Can the mustard in pregnancy: 1, 2, 3 trimester

How to put mustard in pregnancy?

A pregnant woman is much more vulnerable than usual: it is especially important to keep yourself healthy for the future of the child to do so during pregnancy difficult. Immunity reduced, the body is weakened, treatment is pharmacy drugs in any case impossible.

Any cold becomes a real problem for pregnant women. That’s when many people think about different folk remedies. Including the mustard. But is it mustard during pregnancy? Try to understand.

Medicine from childhood

Many of us are familiar with mustard in the children’s colds. In the Soviet time, this tool was particularly popular because of its availability and ease of use. However, now they remain popular for the same reasons.

Before the mustard looked like thick sheets of paper with applied n them with a layer of mustard powder. Such it is possible to meet, however usually, more new sample: small bags made of thin, porous paper that covered mustard powder.

In some cases, to add the mustard and other ingredients like eucalyptus essential oil. However, mustard powder is the main operating component — essential oil of mustard only.

It causes familiar to almost everyone a feeling of warmth, and sometimes burning. Mustard oil is locally dilates blood vessels, increases blood pressure, so the blood rushes to one place. This is the warming effect.


The most obvious reason of the application of mustard you can easily tell memory – colds. This files most often remember them if the person starts coughing. And this is a very effective expectorant remedy. For the treatment of cough mustard applied to the chest or upper back.

Do not put mustard in my heart.

Often begin to warm up the legs. Mainly foot, sometimes caviar. They help to fight and with a headache. Then you need to warm up the neck.

Contraindications and precautions

Many thought that even mustard should be used with great caution, it seems strange. After all, they have long put even small children. However without warning is not enough.

Remember! All essential oils are to potent substances, and hence can cause allergies.

You can not put mustard on sensitive areas or open wounds. Scabs, eczema, psoriasis and other skin diseases is also a reason to abandon the procedure. You also need to take into account the individual reaction of the organism. If the patient feels severe burning or pain, treatment should stop immediately.

In addition, too long to warm up using the mustard not. Just 3-4 days once.

Important! You cannot apply mustard at high temperature.

Is it possible to put mustard in pregnancy?

Pick up a pregnant woman cold medicine, especially cough, very hard. A lot of people categorically dismiss pharmacy funds, and there is a reason.

Here only remains not so many options. That raises the question, can I use mustard during pregnancy?

On this account there are many opinions, to the extent that the mustard you can’t use anyone at all, not that pregnant. However, should listen to the opinions of experts. Doctors have nothing against mustard does not have, however, pregnant their use is strongly not advised.

You can select multiple reasons to abandon them during pregnancy:

  • in itself, the warming, especially in the chest and pelvis, pregnant women contraindicated;
  • due to the fact that the blood rushes to one place, possible heavy flow of blood from the uterus, and it means that for some time the fruit will not adequately receive oxygen and nutrients;
  • high blood pressure may provoke spasm of the muscles of the uterus, resulting in miscarriage;
  • the risk of allergies.

You have more trust in folk medicine? Well, in this case, and she agreed with the doctors. The fact that mustard is the old folk method to induce miscarriage in early pregnancy.

Mustard at different stages of pregnancy

It may seem that the 1 trimester – more dangerous time for the use of mustard than the later stages. In fact, in 2 and 3 trimester also risky to use this method.


What can be replaced as dangerous as it turned out, a cure? Traditional medicine knows many other techniques, and everyone can find a suitable one.

One of the most common means of treating colds is onion juice. Do not forget about the inhalation. This can be a good old pot of boiled potatoes or a decoction of medicinal herbs. Assuming no allergies, of course.

You can apply and local funds. So, replacing the mustard can be iodine sect. The main thing is not to apply iodine to the area of the spine. Helps also honey massage. But inside make honey is not recommended: it is a strong allergen, and even if his mother, he will not hurt, it is not known how will affect the child.


If the use of mustard during pregnancy? Or to go for other ways? Of course, it’s you. However, whatever you choose, first is to consult with your doctor or at least put it in the fame.


One of the ways of prevention of colds – frequent and timely ventilation, humidification. You may be interested in how to choose the humidifier?

In addition, pregnant women should avoid contact with sick people, crowds and hypothermia.

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