Acute hemorrhoids — causes, symptoms and treatments

Acute hemorrhoids is a disease frequently encountered in Coloproctology, which is manifested by the increased hemorrhoidal veins prolapse outside the anus. This disease has severe symptoms and requires urgent action.


Острый геморрой - причины появления, симптомы и методы лечения


Most often an acute condition arises as a result of activation of the process for chronic hemorrhoids. It entails a number of precipitating factors:

  • Malnutrition, abuse salty, spicy and fried food. Frequent consumption of alcoholic beverages.
  • Digestive disorders, expressed in constant constipation or diarrhea.
  • Lifting weights. The first to suffer are the people involved in power sports, porters or builders.
  • Stagnation of blood. Developing drivers, office workers, in the absence of physical activity.
  • The symptoms of the disease

    If chronic form of the disease the clinical picture is not expressed, then the aggravation of developing thrombosis or infringement of the nodes, which is accompanied by very characteristic signs. The symptoms of such diseases as acute hemorrhoids, the following:

  • Very severe pain. It intensifies during defecation, sometimes even during sneezing or coughing. At its most extreme, the patient can not even walk and sit.
  • A feature of this pathological process is the presence of visible nodes, painful on palpation.
  • Sometimes develop bleeding from the ruptured site. The pain and other symptoms subside, creating the appearance of improvement.
  • The accession of infection may be accompanied by fever with increasing temperature.
  • Acute process may give complications in the form of polyps, abscess, insufficiency of the sphincter. Often cracks are formed, the patient is tormented by itching of varying intensity.


    Acute hemorrhoids has several stages of development:

  • Stage I. the Occurrence of thrombosis in external and internal nodes, but without signs of inflammation.
  • Stage II. The beginning of inflammation.
  • Stage III. Complications in the form of necrosis and the involvement in the pathological process of the surrounding tissues.
  • Острый геморрой - причины появления, симптомы и методы лечения

    How to alleviate the condition

    Start the therapeutic measures, this disease should be conservative methods. The main treatment of acute hemorrhoids is to eliminate pain, removing inflammation, preventing thrombosis.

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    Pills hemorrhoids has a positive effect only if they are combined with local treatment.

  • With the aim of relieving pain, it is recommended to use analgesics, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (Ibuprofen, Diclofenac), antispasmodics (no-Spa).
  • As a result of clinical studies have shown that a good effect have venotonic. They greatly speed up the process of recovery, strengthening the vascular wall and preventing the development of complications. This drug is or Phlebodia, Detralex. They improve blood flow, prevent blood clots, strengthen blood vessels.
  • In severe thrombosis doctor recommends the use of drugs acting on the rheological properties of blood and improves microcirculation. They belong to the class of thrombolytics and of antiplatelet agents (Aspirin, Clopidogrel).
  • If the patient is prone to constipation, then it is recommended to use during acute laxatives of vegetable origin (Senadeksin, castor oil, buckthorn bark). Monitor the timely emptying of the intestine – an important point of the treatment, as constipation is one of the reasons for the development of hemorrhoids.
  • Острый геморрой - причины появления, симптомы и методы лечения


    The most convenient form of local treatment of such diseases as acute hemorrhoids, are suppositories. They quickly begin to act on the pain and inflammation and is particularly effective for internal hemorrhoids.

    Candles Relif. A modern remedy based on shark fat. Their useful action is to improve wound healing, relieve inflammation, stop bleeding. When severe pain use suppositories relief advance, as their composition is benzocaine. In relief, Ultra added zinc sulfate (heals cracks) and hydrocortisone (relieves marked inflammation).

    In pharmacies there is a large selection of candles. They are made on the basis of vegetable components (sea buckthorn, Ichthyol with belladonna or calendula) and chemical ingredients (Procosan, Gepatrombin). Doctor or pharmacist can advise which is better one to pick up individually for each patient, depending on symptoms.Острый геморрой - причины появления, симптомы и методы лечения

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    Creams and gels

    When external hemorrhoids it is preferable to use gels or ointments. This may be suitable tools, which include anti-inflammatory, analgesic and tromboliticaskie active substances. Most of the tools produced in the form of candles exist in the form of ointments (Gepatrombin, relief, etc.). Apply local ointments with antibacterial effect (Levomekol, Sintomitsina), preventing the development of complications in the form of accession of pathogenic infection.

    It is best to apply them on a clean cloth or gauze and then applied to the affected area.

    Other methods

    There are many recipes and recommendations for the treatment of acute hemorrhoids in folk medicine. These include:

    • anti-inflammatory microclyster with herbal teas;
    • sedentary cool baths with potassium permanganate;
    • the use of herbal infusions for internal use;
    • gadgets.

    It should be noted that such treatment of acute hemorrhoids can only be applied after consultation with a specialist. It can be only auxiliary and does not negate the main.


    In the absence of effect from conservative therapy, and at high risk of complications recommended surgery. Typically, this method is used only in the most extreme case. At the moment, practiced several ways of operations:

  • Minimally invasive techniques, the essence of which is to eliminate knots with the imposition on them of Ligator (latex ring). It is worn on the base of the knot and tighten. After that, the node dies and falls off in 2-3 days. Treatment is performed in stages, so as to ligerbeat only 1-2 of the node. If more than, the procedure is repeated after some time. The positive aspect of this intervention is complete deliverance from hemorrhoids with no need in the use of anesthesia, bloodless and low-impact techniques. The patient after the operation can continue with normal activities. The treatment is conducted with 1st to 3rd stage of the disease. Modern clinics use laser treatment for the destruction of nodules, which can further reduce trauma and shorten the recovery period. It is possible to introduce in the hemorrhoidal veins special substance sclerosant, causing their spadenie.
  • In advanced stages, 3rd or 4th, used hemorrhoidectomy. The removal of nodes is performed under General anesthesia using a scalpel or electrocoagulator. Wounds that are formed after the intervention, are treated with ointments or suppositories.
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    It is important to note that even after successful removal of all nodes, the disease can develop again failing to follow the prevention methods.


    Because of acute condition of hemorrhoids is a result of the deterioration in chronic process, it is necessary to pay maximum attention to the prevention of the development of the next exacerbation. For this, observe the following recommendations:

  • To review diet. The food should contain sufficient fiber to prevent constipation.
  • Carefully monitor the hygiene and to wash with cool water after each bowel movement.
  • In sedentary work to do 5-10 minute breaks during which to get up and move.
  • To reduce load when performing physical work and not to lift heavy objects.
  • As often as possible to walk.
  • Daily gymnastics.
  • To monitor their weight.
  • Hemorrhoids is a chronic disease, but with adequate treatment and the implementation of preventive measures it is possible to forget for a long time.