the skin. The danger for the child is not, however, if there is an increase in size, there is discomfort, it is removed.

Fistula of the ear

A fistula is a narrow channel that runs from the cartilage near the ear to the neck. Pathology is manifested in utero as a result of violations of fetal development.

It is visible immediately after birth, and grows slowly without causing discomfort.

If there is inflammation of the sinus, the ear has formed a large lump of red.

Treatment in this situation is carried out by antibiotics, to reduce inflammation, after which the fistula is removed surgically.



The development of cysts can trigger the occurrence of seal around the ear, which can become inflamed and suppurate.

Cyst often develops as a result of abnormalities in fetal development.

In that situation, if the tumor was dense and immobile, this means the appearance in it of connective cells, that is changed properties allocated secretion of the sebaceous glands.

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With good protective features of the baby this bump on bone after suppuration will reveal themselves.


Dr. Komarovsky about lump behind ear in child

The opinion of renowned pediatrician E. O. Komarovsky about the appearance of the seal the child’s ear is quite unique. So, in his words, such a phenomenon in children most often occurs due to the inflammation of lymph nodes.

Lymph nodes are considered the guards of the immune system and tend to increase near the source of infection. Terrible in it anything is not.

This phenomenon may occur quite often, since children are susceptible to various viral and infectious diseases because of nesformirovannost of the immune system.

Help. The child must be seen by a specialist if the enlarged lymph node for 5 days.

Summarizing, we can say that the appearance of bumps behind the ear in a child may provoke a variety of factors, the main of which is inflammation of the lymph nodes. Parents should carefully observe the formation and the appearance of pain to go to the doctor.

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