Can I wash my hair when sinusitis without fever, take a bath

Is it possible to bathe in the sinus?

The inflammatory process in the paranasal sinuses cause a lot of unpleasant symptoms that reduce the quality of life of the patient. During the development of sinusitis patients complain about nasal congestion, difficult nasal breathing, pain in the nasopharynx, pressure between the eyebrows, increase in body temperature up to 39 degrees Celsius, and a number of other signs. Because of the discomfort patients can’t perform happy everyday Affairs, and are forced to stay in bed. In this case, a natural question arises whether it is possible to bathe in the sinus?

Everyday things like shower, swimming pool, hot tub with inflammation of the maxillary sinuses can become problematic and even cause the exacerbation of the disease. But in the case of non-acute development of sinusitis doctors do not prohibit water treatments. Is it dangerous to health and when is still possible to take a bath learn this material.

Characteristics of the disease

Sinusitis is a disease of the maxillary sinuses. Inflammation is accompanied by painful symptoms. Patients often complain of pain in the head, bursting between the eyebrows, the pressure inside the nasal cavity, abundant mucus and other factors.

The treatment starts with a detailed diagnosis, in the course of which the physician should determine the entire clinical picture of inflammation and determine the cause of the sinusitis. The root cause of the disease can be considered the consequences of colds and infections, loss of body, particularly of the upper respiratory tract, pathogenic microbes or running for a long period of rhinitis.

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In addition, the causes of sinusitis it is considered to an allergic reaction or trauma to the mucous membrane. Dysfunction of the nasal cavity, the patient feels abundant mucus. If the rhinitis is purulent impurities, it would be a bacterial sinusitis, which requires more complex treatment.

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Regardless of the root cause of inflammation of the maxillary sinuses, the patient should receive comprehensive treatment. If the patient ignored the onset of the disease, it is waiting for a subsequent surgical intervention.

Puncture of the maxillary sinus allows to eliminate the purulent accumulation, and to facilitate nasal breathing. But this procedure requires a long course of rehabilitation. Therefore it is not necessary to bring the inflammation to extreme measures.

Water treatment in sinusitis

The question of whether to wash my hair in the sinus, becoming one of the most important. Since the inflammation takes place over several weeks, to maintain the purity of the body is impossible. If at the initial stage of water treatment is not forbidden is like to be in the acute phase of inflammation?

It is believed that water may exacerbate the condition when you have a cold or infectious lesions of the upper respiratory tract. Taking a shower may cause a rapid development of inflammation and worsen the patient’s condition. However, much depends on the immune system of the patient and even the temperature of the water when taking a shower.

Bathing in cold water can cause hypothermia and exacerbate inflammation, and the hot tub has a negative impact on health when bacterial respiratory tract lesions.

For reference! Patients suffering from sinusitis, it is important to remember that water treatments can have a negative impact on your health!

But it is not always necessary to adhere to a definite ban on the shower, tub or bath. If inflammation of sinusitis moved on to the last stage, steam will have a beneficial effect on the sinuses and will replace some physiotherapy. Warming of the maxillary sinus in the sauna or hot tub will allow you to get rid of the remnants of the accumulation of mucus and facilitate nasal breathing.

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If the patient has acute sinusitis, baths, saunas and hot tubs are strictly contraindicated! Thus, you can provoke the development of septic process and distribution of mucus in the surrounding tissues. This is dangerous because the patient can become inflamed ears, the walls of the mucous membrane of the brain and formed other adverse processes.

In the period of acute inflammation to severe contraindications include not only bath, but also access to the pool.

When we can wash

It is known that the inflammation of the sinusitis is making certain adjustments in lifestyle of the patient. However, during the illness, one needs to adhere to basic standards of cleanliness.

In the first days of the disease from taking a shower should be abandoned. Drug therapy in early active inflammation affects the entire body, so any contact with water should stop. However, three days later, the patient can wash his head.

In the case of acute inflammation in the area of the maxillary sinuses, the treatment lasts up to three weeks. At this time you should follow the simple rules of taking a shower:

  • ensure that the water was not scalding;
  • immediately after a shower should be dry and wear warm socks;
  • after water procedures ventilate the room and stick to bed rest;
  • do not take a bath, to maintain the hygiene enough a light shower for ten minutes;
  • do not use a contrast shower;
  • don’t go with wet hair immediately after showering, dry them with a hair dryer.

Following the described precautions, you can avoid the consequences.

Important! During the reception of the soul follow the temperatures of the water. It should not be excessively hot or cold.

During water procedures, close the ear passages with the pellet. Infiltrated water can cause the formation of otitis media, laryngitis or sinusitis.

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To take water procedure in the absence of temperature! Even a small change can lead to the development of disease and serious deterioration of health. In other cases, can I wash my hair when sinusitis without fever, should be discussed with your doctor. If the acute sinusitis does not normally water treatment is not prohibited.


When sinusitis water therapy is not contraindicated, but only at normal body temperature. Remember that taking a shower should not be delayed, so wash quickly. After a shower, try to avoid hypothermia, so I should wipe the body and lie down in a warm bed with a blanket.

In the acute stage of the disease it is impossible to provoke the body and to visit the baths, saunas and pools. You should also exclude the swimming in ponds and lakes, even if the weather is very hot.

Acute inflammation of the sinusitis does not require heattreatment, why not asprivate legs and don’t dress overly warm.