Can aloe drip in the ear pain in otitis media and how to do it right?

How drip aloe from pain in the ear?

One of the most unpleasant diseases to humans is the infectious or viral inflammation in the ears. They are commonly accompanied by pain and unpleasant symptoms, which are hard to get rid of.

In the case of ear diseases physicians prescribe medication. However, in order to facilitate the patient’s condition and to eliminate pain syndrome is used instillation in ears aloe.

Can aloe drip in the ear

The use of aloe from pain in the ear has been known since ancient times. Many scholars of ancient Rome and Greece describe the cases of rapid recovery from the common cold and inflammation in my ears when using this plant.

Today aloe is used in many countries as an effective obezbolivaushee.

Part of the plant consists of four active elements:

  • in the peel of the plant is beta-sitosterol. This is the most famous form of plant sterols, which is an anti-inflammatory agent;
  • glycosaminoglycans – the second element of the aloe. In the body of glycosaminoglycans linked to the protein part of proteoglycans. It promotes recovery after such serious diseases as AIDS or cancer;
  • the third component of plants called antraglikozidy. Along with the fourth ingredient called lecithin, it allows you to destroy the source of inflammation and is anti-cancer element.

All of these elements penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin and promote rapid healing. Aloe has the ability to block pain receptors and destroy trapped in the body of viruses and infections.

Thanks to these characteristics, the juice of the plant helps effectively to cure diseases such as:

  1. The otitis.
  2. Sinusitis.
  3. Burns.
  4. Eczema.
  5. Runny nose.
  6. Disease of the auditory tube.
  7. Dysfunction of the Eustachian tube.
  8. Inflammation of the middle ear.
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It should be noted that this plant is used only in folk medicine, and traditional medicine is practically nonexistent. Therefore, it is important to know all the advantages and side effects when using aloe Vera in the treatment of ear diseases.

It is known that aloe Vera is safe for children and for adults.

The treatment with aloe juice

Aloe effectively helps with diseases of the ear related to inflammation of the outer or middle ear. In addition, the plant quickly and effectively relieves pain. It is also helpful to apply aloe Vera for otitis media.

After purchasing the plant you must harvest the SAP of aloe. To do this, cut the bottom part of the plant and using a teaspoon, collect the gel. The resulting composition can be stored for several days in a cool place inaccessible to children.

Experts advise before collecting the juice to insist cut a plant in the refrigerator for one day. They say that this method enhances the effect of the gel.

The gel of the plant has not only bactericidal action, but also actively fights inflammation.

There are several ways instillation of plant SAP.

To relieve inflammation and pain you need to drip the juice of the plant in the affected ear. To do this, use the fresh gel of the plant.

With instillation of the drops into the child’s ear, the composition should be heated using steam baths. Then type in the ear for four drops. Repeat the procedure for four days.

The second method involves the use turundae. You can make your own or buy them at the pharmacy. Soak gauze flagellum in a small amount of gel and gently insert into the ear canal. Movements should be soft and smooth, not to hurt the delicate skin of the organ of hearing.

The third method can be used in diseases of the purulent otitis.

It is necessary to cut the flesh of the plant, wrap it in a gauze cloth and apply to the aching ear.

The bandage should be left on all night.

In the case of external otitis, use the following method. Moisten a cotton swab in a large amount of gel and apply to the affected place. The juice is recommended to warm in the microwave or over a hot kettle.

Use this method only with the permission of the attending physician.

The treatment of children

In the case of the outer region of the ear in infants there is a risk of spillover of the inflammatory process to the middle or inner ear. This process is severe pain. In this case, the use of aloe is permissible to relieve pain, but the treatment should be complex.

Apply aloe Vera juice to the nasal cavity, and for treating outer ear. Thus, you will be able to avoid the aggravation in the form of purulent otitis media in children. The gel that protects the nasal passages and makes the infection go deeper.

In case the Eustachian tube take of tincture of aloe using turundae. Enter the flagellum soaked in the juice of the plant in each ear for three hours. Repeat the operation several times a day.

The procedure will help to warm the ears, reduce pain and help to restore the affected cells.

How to drip aloe

Before the instillation of aloe juice in the ear will learn safe technique.

  1. Get an eye dropper at the pharmacy. Before digging dip it in boiling water. So you disinfect and relieve yourself from complications.
  2. Put the patient on one side.
  3. Soft ear down. So you will loose the outer part and the tool will soon pass into the ear canal.
  4. Enter two to four drops of the juice of the plant depending on the case and the extent of the disease.
  5. To the action of aloe was more effective, close the ear with a soft towel.
  6. Repeat this procedure for three or four days depending on the gravity of the situation.

Remember that the aloe does not cause allergies, but with abundant and frequent use can be due to side effects such as habituation of the organism.


In order to avoid ear disease exercise prevention. Just follow simple safety rules.

Try to keep your ears warm and avoid drafts. In the cold season, not out on the street without a hat. Eat more hard fruits and try not to abuse alcohol.

Follow the condition if you have a cold you have a runny nose. These diseases are provocateurs ear inflammation. Remember, if your ears still ill and the process is irreversible immediately contact your doctor. Self-treatment for acute pain and elevated temperature is unacceptable.