Can Chamomile rinse nose how to flush when cold

How to wash the nose with Chamomile?

Rhinitis is an extremely unpleasant condition. It interferes with sleep, to get pleasure from the outside world, and just live. Furthermore, if not treated it can cause serious complications: a variety of sinusitis, for example.

One way to alleviate the patient’s condition nose – noma washing with salt solutions or herbal decoctions. Many people wonder whether it is possible to rinse the soap.

Why wash the nose?

Washing is a hygienic procedure. It allows you to get rid of excess nasal mucus, which in the period of the disease may develop very much.

And with snot and washed out foreign particles, pathogens and allergens.

That is why the washing is prescribed as part of complex treatment of diseases such as rhinitis, including chronic sinusitis and other sinusitis, SARS and so on.

Remember! If you use for washing decoctions of herbs, the procedure can be not only hygienic but also therapeutic.

Chamomile when cold

Chamomile is one of the most well-known and frequently used medicinal plants. There are several reasons.

Chamomile is very useful: it reduces inflammation, fights germs, soothes and promotes rapid healing.

In addition, this herb rarely causes allergic reactions. Due to this, chamomile use, including for treating children.

A decoction of chamomile is widely used in the treatment of colds. It can be drunk instead of tea, used for inhalation, they can gargle. Sometimes parents are advised to drip a Daisy in the baby’s nose to get rid of a cold.

Attention! Like rarely are not met allergic to chamomile, it still exists, pay close attention to your feelings after the application of broth.

Use herbal and for rinsing the nose. How to wash the nose with chamomile? Let’s face it.

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Simple rules

First you need to prepare a decoction. To do this you need, of course, chamomile.

It can be purchased at the drugstore, but you can most gather in the summer, far from cities and roads, and then to dry.

Two tablespoons of dried herb pour a glass of cold water.

Now the capacity you need to put on a high heat and bring to a boil.

Then remove from heat, cover and leave for 40 minutes to infuse. Then, the resulting liquid is filtered, now it can be used for the treatment of rhinitis.

Rinse decoction of chamomile nose simply. For this you will need one of the following items:

  • special pot for washing;
  • the syringe;
  • a syringe without a needle.

First, fill with broth that you have on hand, stand in front of a sink, bend forward slightly and turn your head so that one nostril was below the other. Now put the spout to go to the bow, above, and tilt. The broth is poured into one nostril, wash nasal passages and in turn through the second nostril.

Attention! After I poured all the broth, wait a bit, to the remains of the broth has had time to emerge.

If you rinse your nose you’ll be using a Turkey Baster or syringe, the broth will be poured under pressure. It is very important not to overdo it. If the pressure is too large, the broth can get into the middle ear and the Eustachian tube. This can cause inflammation in the ear: otitis media and Eustachian.

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If none of the above you have not, you can just dial the mix in the palm of your hand, put your face in it and suck the liquid nostrils. However, in this method, washing is very important to be careful.

Do not forget that rinsing the nose is only part of the overall treatment, which must appoint a physician.