Camphor alcohol for ear — instructions for use

Is it possible to drip in the ear the alcohol camphor?

The first thing is used in various ear diseases (including in different types of otitis media ear) — various oil-and alcohol drops and compresses designed to warm up the affected ear and to overcome the pathogens. In such cases, one of the most popular tools is the alcohol camphor: traditional medicine provides many recipes that promise not only to eliminate painful syndrome that plagues the ear, but also locally to clear the nidus.

Of course, this approach is not always appropriate. First, the alcohol camphor has several contraindications and warnings. Second, not all diseases are amenable to this alcoholic drug — camphor compresses, drops, and other drugs in certain diseases is not only ineffective but even harmful. That is why it is important to know how to treat ear camphor alcohol, so as not to harm the patient and not aggravate his condition.

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Since camphor itself is a toxic substance, doctors recommend patients to carefully study the list of contraindications, and not to «experiment» with health without the supervision of a competent otolaryngologist.

Pharmaceuticals camphor occurs in several forms — natural, semi-synthetic and synthetic.

As a rule, internal use only received d — and l-camphor, which retain their optical activity in any state of aggregation.

In addition, synthetic camphor is considered to be the most contaminated, and this means that the chance of side effects when using this drug is increasing.

Since the use of this drug, despite its toxicity, is widely in pharmacies and medical institutions of the substance is presented in different formulations:

  • alcoholic or oily solutions for injections;
  • alcoholic or oily solutions for local application;
  • ointment;
  • aerosols.

Part of this material is also a member of various drops, and essential oils, since different concentrations of the drug used in the treatment of: depression, muscle aches, arthritis, rheumatism, diseases of the dental spectrum.

When choosing the form of the drug, it is important to understand, what is it used for in the ear the alcohol camphor. To treat ear camphor is used mainly in the form of oily or alcoholic solution. The negative side of alcohol before the oil is that it is less time are able to exert a warming effect.

Directly the alcohol camphor is a solution of the active substance in an alcohol base. The concentration of active substance in these mixtures can vary from larger to smaller, are found as 2%-nye solutions, but the substance sometimes reaches 20% mark.

Important! For the treatment of ears you should not choose strong concentrates of camphor, as the hard substance is excreted by the body, and the local application can leave burns and allergic rash.

The alcohol camphor the ear — instructions for use

The action of camphor alcohol compared to oil in the treatment of ears are identical, and both forms of drugs have antiseptic and analgesic, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and local irritating effects.

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Traditional medicine, in particular, recommends the use of camphor alcohol, pain in the ear, triggered not only otitis.

The main difference between alcohol solution from the oil is the degree of activity: it is believed that the oils have a softer effect than alcohol.

Important! The greater the concentration of camphor in an alcohol base, the greater the anesthetic effect is felt by the patient.

Otorhinolaryngologists do not recommend the use of these drops at home without the medical recommendations if there is a more sparing options: the fact that modern medicine does not consider camphor is the best remedy for different types of otitis media. However, if more gentle options are ineffective in progressive diseases, such solutions appointed doctors themselves.

Typically, the alcohol solution before the oil has some advantages. The fact that the oil base in infectious disease itself might be a good «soil» for reproduction of infections and bacteria, provoking an inflammatory process in the ear. In addition, oil solutions less practical.


Patients of all ages who made a decision about the treatment of ear camphor alcohol, it is important to ensure that the tympanic membrane maintains integrity.

Enter the drops in the ear, the eardrum, which has already passed the perforation (rupture of membrane under the pressure of accumulating fluid or as a result of surgery) without supervision of ENT is prohibited.

The fact is that in violation of the integrity of the tympanic membrane, the drug can penetrate deep into the inner ear.

It often leads to a worsening of the disease, its spread and complications.

If the doctor confirmed that the ear drum preserves the integrity, drops, compresses or turundy (cotton swabs thin «wicks») to adults is not contraindicated.

Important! Camphor oil or alcohol in ear for adult patients not used in its pure form. In order to protect yourself from side effects and irritation, before applying the drug should be diluted with distilled water in proportion 1:1.

  1. Drops. Diluted with water the alcohol camphor is heated to a temperature of 36-38 degrees (the most convenient method of heating the water bath), taken in the round the pipette and is buried in the sore ear in the amount of 2-3 drops three times a day, when the patient’s ear «looking» upwards. In a few minutes the excess the alcohol camphor is extracted from the ear with a dry pellet.
  2. Compress. These packs are effective in the outer and middle ear infections, when warming is not a contraindication. To prepare the compress, you need to build 3-layer cotton-gauze design: gauze or cloth cut a rectangle the size of the ear, which is done with a hole for threading through the outer ear. The second layer is gauze soaked in warmed camphor alcohol, which is also cut out and «strung» on a sore ear. The final layer of dry cotton wool or gauze, the size of this layer should be slightly larger than the previous two. Attaches a compress by primanivanija bandage or beanie.
  3. Turunda. Introduction camphor alcohol moistened thin cotton swab in the sore ear is a «mini-version» of the bags is less pronounced, but the duration of anesthetic, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effects can be obtained in this way. For setting turundy thin wick of cotton wool moistened with diluted camphor alcohol, turns dry gauze and inserted into the ear canal.

Important! Turundy and compresses supplied using the substances that must withstand a minimum of 2-3 hours. If the substance was applied to the cotton or gauze in sufficient doses, for two hours with a cotton «wick» or wrap will retain heat. The duration of such procedures should not exceed 7-10-day period.

If the patient is not sure of the reaction of the organism to substance a compress with camphor alcohol in the ear should be done only after the test: a little diluted alcohol is applied to the outer ear, and if after 1 hour at the site of application had no rashes or redness, application of a preparation, most likely, can be considered safe.

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Another recommendation of the ENT doctors is the use of baby cream, which is smeared with ear under a camphor compress. This «shell» will serve as additional protection when exposed to alcohol in the ear tissue, this method is often used when setting the ear compresses to children.


Treatment of ear diseases in children camphor alcohol for many years accompanied by disputes of scientists.

Today official medicine does not recommend the use of camphor in the case of children, because the toxicity of a substance can cool to hit the younger body.

However, as an exception to the alcohol camphor in the ear of the child is sometimes buried in adhering to age restrictions and dosages.

As with adults, drops using camphor alcohol children are not allowed to drip into the ears if the eardrum is disrupted under the pressure of the exudate or as a result of surgical intervention.

These drops are contraindicated when the body of the hearing aid covered by inflammation — alcohol may cause burns or perforation.

  1. Children up to 1 year no drop or turundy or compresses based on the camphor must not be used.
  2. Children 2 years of age allowed to use turundae or compresses, but camphor alcohol, in this case diluted with water in proportion 1:2 to obtain an even smaller concentration of active substance.
  3. Children from 3 years of age is allowed a cautious use of the drug in the form of drops. Heated to body temperature the alcohol is introduced into the affected ear 2-4 drops, the procedure is repeated 2-3 times a day. Excess alcohol camphor from the child’s ear after 3-5 minutes after instillation should be removed with a dry turundy. Compresses are put on the same principle as in the treatment of adult patients, however, the ear under the compress necessarily lubricated moisturizing baby cream.
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Since the evaporation of the substance does not lose its activity, in the case of treatment of children is extremely important to observe the dosage: the child can inhale the vapors of camphor that can cause excessively accumulate in the body, various side effects.

Thus, the treatment of camphor alcohol ears with otitis and other diseases of the organs of hearing perhaps, but careless use of this drug may result in negative consequences. Famous doctors do not recommend anything instilled into the ear, without prior examination by the otolaryngologist.