Camphor oil when cold in the nose: instructions for use

Can I drip into the nose camphor oil?

Camphor oil has long been widely used as compresses and drops. Can I drip into the nose camphor oil? Even need, especially when cold, as it has antiseptic and bactericidal action.

As a treatment, apply only a 10% solution of camphor oil. Due to the constant use of the means, it is possible to cope with inflammation of the upper respiratory tract, in the case of the initial stage of development of the disease.

Why dripping nose?

Camphor is able to eliminate pathogens in the foci of inflammation. Because of this, you can talk about rapid recovery of the nasal mucosa. In addition, it normalizes blood circulation and has a beneficial effect on lymph flow. Removed the swelling and normal breathing.

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A camphor is conventionally divided into 2 types:

  1. Essential.
  2. Pharmacy.

First is the solution with a high concentration, which is produced by the distillation of camphor Laurel. Such solutions are very often used as aromaterapii. These procedures not only have a positive effect on the skin, but also on the respiratory system.

Camphor oil can thin the mucus in the nasal passages, thus reducing the breathing. However, the uncontrolled use of camphor can cause some side effects, particularly headaches, and nausea.

Pharmacy camphor oil is used for therapeutic purposes in the treatment of colds. Its concentration is safe, so it can be applied even to children as inhalation or even drops for the nose.

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Camphor oil when cold medicine to children under 2 years – not recommended.

Despite the fact that these drops are widely used for common cold, needed to be extremely careful because of the toxic components that are included in the composition. Uncontrolled use of this tool, will inevitably lead to side effects.

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The healing properties of camphor

When used correctly, the tool works as follows:

  • heals wounds. Due to improvement of the trophic tissue, the integrity of the skin heal faster;
  • acts against inflammation. Fights off pathogens in the foci of inflammation;
  • and relieves the pain. Relieves pain and reduces sensitivity of receptors;
  • fights bacteria in. Does not develop bacteria, reducing the risk of sinusitis;
  • disinfects. Produces regression catarrhal processes.
  • acts mestnorazdrazhayuschee. Improves blood circulation.

Before you begin to use this tool, it is important to check the body for the presence of allergic reactions and of course, to come to the appointment with the specialist.

Method of treatment of otitis camphor oil, is described here.

Nasal drops

Excessive secretion of mucus (runny nose) in the nose and throat, caused due to inflammatory processes in ENT organs. To address these manifestations, instructions for use camphor oil from a cold, recommends the use of the tool as follows.


Pure drops not buried in the nose, as this may cause damage to mucous membranes. To do this, use this recipe:

  1. Propolis tincture, camphor and vegetable oil mixed in equal proportions.
  2. The resulting mixture should be brought to 38 degrees Celsius.
  3. In each nostril drip 3 drops.

To increase the efficiency drops of cold, before use, it is recommended to clean the nasal passages. You can use saline solution (e.g. Aqua Maris) and only after that you can start the process of backfilling.

As for the duration of the course, this issue should be discussed with your doctor.

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Despite the relative safety of drops, do not exceed the dosage and length of treatment, only a complete adherence to the requirements of the doctor guarantee a positive result.

Camphor oil also works fine with the cough. In more detail, look at the video.