Calendula tincture in the ear — can it drip for inflammation

Is it possible to drip the tincture of calendula in the ears?

Any disease can cause a lot of discomfort and hassle associated with its treatment. Among them, a visit to the doctor is a prerequisite to ensure high quality therapy and a speedy recovery. Moreover, the high proportion of the probability to avoid all sorts of consequences, with which a variety of ear diseases.

Quite often, patients are not aware of all the severe consequences, begin self-treatment of the same otitis media with instillation of tincture of calendula into the ear. But let’s see whether this tool is safe, and what are the correct ways treat ear this drug.

Tincture of calendula – treatment of ear diseases

Calendula or marigold – fairly undemanding plant, ornate orange flowers which can be found in city parks and home gardens. However, their popularity this plant was acquired not because of this.

The fact that calendula is one of the most valuable medicinal plants which used in traditional and folk medicine.

From marigold flowers preparing various extracts and the extract based on them included in many cosmetic means.

In this case, we are interested in the medicinal form of the drug in the form of tincture of calendula alcohol, which can be found at any drugstore at affordable price.

Tincture of calendula is widely used for the treatment of various diseases, but most often it is treated otitis and other inflammatory diseases of the ear cavity. This drug has many useful properties:

  • antiseptic;
  • healing;
  • anti-inflammatory;
  • bactericidal.

In addition, this remedy has a calming effect on the nervous system and is a light analgesic.

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Important! Despite the fact that calendula is a natural remedy, it can still cause allergic reactions. For that reason, its use should be abandoned pregnant and lactating women and young children.

This drug for the treatment of ear diseases is applied as follows:

  1. Gauze flagella — roll a small piece of gauze and soak it pre-diluted with warm water infusion, and then put in a sore ear. This should be done carefully. To push far the flagellum is not necessary, the tip should stick out of the ear so it can be easily removed.
  2. Compresses performed on the parotid region. For this it is necessary to segment the dense tissue to make the cut for the shell of the ear, then to impregnate with an infusion of marigold and apply to the affected ear. Insulate the top with cellophane and wool. Keep the compress 3 hours.
  3. In the form of rubbing – this requires a bit of money to drop on the ear, and then light massage movements RUB it into the ear.
  4. In combination with the ointments – healing calendula infusion to achieve the greatest therapeutic effect can be mixed with various ointments against otitis media. For this cotton turundas impregnated with tincture, then smeared a small amount of ointment and lay in the ear. For these purposes, the best ointment «Levomekol».

Among the above methods of using the drug are going to not specify a single method of its use. We’ll talk more about whether the tincture of calendula to drip into the ear?

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Can the calendula tincture to drip into the ears

Tincture of the medicinal plants can be used for instillation into the ear, however, should strictly follow some rules for this.

Proper use of the drug for instillation in ears requires its dilution with water.

To perform the procedure must:

  • in equal proportions mix the infusion (10%) with boiled water;
  • warm the mixture to body temperature;
  • using a pipette drip a few drops in the sore ear;
  • to close the ear canal with a piece of cotton.

Attention! Since the alcohol solution is an irritant and may cause burns to the skin, infusion of calendula in its pure form to drip into the ears in any case impossible.

Such an event should be performed 3 times a day for weeks. The drug has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects, making soreness disappear after a few days of this treatment.

If you still have some doubts or fear about the use of alcohol tinctures, you can use a decoction of calendula flowers. This method is more secure. This requires calendula flowers (you can find ready-made in a pharmacy) pour the hot water but not boiling water.

A container of broth, put in a dark place for a few hours and then drain. Prepared decoction is also suitable for the treatment of ear diseases.

Tincture of calendula – how to treat ear disease in children

The first rule that you need to learn in childhood otitis media or other inflammations of the ears is a categorical rejection of self-medication.

You must visit a specialist and consultation on the use of calendula in children.

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If the doctor’s permission obtained, the tincture of calendula in the ear of the child can also be used as adults.

However, the most common methods of treating ear diseases in children infusion of marigold are compresses and cotton swabs (more secure method compared to landfill), the order of execution which have been described above.

Attention! Children up to 3 years to be instilled into the ears of alcoholic solvents, even with the weakest concentration.

Ear disease is easier to prevent than to engage in his long and painful treatment. But if you have this misfortune happened, you should go to her therapy very seriously.

In this case, can help an alcohol tincture of calendula, as it is a universal tool in the fight against many diseases. However, any folk remedies should be applied with great caution, so as not to cause more harm.

Still to start is to consult a doctor.