A mild heart attack: symptoms, first symptoms in women

The term «mild heart attack» in medicine refers to a pathological condition in which a small part of the contractile cells of the myocardium for certain reasons dies and is replaced by connective tissue, which is not able to reduce that further affects the heart. This article describes the manifestations of this pathology and peculiarities of its clinical course in women.

Symptoms that indicate the possibility of the development of microinfarct

Early signs of a possible mild heart attack:

  • night apnea and other breathing disorders during sleep (e.g., snoring) that disrupt the normal supply of oxygen to the heart and cause chronic ischemia of a myocardium;
  • bleeding gums – when heart defects with disturbed peripheral circulation, which causes excessive sensitivity of the gums;
  • the appearance of swelling in the extremities – in the presence of cardiac abnormalities in the body more rapidly the fluid accumulates, which leads to swelling of hands and feet;
  • arrhythmia;
  • the pain in my left shoulder, feeling the compression in his chest, which indicates the angina, which gives an additional burden on the heart;
  • the first signs that indicate the possibility of the development of mild heart attack include shortness of breath and dyspnea, due to insufficiently powerful work of the heart;
  • frequent headaches that are accompanied by an increase in blood pressure;
  • frequent urination, especially at night, which indicates the development of heart failure.

Upon detection of such complaints should immediately consult a doctor who will help to prevent the development of microinfarct.

The clinical course of mild heart attack among women

The classic for this disease is characterized by the following symptoms:

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  • Chest pain that is squeezing or burning in nature, radiating to the shoulder, arm, neck and lower jaw. Atypical for pain low-intensity or absent. At the beginning of necrosis of the myocardium indicates that the reception of Nitroglycerin is ineffective.
  • Poor General health, severe weakness, excessive sweating.
  • The increase in temperature (usually not more than 38°C), which indicates the emergence of areas of necrosis in the fibers of the heart muscle.
  • The fear of death, excessive anxiety that resembles a panic attack.

Микроинфаркт: симптомы, первые проявления у женщин
It is worth noting that among women, the spread of atypical versions of the microinfarct. They can worry about General weakness, fatigue, slight dizziness, mild tachycardia, and intermittent fever. Symptoms of mild heart attack is generally regarded as a sign of a cold, so patients do not seek medical help, which further gives a number of severe complications and difficult treatment.

Atypical forms of microinfarct

Sometimes recorded asymptomatic disease. That woman suffered a small heart attack on legs, found randomly in the interpretation of electrocardiograms. The most frequent atypical forms of microinfarct:

  • Asthmatic form – in the majority of cases occur among the elderly, who have already diagnosed coronary artery disease, hypertension, or heart failure. This form of the disease is mainly manifested by shortness of breath and development of cardiac asthma and pulmonary edema. Pain syndrome for this version of microinfarct are not typical.
  • Abdominal shape – starts with intense pain in the epigastric region. Also observed dyspeptic syndrome, which manifests as nausea and vomiting or other symptoms that mimic the clinic «acute abdomen» and lead to diagnostic errors.
  • Arithmacy option of course of a little stroke in which the appears moderate pain in the Breasts, disrupted the normal rhythm of the heart, and there is hypotension.
  • Cerebrovascular form that the clinical course resembles transient ischemic attack. Patients report dizziness, numbness of the face, impaired vision, motor or sensory disorders. Possible nausea, vomiting, sick, disoriented, their speech slurred.
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How to confirm that the patient was having a mild heart attack? Since this pathology among women is characterized by a particular flow may have common clinical features with other diseases and to simulate the lesions of other organs, it is important to conduct several diagnostic procedures that will help in the correct diagnosis. As a rule, carry out the following tests:

  • electrocardiography – changes on the ECG indicate myocardial ischemia, however the Q wave is not growing (it happens infarct);
  • blood tests – laboratory study detected increased levels of myoglobin (a protein compound that transportorul oxygen inside the cells), high activity of creatinphosphokinase, lactate dehydrogenase and troponin; besides, find high ESR, leukocytosis;
  • Ultrasound of the heart – with the help of this examination determine myocardial contractility and detects an area, where the reduction of fibers weakened heart (heart attack).

It should be noted that in cases of initial development of small focal myocardial infarction, the prognosis is relatively favorable, because then the microinfarct is rarely complicated by circulatory failure. But without timely medical care have complex arrhythmias (e.g., ventricular fibrillation), which is dangerous for life. In addition, after the mild heart attack greatly increases the risk of extensive transmural necrosis of the myocardium, so the first occurrence of complaints, which may be suspected lesion of the heart with the death of its fibers, you should immediately consult a doctor.