Can a yeast infection go without treatment?

Many are wondering whether the thrush to pass by itself. Of course not. Today, there are many effective drugs that can be purchased without a prescription and start the treatment yourself. Nobody can give a 100% guarantee that these drugs effectively fight pathogenic fungi of the genus Candida. Order quickly and without harm to the body get rid of the candidiasis, you need to treat under the close supervision of a physician.

What is a fungus of the genus Candida

Pathogenic fungi are in every human body. Their number is minimal, therefore in the ratio with other bacteria, they create a harmonious balance. As a rule, the fungi found in the oral cavity, gastrointestinal tract, mucous walls of the vagina and even on the skin. When the protective functions of the immune system weakens, the body changes dramatically the acidity. Pathogenic bacteria like the acid environment, therefore, begin to actively proliferate, causing candidiasis. By itself, the thrush persists. Even if the unpleasant symptoms of candidiasis can reduce by strengthening the immune system, the symptoms still remain, and will soon begin to appear again and again. Often this occurs when the fungus struck the genitals.

Can a yeast infection go on its own without treatment?

Of course, to deny the fact that in medical practice there were no such cases that the thrush has passed itself — silly. There are exceptions. Symptoms of anxiety can pass itself. But if disappeared uncomfortable itching, burning and white discharge – it does not mean that the disease has passed. Thrush just «lurking» and waiting for a favorable moment to «flare up» again.

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Women who claim that candidiasis goes away, most likely to lead a healthy lifestyle and observe good personal hygiene after found typical signs of thrush. But such cases are isolated exceptions to the rule. As a rule, thrush is a disease that if nelecheny can develop into a chronic and recurring time and again. But to get rid of chronic candidiasis without treatment, it is difficult to cure permanently is almost impossible. You can only delay its manifestation for some time.

Can a yeast infection go itself without treatment in pregnant women?

Many believe that to treat candidiasis during pregnancy is optional, explaining that during pregnancy you cannot take powerful drugs. But in this period the harm of drugs may not be as serious as the consequences of a yeast infection without treatment. For mild cases of candidiasis the disease leads to increased tone of the uterus and provokes a spontaneous miscarriage, and late pregnancy — premature birth.

It is difficult to expect that a yeast infection go away on its own without treatment in a pregnant woman. The female body in this period weakened and exposed to hormonal «bursts», and is therefore very vulnerable. And this allows the disease to progress.

Candidiasis during pregnancy is treated locally. Peroralno treatment used only in severe cases. It is necessary to strengthen the immune system, normalize the microflora of the vagina and also to adjust the diet to include vitamins, minerals and protein. Independently choose the right treatment impossible. Necessarily need to consult a doctor.

If the symptoms of yeast infection have disappeared by themselves, it is necessary to inform your doctor.

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What to expect if no treatment?

Doctors believe 99.9% that the yeast infection can not pass by itself. This is because the disease from acute (active) form turns into latent (chronic) form. At the slightest weakening of the protective functions the yeast infection will flare up with renewed vigor. This suggests that whenever a recurrent candidiasis disease will cure harder and harder. Hidden form of yeast infection is very insidious and dangerous to the reproductive organs. The disease can cause significant harm to the body: to the extent that can be diagnosed with «infertility».

Remember that after the transition of yeast infection in the chronic form it will bother you constantly. If a woman discovered vaginal candidiasis, uncomfortable symptoms will manifest before the next menstruation, with severe stress and viral diseases.

If thrush appeared, and then the symptoms disappeared — you can not fold their arms and let it go. You must see a doctor, tell him what happened. The specialist will prescribe treatment and preventive measures that will help to prevent the development of fungus.

Dear women, remember that thrush does not go away on their own. If a fungal infectious disease is not treated, it is possible serious complications that can lead to infertility and reproductive nature. If a woman’s carrying a child, you need to be alert. After confirmation of the diagnosis gynecologist will prescribe a complex of preventive measures. Untreated yeast infection is always a big risk, because the baby can become infected during childbirth.

The symptoms disappeared by themselves – this is a sign that the body has been a failure. We need to help him recover. It is easier to prevent thrush than to go through a long process of treatment.

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