Calendula during pregnancy: can I gargle with tincture

Can gargle with calendula during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, the female body is especially weak and prone to various ailments, such as sore throat. Can gargle with calendula during pregnancy to remove the discomfort? Certainly possible and even necessary.

Than to risk your health and the health of the fetus buying dubious medicines you can use natural herbs and tinctures for them. However they should not were to take, as they can hurt.

How does calendula during pregnancy?

On drugstore shelves there are a large number of modern medicines that can relieve any person from causes of sore throat. But in the case of a pregnancy, this medication list narrows significantly, so the traditional medicines remain relevant.

Gargle calendula during pregnancy is fairly common, secure, well-known and effective method to cope not only with problems in the throat, but also with other ailments. Thanks to its unique beneficial properties.

Calendula is also applied as an antiseptic. Quite often you can find its extract in different medicines and antibacterial drugs. As mentioned earlier, calendula is used in various ailments and here are the most common of them:

  • dysfunction of the intestines;
  • pharyngitis (read this article to be able to distinguish from pharyngitis, laryngitis);
  • viral infection;
  • inflammation of the mucous;
  • stomatitis;
  • skin lesions;
  • laryngitis (to know what to rinse throat with laryngitis, recommended reading);
  • tonsillitis.

In addition, this plant and almost all drugs, where it is included, use as a preventive measure. For those who doubt whether it is possible to gargle calendula during pregnancy in the early stages, you can drop those fears. The plant efficiently and safely in any trimester.

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The unique composition allows during the rinse to get rid of dryness in the larynx, to reduce the amount of mucus. For elimination of inflammatory processes it is necessary to wash out tonsils. In addition, there is sedative effect.

If you drink calendula during pregnancy as a tea, it is possible to get rid of the spasms, normalizing the cardiovascular system, the heart, improve the flow of bile, to stabilize the pressure.

Due to the wide range of action, efficacy and safety, most drugs based on this plant are used for treatment when carrying a child.

How to make a tincture?

Can be purchased at the pharmacy are already prepared tincture of calendula, or prepare it yourself at home. The latter option is even preferable, because in this case, you do not have to worry about the quality and safety of the purchased compound.

Also a great natural remedy for gargling during pregnancy is and tincture of eucalyptus.

To prepare this infusion, it is recommended to take dried flowers of the plant. If you live in the city and there is no place where you can find this plant, you can buy in the pharmacy already dried flowers.

In the infusion are only the flowers themselves. If possible sibling of their own, to do it better in the summer when they fully attains all of its medicinal properties. For drying, the plants are laid out on newspaper in a single layer.

To perform the drying of marigold need in a well-ventilated area, but without access to the ultraviolet rays. The flowers dry very quickly, so after a couple of days and you can start to package in paper bags or boxes for storage.

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It is this ingredient now will be used to create medicinal tinctures. Takes about 3-5 tablespoons of the plants and crushed. After taken 100 ml of 70% alcohol and poured into a glass jar with chopped calendula.

Once the can is tightly closed, you need to brew calendula has rested at least 10 days in a dark place. If the expectant mother has no desire to take the risk to gargle with the alcohol tincture, you can prepare exactly the same on a different basis.

To prepare this infusion, you must pour a few tablespoons boiling water, approximately 150-200 ml. Enough broth to infuse for 30-40 minutes and as soon as the temperature makes it comfortable to use, you can start rinsing.

How to rinse?

It is very important in any case not to apply calendula in the purest form. Its concentration and the percentage of alcohol is so great that the throat condition may become worse. Before gargling, you need to take 1 tbsp. spoonful of tincture and mix with 200 ml of water.

Gargle must be at least 5 times a day. In order for these procedures have had the desired effect, be sure to perform some simple but necessary rules:

  1. Gargle must be at least 60 seconds.
  2. To tincture came on all the areas of the throat, when you gargle, it is recommended to throw back his head back.
  3. To avoid any bright burning sensation during rinsing it is better to stick his tongue out.
  4. The temperature of tincture of calendula with water for the rinse should be room temperature.
  5. The liquid, which will polychaetsa throat, must spravyatsya, as it contains dangerous bacteria, harmful microorganisms and pathogenic flora.
  6. The procedure should be terminated if during the rinse dizziness occurs, pain and other discomfort.
  7. If prolonged and proper performance of procedures other than noted positive trends, it is necessary to consult a specialist.
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No side effects and adverse moments during such procedures pregnant women were noted. This suggests that the tool can confidently take during this period.

Read about the beneficial properties of this plant in the nasal lavage and inhalation.

Of course, the calendula has a lot of positive properties, so it can help in a variety of diseases. Sore throat is no exception, so you should have in your home medicine Cabinet is a useful plant.