A cyst of a transparent septum of brain

A cyst of a transparent septum of the brain are called congenital or acquired neoplasm capsule with thick walls of tissue the arachnoid body. A cyst filled with CSF — brain fluid. The pathology of each premature baby, children with normal fetal development and stage of labor in 60% of cases. Three of the four people, the disease goes with age.

Most often the disease does not manifest clinical symptoms, and therefore imperceptible to humans. However, in some cases it can cause reduced work capacity because of the emergence of headaches, feelings of noise in the ears, loss of memory and hearing. Often there is dizziness, caused by compression of the surrounding brain tissue or blood vessels cyst.


The main possible factors in the development of a cyst of a transparent septum include:

  • congenital abnormalities of fetal development and parturition problem;
  • inflammation and infectious processes in the brain;
  • traumatic brain injury;
  • concussion
  • effusion of blood in the brain.


A cyst of a transparent septum of the brain is the most safe place. Because of this, the tumor often does not cause the appearance of certain symptoms and are not concerned about people. Usually the cyst find only a careful examination is completely random.

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It seems that in this case, the tumor is not worth to pay attention and take care of his treatment. However, the cyst may grow in size. Increasing it provokes a squeezing of the tissues of the brain and surrounding blood vessels. Moreover, the tumor may block the inter-hole through which «disclosed» the ventricles of the brain.

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In case of increase in size of the cyst it starts to cause discomfort. The patient complains of occasional headaches or dizziness. Can be observed changes in the analyzers: noise in the ears, hearing impairment. There is a feeling of compression of the head, heaviness in her due to jumps or increase in pressure.


To control the growth of cyst is regularly (every six months or year) to undergo examination by a neurologist. Medical necessary Commission examination: magnetic resonance or computed tomography. As additional diagnostic methods may also be used ultrasound examination, electrocardiography, and blood tests. It is important to monitor changes in blood pressure (even on their own, at home).

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In the case when the results of certain diagnostic methods to identify the growth of cysts, it is necessary to find the cause of this phenomenon. Magnetic resonance imaging in this case ineffective. Looking for reasons with additional research, ask for help to other specialists, in addition to the neurologist. To cause the growth of tumors can autoimmune disease, inflammatory processes in the body or the pathology of the heart and blood vessels.

By increasing the cysts in size prescribe echocardiography, electrocardiography, blood tests for cholesterol and ultrasonic dopplerography. It is necessary to study the coagulation (clotting) of blood and infectious processes.

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In the absence of growth of cyst treatment is not necessary. If the tumor grows in size, you should worry about. Typically used conservative therapies directed primarily at the cause of the growth of the cyst. In addition, prescribed nootropic drugs — they specifically affect brain activity, increase its resistance to adverse factors, help to improve learning and memory. Absorbable drugs aimed at dealing directly with the tumor.

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It is also necessary to accept medicines for improvement of outflow of cerebrospinal fluid from the brain cavity, as well as medication to decrease intracranial pressure. In some cases, treatment using diuretic drugs (diuretics) and drugs to stimulate cerebral circulation.

With the ineffectiveness of conservative treatment prescribed surgery. Adjacent to the cyst ventricle place the probe, with which to make the hole for the exit of the cerebrospinal fluid in the ventricular cavity of the brain. This treatment is only effective in the treatment of tumors, consisting of a single camera. In 80% of cases surgical treatment gives a positive result. Otherwise required a second operation with the installation of the drainage — tube between the cavities of the cyst and ventricles, and serves to prevent the accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid. Even in the absence of worrisome symptoms, do not neglect periodic examination. Remember that the only time treatment will protect from the effects of the growth of the cyst.