Camphor oil in the ear — instructions for use

Is it possible to drip camphor oil in the ears?

Camphor oil is one of the most popular ingredients listed in the recipes of traditional medicine. This is due, perhaps, not only the relative cheapness of camphor, but also a wide range of its effectiveness. In particular, are often the ear treatment camphor oil, the introduction of the substance under the skin to improve the heart muscles and vasomotor center.

When ear disease recipes use camphor oil a lot. On the basis of this material, preparing a variety compresses, ear drops, lotions. Despite the fact that official medicine has recognized camphor is toxic, many do manage to improve their status by tricks of folk medicine involving the use of this tool.


By itself, the camphor exists in several forms, but in the medical environment, is used exclusively in the d− and l−forms, which exhibit the optical activity of the first type.

Simply put, used for medical purposes those forms of camphor, which do not lose their optical activity when changing the aggregate state is a substance actively both in crystals and in liquid and in gaseous state.

Important! There is camphor and racemic (not showing optical activity) form, but in this state the substance is in any case not apply inside.

The fact that racemic camphor is characterized by strong chemical pollution — this form is only suitable for outdoor treatment of adult patients.

This versatility led to the fact that the joints got different methods of application. Often the substance is used in cosmetics and aromatherapy, however, the treatment the ears it is used in diluted form — based oils, alcohol or other excipients.

Pharmaceuticals can often be found medicines, in the composition of which contains camphor. As the substance has many useful in the treatment of functions, it is included in preparations for the elimination of dental, respiratory diseases, and drugs, is indicated for arthritis, rheumatism, muscular pains.

Since the substance in d− and l−forms does not lose its activity, are:

  • aerosols;
  • ointment;
  • drops;
  • oil injection;
  • oil sprays for external application;
  • alcoholic solutions for topical use.

However, from the point of view of treatment ears spread camphor oil in folk medicine as a basic element for the manufacture of compresses, drops and lotions.

To apply traditional treatments ears camphor oil only after consultation with the doctor that by tests and examination of the patient to find out whether it is possible to drip camphor oil in the ear (in some diseases such drops are contraindicated), whether or not use of such procedures.

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Useful properties

Before moving on to practice — production and application of compresses and ear drops with the substance — should understand what kind of effect will render the use of such popular recipes.

Today it is known that in different doses camphor acts on the body differently, so choose the treatment plan will only be pre-assigned task.

  1. Healing effect. Topical application of this substance shows a good wound healing effect.
  2. An antiseptic effect. The substance performs well in situations when the disease for its successful treatment it is necessary to provide antiseptic protection. Simply put, camphor prevents the reproduction of and getting new microbes in the wound.
  3. A cooling and warming effect. In small doses, camphor can ease the inflammatory process, in part by providing a cooling effect. Large volumes of camphor, opposite, warms.
  4. Disinfection. In aromatherapy with this substance produces the treatment of depression and insomnia, as well as purify the air from pathogens.
  5. Stimulant effect. The internal administration of drugs based on this substance stimulates the cardiovascular and nervous system, improves nutrition of cells and dilates blood vessels.
  6. Analgesic effect. Often the substance is used for local pain relief, which is particularly frequent concern of patients with ear diseases.

Sometimes it is assumed that the substance in some diseases of the ear related infections and diseases (the most common disease of this type is the otitis of the ear) replaces a range of antimicrobial and analgesic drugs.

However, treatment of ear camphor oil cannot be the main procedure, it must not contradict the doctor’s instructions and replace modern medicine, which, according to studies been found to be more effective and gentle.

Camphor oil in the ear — instructions for use

Before beginning treatment it is important to determine the shape of the reception camphor oil (compresses or drops), as well as figure out how to drip in the ear of camphor oil to get the maximum of useful properties of this substance, but to avoid side effects.

Since the substance is, though recognized as a low-toxic, very dangerous, you need to know about permissible dosages in the treatment of patients of different age groups as well as the contraindications, which in the case of this oil are strict.

Important! For home treatment is suitable only for semi-synthetic (obtained by processing the fir oil) and natural (produced from processing of camphor Laurel) camphor. This material is fully synthetic the inside can not be accepted.


In the case of this age group, doctors in one voice say: camphor oil in the ear of the child to bury is only in extreme cases.

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Do not forget that the substance is active in any condition.

Even with the compresses and the instillation into the ears of camphor will still vaporize, which the child inevitably will be forced to breathe.

Such a pair of fragile body are extremely harmful.

Pediatricians have warned new parents against treatment with this substance infants. From birth to 2 years a compress on the ear with camphor oil child is contraindicated, while the use of the substance in the form of ear drops can only be started by overcoming Chad 3 years of age.

The safest way in the treatment of children after 2 years use, not packs, or turundy (cotton «wicks», or thin tampons).

However, if the child has reached 2-3 years of age, oil of camphor is applied as follows:

  1. For children from 2 years turunda or a cotton swab slightly wetted substance, wrapped additionally in a dry gauze, and then carefully inserted into the ear.
  2. For children from 3 years can be used as drops: heated in a water bath to 38 degrees, the oil is drawn into a pipette with round spout and is then stored at 2-4 drops into child’s ears. After administration the patient should keep the head in a posture where sacapano ear «looks» at the ceiling. After 3-5 minutes the ear canal is covered with a cotton ball. The procedure is repeated 2-3 times a day.

Important! Patients of all ages the introduction of such drops in the ear with otitis media, when there was already perforation (breakthrough or a surgical puncture) in the eardrum, is prohibited.

If the purpose of the use of such drops in the case of children are acute elitnye pain, it is better to bury the child according to the same scheme sparing castor oil. Castor oil for Earache is a very popular analgesic. In addition, it is non-toxic.


Adult camphor oil, used in the ear which is not limited as strictly as in the situation of children is indeed a good remedy for otitis media and other ear inflammatory processes.

Patients after the age of 18 are shown in a stage prior to the perforation (for otitis) like drops and compresses.

  1. In the form of drops. Patients with no permanent damage to the eardrum is instilled three times a day 3-4 drops of camphor oil into each ear (even if the otitis is unilateral). Before applying the oil is heated to 38 degrees, the optimal way of bringing the oil to this temperature is the water bath.
  2. In the form of compresses. In order to put a compress on the ear with camphor oil, you will need to make a 3-layer quilted design. First of gauze or tissue cut tissue paper slightly larger than the size of the ear. In the middle of the swipe is made the hole for the ear. Then cut the same cloth with a hole, which is soaked in camphor oil and is applied over a clean layer. The final layer of waxed paper or polyethylene, which is cut out and fits over the ear on the same principle. Wrap is secured with several layers of gauze surrounding the head, or cap.

Important! Camphor compress on the ear it is best to withstand all night, but with no time minimum time period for the manifestation of therapeutic effect of camphor is a 2-hour period.

Like children, adults also shows turundy with this substance. De facto, this is a simplified version of compress: on a cotton «wick» dropped 2-3 drops of the substance, and then it is introduced into the ear canal for at least 2-3 hours.

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As practice shows, the use of this substance in various diseases of the ears is quite justified. It is important not to use this oil prior to visiting the otolaryngologist, because oily substances can complicate the diagnosis that is fraught with the appointment of inadequate treatment, and in certain types of diseases — creating a favorable environment for breeding pathogens.

Before the use of both children and adults camphor need to test: 1 drop of the substance is applied to the outer ear. If after an hour the site of application was covered in an allergic rash and not flushed allergic to a substance in a patient, probably not.