After a stroke paralyzed the right side

Stroke – a pathological process that leads to irreversible changes of the brain tissue. As the practice of medicine, the survival rate after brain injury is only 50%, of which half of the patients receives disability. A stroke in the left hemisphere, after which paralyzes the right side of the body, considered the easier. Hemorrhage in the right lobe of the brain is heavier than tolerated by patients, fatal outcome in these cases it is often.


The symptoms of left-brain stroke

После инсульта парализована правая сторона

Paralysis of the right side of the body provoke hemorrhagic and ischemic strokes. The effects depend on the localization of the hemorrhage and the extent of his hearth. Signs of left-brain stroke:

  • speech and language disorders – lack of understanding the speech of others, slurred pronunciation of words difficulties in pronunciation of sentences, disorders of articulation, etc.;
  • spontaneous movement of paralyzed limbs;
  • loss of speech and verbal memory – the patient is not able to read, write, remember names of objects, words, etc.

Typical appearance of a patient after stroke in the left hemisphere – a drooping lower eyelid on the right side of the face, drooping corner of the mouth, close to the body and bent at the elbow right arm, the hand balled in a fist, the exploded inside stop.


The sooner treated, the easier will be the consequences and the rehabilitation period. If the stroke was installed immediately after the attack, and the patient received highly professional treatment, to begin the process of recovery can be after a few weeks. Paralysis in right hand, conduct the following activities:

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  • Emergency correction processes such as breathing, swallowing, blood circulation.
  • Prevention of brain edema.
  • Regulation of water and electrolyte balance.
  • Protection of the brain from metabolic disorders.
  • If the patient happened ischemic stroke, it is necessary to promptly establish and correct the cause of the blockage is. Most often, the blockage is caused by embolism or thrombosis of the arteries of the brain. In this case, the patient is assigned tromboliticaskie and neuroprotective drugs, antiplatelet agents, anticoagulants etc.

    Hemorrhagic stroke requires more extensive treatment, as hemorrhage is caused by rupture of the vessel wall under the influence of high blood pressure. After an attack conducted therapeutic measures aimed at normalizing hemostasis, inhibition of plasmin formation, reducing permeability of vascular walls. During massive hemorrhage need surgery. Medication includes the use of corticosteroids, anticoagulants, calcium antagonists, antifibrinolytic drugs, aspirin, indomethacin, etc Therapy after a «stroke» is more intense.

    The recovery process

    После инсульта парализована правая сторона

    Rehabilitation for patients who have paralysis on the right side, are complex. If the paralysis is caused ischemic stroke, 5-7 days after a course of primary treatment, you can begin rehabilitation:

    • revitalizing massage;
    • physiotherapy;
    • chiropractic;
    • electrophoresis;
    • «mirror therapy»;
    • orthopedic methods;
    • acupuncture;
    • reflexology;
    • surgical intervention and medical treatment of orthopedic disorders;
    • speech therapy for restoration of speech;
    • psychological help.

    If right side is paralyzed after a hemorrhagic stroke, then rehabilitation measures should be carried out 3-4 weeks after primary therapy. The recovery process needs to be very careful. Severe stress that can cause repeated blood flow to the tissues of the brain, is prohibited.

    In the recovery of patients who have paralyzed the right side of the body, should be under constant supervision of doctors and loved ones. During rehabilitation, particular attention is paid to the prevention of thrombosis and the appearance of bedsores. Doctors recommend every four hours to change the position of the patient to use compression garments, care for the skin of the patient, avoiding excessive drying out or waterlogged. The room where the patient must be aired regularly. The success of rehabilitation depends on the compliance with the requirements of the doctor, proper nutrition and diet.

    To treat the consequences of stroke more difficult than to prevent it. To minimize the risk of this serious disease possible, leading a healthy lifestyle and periodically passing a medical examination.