Burning in nose: causes, colds and why it stings and bakes

Why your nose burns?

Why nose pinching? Unfortunately, in today’s world this is a fairly common symptom. And, unfortunately, very often he was not paying attention. Over time, however, burning in the nose when breathing becomes unbearable.

Let’s see, what are the causes of burning sensation in the nose and how to deal with it.

Unpleasant symptom

Nose schipit inside is, of course, a very simplified description, however, it is remarkably accurate.

Itching, a burning desire to scratch the inner surface of the nose, the irresistible urge to sneeze – that accompany the burning sensation in the nose.

Moreover, it is not uncommon in the early stages, the situation does not cause much inconvenience.

But gradually the symptoms begin to increase, and in the future, possibly even bleeding from the nose.

The most common causes

Among all the possible causes for discomfort in the nose it is possible to allocate four most common are:

  • rhinitis;
  • allergies;
  • polyps in your nose;
  • drying up the mucous membrane.

At each of these points I want to talk separately.

Burning in the nose when cold

For rhinitis, or rhinitis, characterized by excessive amounts of nasal mucus. And from it, accordingly, need to get rid of. The best way, who knows our body is sneezing. During the cold stimulated ciliary epithelium, which causes sneezing, and before the tickling and burning in the nose.


Allergies can cause a variety of substances, most often it is cat fur or pollen animal.

In our body there are special cells in contact with an allergen signal to produce histamine.

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And he puts a lot of reaction: watery eyes, redness of the skin itching and burning sensation on the mucous membranes.

Thus, the body tries to protect itself from harmful, in his opinion substances. Although, really, no harm, the same pollen to cause can’t.

In fact, allergic reaction is a failure of the protective system of our body.

And allergies, of course, must be treated, especially if it occurs through the respiratory tract. Because over time it can develop into asthma.


Nasal polyps is excess proliferation of epithelium in the mucosa. They impede the breathing and prevent the upper respiratory tract to perform its main function: to clear the air on the way to the lungs. Usually when polyps are there is a burning sensation in the nose on the inhale.

Dryness of the mucous

By and large, the drying of mucous is also a symptom that can speak about the whole set of States. The reason may be too much dry air, for example, in winter in a heated room.

Also mucosa can dry out due to the fact that the patient abused vasoconstrictor drugs. As you know, they are addictive and mucosal atrophy.

Working conditions can also cause drying of the mucosa. If a person works in areas with large concentrations of dust or chemical substances, it also very likely will have to face a burning sensation in the nose.

Attention! There are also some rare but serious diseases that cause similar symptoms, be sure to consult a doctor for diagnosis.


So, you are faced with a burning sensation in the nose, what to do? For a start, you should visit Laura and find out why.

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In order to make a diagnosis, the doctor will ask the patient, as well as conduct a number of tests and studies, including a swab of the nasal mucus and the blood test for viruses and bacteria.

Then, on the basis of these studies, he will prescribe a treatment.

Of course, it will depend entirely on the reasons that caused the discomfort.

Please note! If we are talking about the cold, here it is enough just to treat the common cold, along with it will go away and the burning sensation in the nose.

If you are faced with allergies, the first thing is start taking antihistamines. This will help to get rid of the symptoms. The next step is the definition of the allergen. Try to avoid contact with the substance that causes the Allergy.

If the doctor diagnosed the presence of polyps, then you cannot do without any additional treatment. Often have to resort to surgery.

The drying up of mucous membranes just enough to moisten. However, to do this it is sometimes much harder than to say.

No wonder many doctors suggest to buy humidifiers in the winter to fill the air in the home moisture.

Additionally, you may help nasal saline drops or sea water.

If nose appear dry peel, they can be lubricated with vegetable oil. Copes with this problem and honey or propolis.

The ENT may also prescribe additional treatment, for example, mineralotherapy. In this case, in the nasal cavity introduce salt and some minerals that help to hydrate the mucous membrane, as well as her nutrition and health.

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