Burning in the urethra in women: causes and treatment

A burning sensation in the bladder is a common problem faced by patients in different age groups. In most cases, discomfort in the urethra occurs in women is associated, primarily, with the anatomical features of the structure of the female body.

The female urethra, in contrast to the male, rather short, wide and open – it is located directly near the entrance to the vagina. Due to this special anatomical structure of the pathogens can easily penetrate through the channels into the cavity of the bladder and the urethra, causing the rapid development of the inflammatory process.

Discomfort in the intimate area in women can cause severe physical and psychological discomfort. Many girls are embarrassed to see a doctor with such a sensitive issue – in any case it is not necessary to postpone visit to the doctor as the itching and burning sensation in the urethra may indicate the development of serious diseases of the urinary tract. In some cases, discomfort in lower abdomen in women is accompanied by various venereal and gynaecological diseases.

Causes of burning sensation in the urethra

Causes constant discomfort and burning in the urethra in women can be very diverse – from neglect of personal hygiene to severe inflammatory and infectious diseases. Among the main reasons lead to the following:

  • The main reasons due to which itching and burning sensation – contact with infection in the urinary tract. Usually the infection can get into the bladder naturally, a result of the anatomical features of this organ, located in close proximity to the entrance of the vagina and the anus.
  • Also urinary tract infection can be sexually transmitted – in this case we are talking about trichomoniasis or gonorrhea.
  • The most common causes of discomfort in the lower abdomen – a variety of infectious diseases of urinary system. Most often it cystitis or urethritis.
  • Not less common reason for this discomfort may be negligent attitude to women’s personal hygiene or the use of contraceptives, hygiene products, cosmetic products consisting of harsh chemicals.
  • The factors that trigger the development of itching and burning in the bladder and the urethra, is diabetes and other disorders in the normal functioning of the endocrine system.
  • Not the best way to condition urethra the impact of constant stress, strong nervous shock.
  • Itching and pain in the urinary tract can become allergic reactions to long-term use of any medicines or food products.
  • In addition, one of the reasons for such discomfort can become violent sexual contact, which later on the vaginal mucosa can develop micro cracks, directly through which pathogens enter into the bladder and the urethra.
  • With kidney stones disease you can get from the kidneys or ureter directly into the bladder cavity, causing irritation and subsequent infection of its walls.
  • When a woman has vaginal candidiasis fungi can get into the urethra that is characterized by constant itching, burning and strong discomfort.
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Many experts believe that pronounced discomfort often says it is about infectious diseases of the urinary system urethritis or cystitis. It should be emphasized that to identify these disease is possible by some additional signs.

For cystitis characteristic features is not only constantly burning and itching in the urethra, but more frequent urination, pain in lower abdomen. The pain in cystitis is particularly intensified at the moment of urination, then a little down.

Urination negligible amount of urine up to a few drops, and after a short time the man back feel the desire to immediately go to the toilet. At the same time, significantly changes the color emitted fluid – urine becomes turbid, it may appear flakes or bloody blotches.

The symptoms of urethritis are indistinguishable from all the above – itching, burning, discomfort, more frequent urination in the toilet, including false desires, when all attempts failed to provide urine. But if in cystitis the pain is worse at the time of urination, and then almost ceases, when the pain has the same intensity and after the act of urination.

Also for urethritis phenomenon is considered to be redness and swelling of the external genitalia. In some cases, there may be a thick purulent discharge from the urethra.

Treatment of burning sensation in the urethra

Treatment itching and burning in the bladder should start directly with the treatment of the factors that led to the emergence of this disease. Treatment is mandatory begins with conducting all laboratory and instrumental examinations, whose primary purpose is to identify the causative agent of discomfort.

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Further, on the basis of the identified pathogen is treatment with medications from the group of broad-spectrum antibiotics. In addition to antibiotics, treatment may consist of the appointment of additional Antiprotozoal, antifungal medicines, uroantiseptikov. Excellent results shows the treatment of numerous physiotherapeutic methods – electrophoresis, local applications, therapeutic sitz baths.

Treatment itching and burning in the urethra in women requires strict dieting. From your diet should completely exclude alcoholic beverages and food that can irritate and provoke the discomfort is sharp, sour, salty or marinated dishes, as well as a variety of sweets and cured meats.

The menu is based on this period should be products of plant origin and dairy products. Be sure to drink plenty of water – throughout the day, women are recommended to drink at least 2-2. 5 liters of fluid. It is best to prefer weak tea, juices, still mineral water, compotes or fruit drinks.

Treatment of burning sensation in the bladder consists of a rejection of the intimate life. The period of sexual rest should be observed at least 2-3 weeks. On the day you return to intimate relations you should consult with your health care professional. Also women have to give up sports or any physical activity, not to visit public bodies of water or pools, to take time off from visits to bath, sauna or Solarium.

If itching and a constant burning sensation in the urethra are the result of allergies, you should try to completely eliminate any contact with the allergen – change hygiene products, cosmetics, intimate gels, soap, replace the underwear products are made of natural fabrics and try to avoid overcooling of the bladder.

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