Can hurt ear from the tooth: what to do and how to understand

Can a toothache give ear?

If ear pain is faced by many of us, with the tooth – almost everyone and usually not a once in a lifetime. The reasons for this phenomenon is a huge number: the occurrence of serious problems with the teeth requiring prolonged treatment, to the banal unwillingness to treat ordinary caries.

Why we combined these two types of pain? Quite simply, many complain of the occurrence of such painful sensations at the same time. That is why below we will talk about that, can hurt ear from the tooth and why is this happening?

Can a bad tooth give ear

The answer to this question is unequivocal – Yes, it can. Our body is a complex system, in which all the organs are in interaction with each other. Therefore, our teeth are closely linked with ears, nose and even eyes.

And in case the person manifests painful in one of these areas, it does not always mean that their source is there.

Help. Dental pain from untreated tooth decay in addition to ear pain, can also cause headaches and create a sense of pain all teeth.

Consider the main reasons why toothache can cause pain in the ear:

  • inflammation of the pulp is the soft tissue of the tooth, the inflammation which provoke penetrated as a result of caries bacteria. This deviation can cause a sharp pain, aggravated by pressure on the affected tooth or after exposure to extremely hot or cold foods. In addition, the pain in the tooth radiates to the ear and temporal region;

Help. To postpone the visit to the doctor if such symptoms should never because they can develop complications such as abscess, osteomyelitis or cellulitis.

  • acute pulpitis is often occurs purulent – diffuse, accompanied by a throbbing pain that spreads to the ear and temporal region;
  • tooth decay posterior teeth – the most common dental disease, familiar to everyone. If extreme molars are in poor dental condition, pain in the ear – this is a natural phenomenon which will increase in the evening;
  • the growth of «wisdom tooth» – typically, these molars without problems do not erupt as they grow after the body is formed. So quite often they just do not have enough space in the tooth row. «Eight» cut painfully, with increasing temperature, while the pain may radiate to ear, throat, even under the eyes. You may experience weakness;

Important! When such symptoms should consult a doctor to avoid complications in the form of purulent process, which can go to bone tissue and nerve fibers.

  • after dental surgery – if it hurts the ear after treatment, the tooth or remove it, it can talk about losing the manipulation and development of inflammatory process in the oral cavity;
  • the teeth and soft tissues – if there was such a trauma, it can be observed the formation of edema in this location. The patient will feel a throbbing pain that will give a shot in the ear cavity;
  • cyst of the tooth – may also be the reason for tooth aches ear. Due to improper treatment of this pathology can manifest anxiety symptoms – swelling and suppuration at the seat of neoplasms. If you start treatment on time for such a process, the ear canals can be affected, and quite significantly.
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In addition to these factors, provoking the emergence of pain in the ears, there are a number of other situations related to the occurrence of such phenomena. Let’s consider them in more detail.

Secondary factors

If you have a toothache and ear at the same time, this may not always indicate dental problems. In such situations, a rather unpleasant pain extends almost the entire half of the face and is characterized by an undulating character, and the patient is not able to determine what is causing this phenomenon, and what the consequence.

So, in addition to the basic factors, there are also culprits of this disease:

  1. Inflammation of the trigeminal nerve — pain arises suddenly and is felt for both the tooth and ear. To determine this inflammation can be the nature of pain, since it lasts several minutes and is similar to shock. Besides, you may experience facial flushing, and spasserovannye masticatory and mimic muscles. When such symptoms you must see a neurologist.
  2. Violation of the TMJ works – the variance is predominantly due to injury or arthritis. It is characterized by aching pain in mouth and ear to ensure you will not be able to fully open his mouth.
  3. Inflammation of the temporo – maxillary joint, occurs due to incorrect bite or chewing on one side. The pain is felt constantly in his mouth, and the ear, and the wave is amplified while eating.

As we can see, the reasons for the development of such a process there are plenty. But that’s how you know a sore tooth or an ear? This is very difficult, and whether or not to guess? It is better to trust a competent specialist, who not only determine the cause, but also prescribe the appropriate therapy.

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What to do with this kind of pain

What to do if an Earache and a tooth at the same time? Definitely should immediately visit a doctor is the only right decision in this situation.

About any medication and the selection of medicines and especially the use of various recipes of traditional medicine and the question.

Such actions without the consent of the doctor, in addition to possible harm that can complicate a specialist diagnosis and determine treatment.

If there’s no chance in the near future to visit the doctor, you can take first aid measures in the home. To do this, perform the following manipulation:

  • take pain reliever;
  • rinse your mouth with soda solution;
  • drip into the ear, special ear drops.

Also pay attention to what should not be done for this pathology:

  1. To put warm compresses.
  2. Touch and press your fingers on the inflamed gums.
  3. Use toothpicks.
  4. To make their own special antibiotics before visiting the doctor.
  5. Energy drink, strong tea and coffee (in trigeminal neuralgia).

After first aid, should promptly visit the dentist, because to remove the cause of pain can only doctor.

Our body is designed very cleverly, so we are not always able to find the cause of discomfort, as it might be a very different place.

Here’s why you should not seek the medical talents and it is better to trust in the doctors. Lost precious time trying to determine and treat the disease can result in irreversible health effects.