A mild heart attack: symptoms, first signs in men

The term «infarction» defines the death of a portion of the tissue of the heart muscle due to the violation of their food. This condition is a complication of cardiovascular disease, it is more common in men older than 45 years. A feature of the microinfarct is the development of minimal symptoms, which can lead to late diagnosis of the disease and subsequent complications.

What is a little stroke?

The heart muscle (myocardium) is in a state of constant functional activity. Therefore, cells require sufficient supply and are very sensitive to lack of oxygen and nutrients from blood. With the gradual deterioration of blood supply to the myocardium (develops as a result of decreasing the lumen of blood vessels when atherosclerotic lesions), the cells adapted to the conditions of undernutrition.

A sharp decrease in the volume of blood flow leads to myocardial cell death (miocardiotita) and development of a heart attack. This condition usually develops when intravascular formation of a blood clot which then obstructs one of the coronary arteries. The extent of the infarction depend on the caliber of the occluded artery by a blood clot. If the affected small artery supplying a small area of the heart muscle, in this case the man develops a mild heart attack.

Causes of microinfarct

The main reason that leads to sudden disruption of blood flow in the heart and loss of the area of the myocardium is atherosclerosis. Is vascular pathology, often occurring in males and characterized by deposition of cholesterol in the intima (inner lining) of arteries, including coronary arteries. This forms the atherosclerotic plaque covered by a layer of intimal cells of arteries (tires) and contain cholesterol.

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Pressure fell below normal?

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When a broken tyre and direct contact of cholesterol with the blood formed a clot that could occlude one of the coronary arteries with the cessation of blood flow in her supply area of the myocardium and development of a heart attack. A few less common cause of mild heart attack can be a sharp spasm (narrowing of the lumen due to contraction of smooth muscles) of one of the coronary arteries, the blockage by air (air embolism) or insoluble fat droplets.
Микроинфаркт: симптомы, первые признаки у мужчин

The first signs of mild heart attack

In most cases, the loss of a small area of the heart muscle may not be accompanied by specific symptoms. Usually the symptoms of mild heart attack symptoms include General malaise, which include:

  • Unmotivated weakness.
  • Unexpressed increase in body temperature to subfebrile (up to 37.5 º C).
  • Aching muscles and joints.
  • Discomfort in the chest, which may have the character of compression in the region of the heart.
  • Nausea, less vomiting.

Such manifestations of mild heart attack are often left without proper attention, as it is perceived as a sign of a cold or food poisoning. With the death of a small area of muscle and low General reaction of the male body, these symptoms of a mild heart attack during a short period of time (usually several days) disappear on their own. With more extensive myocardial damage, as well as with certain individual features of the organism of man, signs of mild heart attack may include:

  • attack of pain in the heart area (behind the breastbone, mostly on the left), which is given in the left arm, neck, shoulder girdle left;
  • cyanosis (bluish coloration) of the lips and nose;
  • the feeling of lack of air and shortness of breath;
  • dizziness;
  • disturbance of consciousness (sometimes to the point of fainting).
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Such an attack can last up to 40 minutes, then the intensity of the symptoms gradually reduced, and they usually disappear on their own. In General, the severity of symptoms of mild heart attack depends on the individual characteristics of the male body, the volume of the affected heart tissues, as well as the root cause of the pathology development.


As is often clear clinical manifestations of mild heart attack in men do not develop, then the Foundation of its identify is additional diagnostics, which includes an ECG (electrocardiogram) and biochemical analysis of blood. On the results of the ECG, the physician can determine the development, severity and localization of the death of the myocardium on changes of waves and intervals. In the biochemical analysis determined the increase in the level of enzymes miocardiotita that go into the blood when damage and death.

Despite the fact that symptoms of mild heart attack is often disappears on its own, it is not evidence of recovery. There is a high risk of re, more extensive infarction as well as complications that include arrhythmias and heart rate, as well as the gradual development of heart failure.

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