Can a cold be a sign of early pregnancy

Could it be a runny nose a symptom of pregnancy?

Inflammation of the mucous membrane can be a symptom of early pregnancy. Such a process can occur for several reasons. First, you the period of carrying a child, the body of the expectant mother is going through serious hormonal changes that lead to swelling in the lining of the cavity. Second, the period of gestation often causes the formation of mucous secretions without infectious inflammation or allergic reactions. In medical practice this process is called rhinitis of pregnant.

However, it is not always the first signs of rhinitis indicate the mandatory pregnancy and girls can not be afraid of unplanned pregnancy. Runny nose as a symptom of pregnancy occurs only during a hormonal surge. To confirm pregnancy by using tests or after a special test, which can be purchased at the pharmacy.

What a cold

Mucosa of the nasal cavity is the protective membrane of the organ of respiration and is designed to prevent respiratory inflammation. Furthermore, the mucosa acts as a barrier to viruses and bacteria. When a malfunction of the immune system in patients is a violation of basic functions. As a consequence, the patient becomes susceptible to colds and viral inflammations.

First signal the beginning of the inflammatory process is swelling of the mucosa and part of the upper respiratory tract.

During the swelling of the cavity, the patient feels pain and the inability to breath through the nose.

In the body in this period also occur pathological processes.

First thing disrupted the permeability of oxygen, which leads to dysfunction of the soft tissues.

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Thus, the body may react to cold, too hot food, trauma cavity.

At strong cooling of the body of the patient is formed of mucous, sore throat, swelling of tissues, the twang of the voice, increase in body temperature and other signs.

To get rid of such a cold snap. Patient enough to take an anti-inflammatory and are vasoconstrictor drugs.

If the cause of inflammation is the infiltration of the virus will cope with the inflammation much more difficult. Viral infection can cause a range of acute symptoms and to affect the General mood. In this case, the patient requires complex medical treatment.

Can a cold be a sign of pregnancy

The cold and the first sign of pregnancy can be associated only as a result of hormonal changes. However, this symptom does not occur before two months from the start of pregnancy. For the first time, the mother worried about delay in menses, fatigue and morning sickness.

Rhinitis pregnant women occurs with different frequency in the following terms:

  • at week 12, 27% of cases;
  • on week 20 — in 37% of cases;
  • at week 30 — 40% of cases;
  • at week 36 — in 42% of cases.

Thus, rhinitis is manifested in the middle of the term or in the third trimester. In the first month of embryonic development, such a feature is extremely rare.

Education rhinitis is more common for pregnant women in mid-life. At this stage the embryo begins active growth, which requires a large amount of useful and nutrients.

At this stage, contraindicated for pregnant women to catch a cold, since oxygen starvation can cause the development of pathological processes in the body of a baby.

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The development of the baby requires a large amount of additional blood flow and good ability to pass the blood vessels in the placenta. In the body there is expansion of blood vessels. In the course of such a process in the body of the expectant mother noted the development of a large number of hormones that provoke the expansion of the walls of blood vessels.

In this process, the rhinitis is just a side factor. Runny nose pregnant women can not provoke inflammation, sinusitis or sinusitis. Typically, it takes place three weeks later.

In this same period, the expectant mother may be noted the formation of edema in the mucosa of the cavity. This process is due to the expansion of blood vessels in the uterus and the simultaneous increase in capillaries in the mucous membrane of the cavity.

It should be noted that rhinitis is an optional symptom of pregnancy.

What to pay attention

During pregnancy it is important to distinguish between rhinitis pregnant from the inflammatory process, which appeared due to infectious development in the nasal cavity.

When pregnant runny nose sputum is not happening, and in the case of the formation of such a symptom should contact the medical centre. Probably in the body of the expectant mother develops a cold sore.

Remember that rhinitis when pregnancy has no additional features. It is not accompanied by a fever and does not cause pain. When increased secretion of mucous secret, as well as severe nasal congestion and sore throat you should consult your doctor.

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Keep in mind that the rhinitis of pregnancy is not accompanied by cough, sneezing and other typical signs of acute respiratory infections or influenza. Therefore, when any symptom it is important to visit an ENT doctor, and pregnancy.


In the formation rhinitis without delay in menses, one should not expect a speedy addition to his family. In this case, you have a cold or the body has penetrated the allergen. In this case, the patient is required to take immediate action and use of medication.