Can the intestines press on the bladder?

A healthy person feels the urge to go to the toilet when his bladder is filled with content. The accumulation of more than two hundred milliliters of urine in the cavity of the body we feel. But nature has disposed so that a man can a few hours to endure, keeping urine locked in, and then safely get rid of fluid.

Women have discomfort in the bladder often associated with inflammation of neighboring organs. When the feeling of pressure on the bladder combined with the visible swelling of the abdomen, the patient suspects that the «culprit» discomfort is the bowel. Knowing the main reasons for the unreasonable urge to urinate, a lady does not miss the moment when the condition became too precarious and without the help of a doctor, they can’t do.

Constipation is the beginning of many problems and worries

The process of pressure on the bladder can be caused not only by buildup of fluid in the body, but diseases. You have reason to suspect that the intestine is not functioning as it should, if in the stomach you feel heaviness, pain. Should seriously concerned if gastric emptying does not happen every day.

Usually constipation torturing women age. But young girls complain about this annoying problem. It should be understood that constipation is not the only factor contributing to weight gain. Filled waste body bowel begins to SAG and «pushing» the organs which are located below. Including the bladder. If this situation will not last long, irritation of the bladder and false signals of its contents will harass you, making it difficult to concentrate on work and home responsibilities.


We describe a scheme of action for girls and women, which are debilitating constipation:

  • Daily eat foods with a high content of vegetable fibers (cabbage, carrots, peppers, apples, bran, strawberries).
  • If you have a sedentary job, it is important to make leisure time active. To go to the gym for this is optional. To do tilts, squats and other exercises, also known from school lessons of physical education, man can and in the walls of their own homes.
  • In the morning (before Breakfast) or in the evening you can «shake up» the excretory system with the help of a light massage. Within two to three minutes to massage the stomach in a circular motion (without strong pressure).
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Women who have chosen a vegetarian lifestyle, constipation occur more frequently than ladies who consumed protein of animal origin. If you knowingly gave up meat, try not to deprive the body of valuable minerals that are contained in fish products, milk and cheese. To constipation and the associated feeling of «huge» bowel in the past, is the daily use of raw vegetables, fruits.

Pay attention to their health needs ladies who have constipation alternating with diarrhea. Such signs are pointing to irritable bowel syndrome. We have to admit that this disease usually selects women. To confirm or refute the assumption that the bowel is not all right, you need to visit a doctor gastroenterologist.

What to exclude in order to relieve the bladder

If you are concerned about the situation when something presses on the bladder, but severe pain not feel, try to release delicate organ from possible irritants.

To learn about what exactly «does not like» your bladder is at least two weeks to comply with such restrictions:

  • Do not drink coffee, tea and spices.
  • Refuse from the white bread and pastries.
  • Eliminate carbonated beverages.
  • Don’t wear clothes that constrict the abdomen (tight leggings, jeans, corsets).

You don’t hurt yourself (but on the contrary, will help your body), making charging an essential attribute of your life. Exercise strengthens the abdominal muscles and help to relieve the intestine. But we’re talking about moderate activity, not lifting heavy objects. Carrying the girls, of course, not worth it.

The anxiety and malaise of young mothers

Some young mothers complain of discomfort in the bladder. Frequent desire to urinate with a small amount of fluid in the bladder cavity can be alerted even an inveterate optimist. «What’s happening? Why the strangeness with the bladder arose after birth?» – interested patient to the doctor.

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The most common cause of discomfort – prolapse of the bowel. A situation when the bowel at the woman fell and began to put pressure on the lower organs (including the bladder), well known to physicians, and gynecologists. Later motherhood, large fruit, excessive weight of the ladies – factors that can change the location of certain internal organs. Often omitted uterus, and intestines sometimes befalls this fate. Of course, such changes occur only after natural childbirth.

Note that this pathology may occur in nulliparous women (like after lifting something very heavy).

In order to minimize the manifestations of the disease, the woman needs to follow these rules:

  • To fight with excess weight. Completeness only adds to the gentle squeezing of the body in which the urine accumulates.
  • Perform exercises that strengthen the muscles of the abdomen and pelvis (they will be advised by the doctor).
  • To give up coffee, tea, alcoholic beverages.
  • Do not raise hands on a ‘ big kid if you feel that the bladder, the workload became irritant.

If you treat their health responsibly, your condition can be considerably improved within two to three weeks.

Blame the «guests»?

Few people know that the distended bowel and irritable bladder can be the consequence of the activity of the worms. Penetration of parasites in the body unnoticed for a person. But when these pests become too much, a bowel is inflamed. It increases in volume (swelling) and pressure on the organs located in the pelvis. Therefore, the obsessive desire to empty the bladder can bother you even when fluid in this on going quite a bit.

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To understand what happens to the intestines, will help you the tests which will prescribe the doctor.

When you need to go for specialist

Discomfort (like on the bladder something pressed) can sometimes occur even in healthy people. Women who bears a child, this is considered normal.

But if such a «strange» haunts you long enough and accompanied by other ailments (and you rule out pregnancy), you need to visit a doctor.

It is necessary to list the signs that «shout» that in the intestine there are tumors:

  • Sudden weight loss.
  • Blood streaks in the stool.
  • Drowsiness, apathy.
  • Abdominal pain, paroxysmal in character.

Many women and men in surveys, doctors identify polyps in the intestine. In itself this disease affects the condition of the body (often causing constipation). Moreover, as large polypose education can develop into cancer. Especially important is the warning to women over fifty years old. Of course, to despair, suspecting such a disease, it is impossible. But seem doctor need, without delay. Perhaps the survey will show that no scary changes in the organs there, and irritation of the bladder – is only a consequence of an unbalanced diet and excessive stress.