Burnaby from sinusitis: how to use a photo of camel thorn trees

How to use Burnaby from sinusitis?

Inflammation of the maxillary sinuses cause the patient serious discomfort. In acute or chronic disease, patients will complain of pain in the head, swelling of the mucous membrane, redness of the tip of the nose, pain on palpation of the nose wings, as well as extremely unpleasant sensations when tilting the head. In addition, the patient may form a purulent discharge that indicates bacterial infection.

To get rid of sinusitis is possible with antiviral, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial drugs. However, in order to reduce the symptoms of the disease in the early stages when antibiotics are not needed, the patient may be advised to use camel’s thorn or Burnaby. Consider how to use Burnaby from sinusitis and cure the inflammation in a few days.

The standard treatment of sinusitis

In the diagnosis of diseases of the paranasal sinuses patient is assigned a complex treatment. To get rid of sinusitis the patient must make the hospital as the whole procedure takes a long time, about two weeks.

In conservative treatment of inflammation of the paranasal sinuses includes the following medications:

  • The nasal wash up to five times a day. To carry out reorganization of the best solutions on the basis of sea or ocean water, «Aqualor», «Physiomer», «no-Sol», «Aqua Maris», «Marimer», «Humer» and others.
  • After cleansing of the paranasal sinuses of accumulated mucus, the patient should recover the function of the respiratory tract. For this appointed vasoconstrictor drops «saline», «Glycine», «Otrivin», «Nazivin», «Naphazoline», «Llanos», «Nazol».
  • If the sinusitis occurs nostro, the patient may be advised to spend inhalations with essential oils. It is best to use aromatic oil of lemon, peppermint or eucalyptus. However, if the patient has bacterial sinusitis, of inhalation should be abandoned.
  • Don’t forget about daily moistening of the mucous membrane. To restore its function of the nose can be lubricated with oil olive or tea tree and use nasal means «Pensol».
  • If the inflammation becomes pronounced symptoms, the patient is prescribed nasal antiseptic and antibacterial drugs. It is best to use drops with antibiotics. Such drugs include «Izofra», «Polideksa» or «Bioparox».
  • During treatment it is necessary to use antiviral drugs, which can restore the patient’s immune system. Such drugs are considered «Interferon», «Ingaron», «Grippferon», «Derinat», «Timogen», «IRS-19».
  • Local therapy includes hormonal drugs, have improved the function of the nasal passages. Such means are considered: «Flixonase», «almost four years», «Nasonex», «Nasobek», «Aladin», «lower blood pressure mother».
  • To reduce the swelling of tissues and to restore nasal breathing patient prescribe antihistamine medicines «Allergodil», «Levocabastine», «Effective», «Zodak», «Zyrtec», «Bromgeksin».
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In addition to drug exposure, the patient is assigned to the inpatient physical therapy. How is the treatment at the hospital, find out here.

The use of camel thorn trees in the sinus

In addition to standard treatment with medication and physiotherapy, the patient may benefit from the methods of traditional medicine. One such way is the use Burnaby.

Burnaby is effective for the treatment of sinusitis. Despite widespread camel thorn can be hazardous to the health of the patient, as it often causes allergic reactions.

Note the photo of camel thorn:

For reference! If Burnaby are wrong, it can cause anaphylactic shock, epistaxis, and increased blood pressure.

However, when used correctly Burnaby can completely cure the inflammation of the paranasal sinuses and eliminate all the symptoms. Remember that the use of funds in excessively large doses can lead to dangerous consequences. When choosing such treatment, it is necessary to consider all contraindications and side effects.

What is the plant

Burnaby or camel thorn is a plant with a developed root system. Flowering Burnaby commonly falls during the warm time, so all preparations should be administered with the beginning of the summer until September.

Burnaby is rich in flavonoids, tannins and vitamins. In addition, the tool contains essential oils and resins that is effective in the treatment of various infectious diseases, acute sinusitis, and sinusitis.

Barb has strong properties in the treatment of sinusitis. It destroys the center of disease and has a detrimental effect on viruses and bacteria, including destroys the streptococci and staphylococci.

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Usage instructions

For the treatment of acute sinusitis should be used only the upper part of the plant. Burnaby can be used in the form of decoctions, lotions or as an ingredient for inhalation.

In each case, the course of treatment depends on the severity of symptoms. The duration should not be less than five days, but in the formation of adverse effects, the drug should be stopped immediately.


A decoction of Burnaby has a pronounced anti-inflammatory properties and bactericidal effect.

To prepare the broth is necessary in a glass of warm water stir one teaspoon of plants. Stir the remedy and leave it in a dry and dark place for thirty minutes. After this decoction should strain and take a quarter Cup twice a day.

If after taking the means of the patient appeared dizziness, malaise, impaired nasal breathing, nausea and vomiting further treatment should be reconsidered. The treatment should be not less than five days. If the patient does not feel symptoms of side effects, the duration is extended to ten days.

Important! Every day should be prepared fresh broth.


To put lotion Burnaby should prepare a decoction by the following recipe:

  1. Boil one liter of water.
  2. Add the liquid one large spoon of dry plants and mix.
  3. Allow broth to infuse for one hour, and then heat the decoction to fifty degrees Celsius.
  4. Then dip it in the water gauze cloth, wring it out and apply to the inflamed area for fifteen minutes.

For one procedure it is necessary to change the poultice two or three times, so be careful that the gauze fabric was not cold. During the cooling cloth dip it into the solution again.

Apply compresses three times a day for ten days. It will eliminate pain and reduce the risk of complications.

Important! In the formation of itching and burning in the region of the maxillary sinus, treatment should be discontinued. Perhaps the patient formed an allergic reaction.

Packs cannot be applied to the nose with elevated body temperature, and in the case of bacterial reproduction inside the sinuses.

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To inhale the vapors of the plants do not need to prepare solutions for inhalation. It is sufficient to do the following:

  1. Cut off one of the spines top, and then mash all of the contents.
  2. After that, bring a prickle to the nose and inhale.
  3. When you inhale squeeze Burnaby.

Do not be alarmed that immediately after the inhalation in the nasal cavity becomes irritated and itchy. A few minutes later, the patient formed a strong rhinitis, which can last up to two days. Thus cleansing of the sinuses.

This method of inhalation is not suitable for people suffering from allergic reactions, as well as in case of deviated nasal septum. Other contraindications include the presence of adenoids, cysts or tumors in the nasal passage.


When choosing Burnaby as a medicinal method in the treatment of sinusitis should not be delayed standard treatment. Don’t forget about the importance of integrated effect and take drugs in a specific dosage.

If Burnaby provoked angioedema, anaphylactic shock, or any other process should immediately call the ambulance.