Bypass surgery of the ear in children and adults — when and why used

All about bypass surgery ears in children and adults

After viral and infectious diseases of ears often arise complications such as otitis media. The disease is spreading particularly in children, but it can also happen in adults.

Disease is of three types: outer, middle and inner. In all cases, a comprehensive treatment, including physical therapy, heat therapy and blue light, and is prescribed a course of antibiotics.

However, in the event that the flows in chronic otitis media is assigned to bypass surgery of the ear in adults and children.

Methods for the treatment of ears

Disease of the ears can be caused by a number of reasons. In most cases, an Earache after a cold, flu or a cold. Also often inflammation of the ears occur after trauma, or not fully cured otitis. Pay attention to the condition, if you have any of the following symptoms:

  • noise in the ears;
  • soreness;
  • feeling of stuffiness;
  • hearing loss or complete deafness;
  • frequent dizziness.

Usually, all ear diseases occur due to ingress of liquid in the ears. Most often it happens in summer, when we opened the swimming season in ponds and lakes.

Water entering the middle ear, causing infection. Prolonged interaction of water with the ears, occurs to form extra fabric between the outer and middle passage, causing the formation of adhesions of the tissues.

Thus begins a decrease in the sensitivity of the sounds and noises and also disruption of the ossicles.

Usually, in this disease the ears noticed a significant hearing impairment.

Noticing these symptoms, contact your doctor. After inspecting the ears and an accurate diagnosis, the specialist prescribes a course of treatment.

Use for the treatment of medications which effectively remove the disease and improve overall health. It can be physical therapy, thermotherapy or specialized drops.

During a long but unsuccessful treatment using massage eardrums. It is carried out by blowing of the auditory tube.

In second place diseases of the ears is external, acute or suppurative otitis media.

Otitis externa occurs because of trauma to the outer passage. Pay attention to these symptoms:

  • aching pain;
  • swelling;
  • a significant increase in temperature;
  • stuffy ears;
  • sleep disturbance;
  • headache.

Contact your audiologist if you notice these symptoms. By determining the type of the disease, the specialist will prescribe the appropriate treatment. For each person assigned to individual medicines.

But usually when otitis externa is applied «Sofradeks», «Garson», «Anuran», «Dexon».

When otitis media an anti-inflammatory agent «Drops», «Otinum»

Antibacterial drugs «Normaks», «mefenamic acid» are used in acute disease.

In addition, in diseases of the ears used traditional medicine.

But before burying concoctions in the ears consult your physician in order to protect yourself from complications of the disease.

List the main methods of treatment.

The most common method is the decoction of the root calamus. Use it to improve hearing. For this you need to boil the root in one Cup of water. To apply for one about the dining room before meals three times a day. You cannot drink the decoction with plenty of water.

Effective method is considered marsh geranium. Dilute one teaspoon of herb in a Cup of hot water. Then leave for one hour in a dark place. Drink the resulting broth three times a day for 2 tablespoons.

The common cold is allowed to hold lotions from a mixture of glycerin and wormwood. For best effect, add to the mixture a drop of mint. Dampen a cotton swab in the resulting liquid and put in a sore ear.

Also effective is the juice of Angelica. Enter into the affected ear four drops of juice and obvalivat the ear warm scarf.

Otitis if the child fell ill, use the Bay leaf. For this you need to boil a Cup of water with five Laurel leaves. After you boil the resulting broth, leave it in a dark but warm place for three hours. Then instill 10 drops into the affected ear.

It is believed that when a child is ill, many tools are not appropriate. But if you use the propolis oil is almost immediately.

To apply this kind of medication you need to mix 10% alcoholic extract of propolis with olive oil in the ratio one to two. Then take a cotton swab and dipped in the mixture and place in the ear for a few hours.

What is bypass surgery of the ear

In that case, if the above does not help, as the condition worsens, assigned to bypass surgery of the ear.

The ear artery bypass grafting is a surgical intervention with the use of special optical devices. Its essence is micrometres to the eardrum, through which is introduced a small and narrow plastic tube. Through it in the drum area passes the air support pressure.

In a healthy human body this procedure involved the auditory tube, but at the time of the disease procedure is highly problematic. As the disease process tube is shrinking in size, the passage of air impossible.

Shunts are commonly made from plastic, but in the case of individual intolerance they are made of metal or Teflon.

Shunts are of two types:

  1. For a limited time of use;
  2. For long term wear.

Tube for your wear you should use no more than one year. However, the distinguishing feature of this element shunts fall out on their own.

Shunts for long-term wearing larger in size and are fixed in the ears specialized constraints. Remove the shunt case using a doctor.

It is noted that this operation is performed people, often flying in airplanes. Due to pressure drops in the ears a feeling of stuffiness. In order to avoid this, introduce a shunt.

Another case of the introduction of the shunt – damage to the eardrum.

Usually bypass grafting of the tympanic membrane takes place in the presence of pus in the ear, which for a long time is not amenable to medical treatment.

How is bypass surgery of the ear in adults and children?

This procedure takes minimal time and is considered one of the lightest among the operations on the ear.

The surgery time was 20 minutes.

Specialist using microsurgical scalpel makes a small incision in the eardrum. Then is the effect of «sucking» the fluid in the ear. Further, the hole is introduced the ear tube and secured with the special tool.

This surgery is performed under General anesthesia.

It is important that the patient during the surgical intervention did not move.

For bypass surgery of the ear in children undergoing surgery under General anesthesia. Adults can be performed under local anaesthetic. In case of intolerance of the elements found in the composition of the anesthesia replace it with painkillers.

After the surgery and is taking antibiotics.

But after three hours the patient can leave a medical facility and undergo further evaluation as outpatients. However, in case of complications, the patient stays in the hospital until complete recovery.

Bypass surgery is performed under a microscope.

Many parents believe that the shunts in the ears in children threat. On the contrary, during a long treatment of otitis media bypass grafting necessary!

To prevent and to avoid the ingress of bacteria into the ears, we use special ear drops.

The incision usually heals in a natural way. If this does not happen, consult your doctor to perform the operation by stitching.

Despite the fact that bypass surgery of the ear is one of the safest operations, the patient complications can occur. Commonly they appear as a dull pain near my ear. However, unpleasant symptom passes quickly.

The consequences

Common bypass surgery may cause scarring in the eardrum. Despite the violation of the aesthetic side, it is not detrimental to the overall health.

Allowable penetration of infection in the region of the middle ear. This usually occurs due to heavy water ingress to the location of the shunt or non-prescription.

After the installation of a shunt into the ear can be a sense of hearing loss. However, after the recovery after the surgery this symptom goes away.


Closely monitor the condition after surgery. Do not let complications.

After establishing the shunt, it is impossible to prevent the ingress of water. If the operation was in the summer, block off himself from swimming in ponds and ponds to avoid complications. If you go to the pool sessions must be temporarily postponed.

While maintaining the hygiene of the body in the bath or shower close the ears with cotton disks.

Be healthy!

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