Candles Viferon during pregnancy colds: application, reviews and dosage

How to apply Viferon candles during pregnancy?

The time of waiting for a baby (pregnancy), a woman special attention to your well-being, because at this point she expends more energy, losing useful minerals and substances. As a result, the immune system experiences a high load, which leads to colds.

During pregnancy many drugs are forbidden, as they contain in their composition of chemical components that are harmful to the developing fetus. The exception are the funds which are related to the organism of substance. The drug Viferon in the form of candles – the perfect solution when you want to treat an already existing disease or novel prevention without hurting the body.

Description of the drug

Candles Viferon during pregnancy, colds or other diseases may be used even in the early stages (but not before 14 weeks). They have a soft effect on the body, are easy to put, not causing discomfort or pain. Candles enhance the body’s defenses, help to overcome the burden caused by existing diseases.

The main advantage that gives the tool the ability to refuse to accept strong drugs aimed at treatment of the underlying disease or antibiotics, if they are shown in the treatment of the disease (allowing a reduction in the number of active substances without loss of efficiency).

Important! Before starting the use of candles, it is necessary to consult with your doctor. Their own to begin taking the drug, as well as to cancel it, is prohibited.

Candles have a pronounced immunomodulatory effect. The Composition Of Viferon:

  • the human interferon – the main active ingredient in the drug;
  • tocopherol azelate;
  • lanolin anhydrous;
  • petroleum jelly (for medical purposes);
  • the peach oil;
  • purified water (non-carbonated).

Candles, unlike other forms (gel or ointment) contain different dosage of interferon (IU):

  • 500000;
  • 1000000.

The dose is prescribed by the doctor based on the results of the survey, as well as the weight and age of the pregnant woman. Excipients are also present in the composition:

  • ascorbic acid;
  • cocoa butter.

Important! All components, both basic and additional, are of natural origin. That is why the side effects are virtually eliminated.

To cancel the admission of the drug is required only in the case if you have individual intolerance to the drug components.

Candles represent suppositories, made in the form of drops. The shell has a yellowish-white color and smooth consistency. The diameter does not exceed 1 cm.

The use of the drug is possible only rectal (basic substances which act on the virus, faster start).

In that case, if the disease has moved into a serious stage, then candles are an additional measure of the impact or prevention, whereas at the initial stage of the disease, they can become a major drug. This form of Interferon is indicated for the following diseases (as a measure of treatment or prevention):

  1. Candidiasis.
  2. Chlamydia (in any level of development).
  3. Bacterial vaginosis.
  4. Trichomoniasis.
  5. Cytomegalovirus infection.
  6. Mycoplasmosis.
  7. Other gynecological diseases caused by viral pathogens.
  8. Hepatitis (forms b and C virus).
  9. Herpes disease (various).
  10. The flu (in all degrees of severity).
  11. SARS (including in the advanced form).

The use of candles for pregnant women recommended amount, which is considered the lightest — 500,000 IU – here the concentration of active substance and all elements matched perfectly for the impact of existing viruses and prevention of their occurrence.

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The use of the drug in pregnant women

Viferon in suppositories during pregnancy is dosed with a cold and other diseases in different ways. Assignment is done solely by the doctor. For pregnant women and then lactating women are advised to use a candle, the dosage of which is 150,000 IU only if there is a suspicion of complex disease. It is important to remember that during this period should minimize any substances that are not vitamins and useful microelements.

In that case, if a pregnant woman caught a cold or had been struck by the virus that caused SARS, enough the lowest dosage of the drug, it calculates the doctor, but most often it amounts to 150,000 IU.

Course duration is 3-5 days 1 candle (rectal).

Viral hepatitis (chronic form) requires serious treatment. In this case, the dosage will increase and will be at least 500,000 IU.

The application also requires a larger number of drugs – 1 suppository 2 times a day (within 12 hours), the duration of the course increased up to 10 days.

If the identified disease, which are based on herpes virus, the dosage reaches 1000000 IU – the exact number is established by the results of research and data analysis. The number of candles – 1 piece 2 times a day every 12 hours the dose lasts up to 10 days.

Rules of using candles in this case would be the following:

  1. The drug can be selected in strict accordance with the designated dosage.
  2. Before vision, you will need to empty the bowel.
  3. Not to exceed the number of two candles a day.
  4. The course of therapy is 10 days prophylaxis – 5 days.
  5. The introduction is carried out carefully, without haste into the rectum (rectally).

It is recommended that in the process of introduction and 10-15 minutes after this process to relax, to reduce the likelihood of discomfort.

In those cases, if the use of candles is not acceptable, you can replace the drug in a different form – is being actively applied the ointment for the nose anti-viral interferon, which allows you to not only get rid of a cold, but other specific diseases.

Review of the drug

Irina, 25 years: during pregnancy I was very afraid to get sick, but the second half of the period came in November – month of wind and rain. As a result, I caught a cold. At the appointment the doctor said that there is a drug that stimulates the immune system – interferon.

I was initially skeptical, but decided to try, since other drugs were banned, but to risk the baby’s health I didn’t want. Already on day 2 I felt a great relief, and 4 days after the start of the reception completely forgot about the problem.


The drug Viferon ointment (usage instructions enables the use of shape pregnant), or gel candles are the perfect solution for a therapeutic effect on various diseases of viral nature.

It is necessary to observe the dosage, not to exceed the rate of prevention of or fight with the existing problem that the result has brought positive changes. Negative effects of the use of candles under the supervision of a physician not identified, so they can be safely used after 14 weeks.

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