Burn the nasal mucosa: treatment and symptoms than to treat

How to treat a burn on the nasal mucosa?

Mucosa of nasal cavity sensitive to the effects of chemicals to provoke its inflammation or burn many factors. Thermal effect on the inner membranes of the nose have alkali and acids, active ingredients of medicines.

Violation of the integrity of the shell occurs at the contact of skin with sunlight, hot steam, radiation, chemicals. Before adjusting the method and methods for the treatment of burns of the mucosa it is advisable to determine the place of its localization, concentration and duration of exposure of himreaktiv.

Signs of damage to the inner lining of the nose

The classification of burns of the mucous of the nose represents the type of agent-irritant which has caused injury to epithelium:

  • thermal. Is formed by contact of the mucous membrane and toxic products of combustion, fire, high temperatures. To provoke a breach may fire, explosion, inhalation of atomized fluids for inhalation;
  • chemical. Is the result of the concentration of malicious chemicals on the inner lining of the nose, alkalis, acids, alcohol.

For reference! Identical name thermal burn «thermal», «inhalation».

To provoke mucosal injury can adverse climatic conditions, prolonged use of vasoconstrictor drops or extend. Under the influence of medicinal substances there is a dryness of the mucosa.

The cause of the violation of the integrity of the epithelium can anatomical changes.

Symptoms of burns of the nasal mucosa associated with the degree of damage:

  • 1 degree with a short exposure to the irritant factor is observed redness, swelling of the mucous;
  • Stage 2 – the duration of action of agents stimulates the appearance of blisters, the damage of which is fraught with erosion of the mucosa;
  • Stage 3 – intense burn. There is a necrosis of mucosal tissues, the rejection, the color of the inner lining changed to grey.

Patients mostly ignore the symptoms of the first stage of deformation that could aggravate the situation. Hypertrophy of the epithelium of the nose 2, and 3 degrees require skilled medical care.

How to treat a burn of mucosa of nose

Further successful restoration of the defect in the mucosa depends on the speed of first aid. The algorithm of actions is the following sequence:

  1. To limit contact with the stimulus.
  2. Rinse nasal cavity with soap and water or with added soda for a quarter of an hour. In the water you can add 1-2 drops of potassium permanganate.
  3. To neutralize the effect of alkaline bases by using lemon juice, of vinegar, boric acid.
  4. When alcohol burns effective will be saline.
  5. At a strong pain to take painkillers, to insert into the nostrils with a cotton or gauze swabs soaked in lidocaine or novocaine.

Important! If the burn occurred under the action of quicklime, aluminum compounds water solution to cleanse the nasal passages replace oil.

The therapeutic scheme is based on the patient history, examination findings. The fundamental factor is the extent of the damage.

When a minor violation of the integrity of the epithelium (table 1), we can restrict the action at home: rinse with running water, drip drops to help with swelling «Dexamethasone» or its analogues.

What to do for burns the nasal mucosa, 2 and 3 degrees

Therapeutic activities include outpatient treatment. The patient is recommended to treat the injured area bacteriostatic ointments: «Levomekol», «Vishnevsky», «Rescuer».

To effective antiseptics include «Argosulfan», «Germain», «Sintomitsinovoy ointment».

Important! With extensive wound surfaces is possible, the absorption components of the drug with the blood flow, so the pharmaceutical products are assigned with caution to pregnant women, breastfeeding.

The above ointment is intended for external use. The medication is applied to the sterile wipes, which are applied to the affected areas. Possible side effects to the allergic form.

To restore the microflora of the mucosa used drugs on the basis of sea water «Akvamaris», «Aqualor». They do not have a therapeutic effect, contribute to the normalization of breath excretion of mucus.

Adults appoint 2 injection every 2-3 hours, children older than 7 years – 1 irrigation 3 times a day, patients in the first year of life – 2 drops in each nostril. The duration of intake is not restricted, varies from 7 days to several months.

For reference! Endoscopic analysis is assigned when a chemical burn when it is not possible to differentiate the chemical smell.

In severe form of violation of the integrity of mucosal recovery takes place in a hospital. A comprehensive treatment is receiving antimicrobials for relief of swelling.

If the background of damage to the inner lining develops severe swelling, appointed antihistamine and hormonal drugs. For active regeneration of the skin is used «Methyluracil», «aktovegin».


Even with a slight damage to the nasal mucosa, which was able to cope at home, the rational thing is to go to the doctor. Without treatment increases the risk of development of complications of sinusitis, sinusitis and other respiratory diseases that can become chronic.

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