Candles in inflammation of the female organs: characteristics and recommendations

Inflammation of the female pelvic organs must be treated, as problems in this system can lead to undesirable and serious consequences. The main one is infertility, it can start its development in inflammation of the appendages or of the ovaries.

Candles for women in gynecology

Despite the large number of various modern drugs with broad spectrum of action for the treatment of inflammation of the pelvic organs most of them are designed specifically for women’s health.

Drugs that can be used for the treatment of women, a great number of: injections, vaginal (rectal) candles, pills, creams, ointments, gels, and more. But that spark from the inflammation occupy a special place in gynecology. But why?

Candles from inflammation are used to treat women have many diseases and are divided into two categories:

  • vaginal suppositories;
  • rectal.

The categories of candles for women, in turn, are divided into groups depending on their purpose:

  • healing;
  • antibacterial;
  • anti-inflammatory;
  • antimicrobial;
  • painkillers;
  • fever;
  • antifungal;
  • immunomodulatory.

As a rule, the only exceptions are the candles having immunomodulatory properties all others combine several purposes, for example, act as an analgesic and have anti-inflammatory properties, antibacterial and antifungal etc.

Undeniable advantages of candles in gynecological inflammation of the female organs

Vaginal suppositories for women is an effective tool that helps you quickly get rid of uncomfortable and annoying symptoms an unpleasant disease of the appendages or of the ovaries. It should be noted that anti-inflammatory candles perfectly eliminate the clinical symptoms in the form of swelling, burning, irritation, itching, or redness. Candles in inflammation of the appendages or of the ovaries is the best drug for the treatment of disease.

The undeniable advantages of suppositories for inflammation of the female pelvic organs:

  • the drug effect on inflammatory lesion, the tool also does not penetrates into the stomach, and hence does not harm the liver, candles immediately affect the mucous membranes of the vaginal wall;
  • candles – fast-drug which is about one hour into the bloodstream;
  • such drugs as suppositories, rarely cause allergic reactions and have minimal side effects;
  • convenient and easy to use;
  • easily entered into the vagina, if the candle rectal, rectum;
  • you can use girls who haven’t had intimacy with a man.
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The mechanism of the spark for the treatment of inflammation of the ovaries

Suppositories are inserted directly into the vagina. Under the influence of the body temperature, they dissolve, releasing the active substance. Due to the fact that the mucous walls of the vagina a large amount of blood vessels, the substances fast for hours enter the bloodstream and begin their direct impact on inflammation of the ovaries.

You need to remember that the effectiveness of treatment of inflammatory processes of the ovaries and other pelvic organs depends on how each of the women will comply with the rules of use of suppositories.

Technology correct use of candles in inflammation of the pelvic organs and the ovaries in women:

  • it is good to wash your hands with soap and treating them with antiseptic (alcohol);
  • lie on a flat surface on the back;
  • bend your knees and place widely;
  • to enter the vagina to the depth of your finger;
  • legs to move, to lie in this position for another 10 minutes so that the drug dissolved, the beginning of the impact and does not leak.

A list of the most popular drugs

When inflammation of the ovaries or other pelvic organs, candles are used for complex treatment. They work well with pain, itching, burning and can enhance the protective functions of the organism. Their effects on the body of women can be compared with injection therapy. Because the active substance in both cases is very quickly absorbed into the bloodstream.

We should not forget that only the physician decides whether treatment candles in inflammation of the ovaries, appendages, and other organs. What kind of suppositories you need to use for effective therapy, duration, and recommendation provided by the specialist after a full patient history.

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Each of the women should know what candles are popular in modern pharmacology to treat inflammatory bodies:

  • «Terzian»;
  • «Klion Arilyn»;
  • «Kinomaks»;
  • «Binnofarm»;
  • «Dalacin»;
  • «Polygynax»;
  • «Lactosorb»;
  • «Fitrakis»;
  • «Diclofenac»;
  • «Hexicon»;
  • «Betadine»;
  • «Movalis»;
  • «Pimafucin»;
  • suppositories with belladonna;
  • of indometacin candles

Vaginal suppositories for women

So, consider when prescribed vaginal suppositories. These drugs are used for infections and non-specific inflammation of the female pelvic organs.

What plugs to choose? Consider the most common disease and what suppositories is to use:

  • Candles for the treatment of colpitis (vaginitis). This disease, which is caused by fungi, gonorrhea, Trichomonas. The symptoms are fairly easy to recognize — pain, burning, itching and problems with emptying majevica. «Betadine» twice a day vaginally. «Hexicon» once a day. «Terzian» is assigned once a day. «Mycogynax» at night once before bed.
  • Treatment gardnella. Inflammation occurs when reduced levels of immunity. The best are the candles with the active ingredient, which is metronidazole. «Klion» once a day at night for about 10 days. «Metronidazole» twice vaginally, morning and evening. May also be administered «Terzian».
  • Therapy for thrush. There are many medications used to treat candidiasis. Often used drugs with clotrimazole or nystatin. «Vaginorm», «Bifidumbacterin etc.

Rectal suppositories

Such drugs, as a rule, all system use. These candles perfectly through the intestines are absorbed into the blood, so recovery is faster. The treatment of gynecological diseases of the female rectal preparations, unlike vaginal, is not required to be excreted out that bacteria out of the body. The drug is well absorbed, penetrates into the mucous membranes of the intestinal wall, blood and into the sex organs.

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The most popular rectal agents for the treatment of inflammation of the ovaries, adnexa, and other pelvic organs are considered NPW (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents), which fight inflammation, lower the temperature, and eliminate pain.

The most common:

  • «Diklak»;
  • «Ortofen»;
  • «Voltaren».

Often used rectal means active enzyme which are Indomethacin or Diclofenac. It should be noted that nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs not only reduce inflammation, but also have pronounced analgesic and antipyretic effect.

The most important thing in any inflammatory processes in time to see a doctor who will prescribe appropriate, comprehensive treatment. Then to cure the disease very quickly and efficiently.