Anemia 1 degree — what is it and how is it determined?

Anemia is a disorder characterized by low hemoglobin level in the blood. Hemoglobin is a protein which includes iron. He is responsible for the connection of oxygen in the human body. Hemoglobin is in red blood cells.


Анемия 1 степени - что это такое и как это определить?


There are four main groups of anemia, which typically have the following symptoms:

  • Iron deficiency. Deficiency of iron in the body the person experiences a mild malaise, a weakness that affects the performance. Anemia 1 degree weak, however, appear characteristic symptoms: dry skin, tingling of the tongue, slight palpitations, shortness of breath, paleness of the face and extremities. Also indicates iron deficiency hair loss and brittle hair, nails break off. Possible reduction in appetite and a desire, there is sour, salty and spicy food.
  • A deficiency of vitamin B12 and folic acid. With a shortage of vitamin B12 a person can experience tingling in the fingers of the hands and feet. On the inflamed tongue papillae, causing a slight tingling sensation. The skin takes easy jaundiced. Often there is a feeling of tingling on the skin. A vivid sign of B12 deficiency is numbness and tingling. With a lack of folic acid in the body, the person quickly gets tired, becomes irritable, reduced appetite, frequent depression.
  • Hemolytic anemia. In the mild form manifests as a feeling of weakness that leads to decreased performance. Possible symptoms such as dizziness, shortness of breath and palpitations. There slack pulling pain in the left and right podreberie. In this group the symptoms (pain in the hypochondrium, a feeling of nausea, light fever) is close to the disease hepatitis.
  • Aplastic anemia. In mild person experiences weakness, reduced working capacity, there dizziness with tinnitus, there is a shortage of oxygen and accelerates the rhythm of the heartbeat. The characteristic symptom of aplastic anemia is bruising non-traumatic nature, bleeding gums, pale skin.
  • Degree

    There are three degrees of anaemia: severe, moderate and mild. Anemia 1 is considered a mild form of the disease. The disease is characterized by the limits of decrease of hemoglobin from 110 to 90 g/l and the disease without clinically visible signs, that is, in life people may not know about the problem until you pass a blood test for hemoglobin. The first degree of anemia may occur only when performing strenuous exercise, which are sverhnovoy to his normal life.

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    If the first symptoms begin to appear in a typical load on the human body, it corresponds to the second severity of the disease. For second-degree anemia characteristic indicators from 90 to 70 g/l of the third degree the hemoglobin falls below 70 g/L.


    In iron deficiency:

    • the iron loss with bleeding;
    • newsviva substances;
    • a high need of iron in the body (pregnancy, breastfeeding, intense exercise);
    • insufficient intake of substances from food, for example, if vegetarianism or diet.

    When vitamin B12 deficiency:

    • when nutritional deficiency;
    • with insufficient consumption of the substance together with food;
    • when malabsorption of cyanocobalamin;
    • gastritis;
    • surgery;
    • changes in the structure of the intestine, in the case of the tumor;
    • in the presence of parasites in the body, such as bacteria and worms;
    • if you have kidney disease and the liver.

    At deficiency of folic acid:

    • high need of a substance in the body (pregnancy, infectious and oncological diseases);
    • insufficient dietary intake;
    • diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
    • poor absorption of substances;
    • the shortage of protein and vitamins B12 and C;
    • in the use of drugs: methotrexate, bactrim, sulfonamide, etc.;
    • the abuse of alcohol.

    Анемия 1 степени - что это такое и как это определить?

    Hemolytic anemia:

    • transfusion of the wrong blood group;
    • autoimmune processes, such as a tumor;
    • toxic effect of substances: copper, lead, venom of bees and snakes, etc.;
    • when incompatibility RH factor of the child and mother.

    Of aplastic anemia:

    • the decrease in the number of stem cells;
    • disruption of the normal functions of stem cells;
    • after of hepatitis A;
    • after the disease mononucleosis.

    How does a first degree of anemia during pregnancy?

    Anemia of 1 degree is often manifested while carrying a female child. About the expectant mother finds out immediately after the first blood tests. Even if there are no signs of anemia, the child is beginning to suffer from lack of nutrients and oxygen in the placenta. Pregnant women should eat a healthy diet and stick to a special diet, but also to include in your diet more iron-containing food. It is especially important to the disease in the first degree is not passed in the more severe form of the disease.

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    The diet should be:

    • chicken eggs, particularly the yolks;
    • beef liver;
    • heart of veal or beef;
    • veal tongue or beef;
    • meat Turkey;
    • beef;
    • dairy products;
    • cocoa;
    • apricots;
    • almonds;
    • buckwheat;
    • fresh fruits and berries;
    • fruit juices;
    • dried fruits;
    • legumes etc.

    It is recommended in cases of suspected anemia diet with iron-containing products, as in early pregnancy and towards the end, as prevention.


    Before proceeding to the treatment of anemia associated with iron deficiency in the body, establish the causes of the deficit. Then prescribe a special diet, which necessarily includes meat products – beef and liver, and products of vegetable:

    • beans;
    • soy;
    • parsley;
    • spinach;
    • peas;
    • buckwheat;
    • bread.

    To make up for the missing substance is the introduction of a special diet will not be enough, as a day of absorbed substances 3-5 mg. Along with a medication – Rectifer, Conferon, Piramida etc., the substance is absorbed twenty times faster.

    Анемия 1 степени - что это такое и как это определить?

    In the treatment of anemia, the cause of which is deficiency of vitamin b-12, as prophylaxis may prescribe drugs against parasites. Prescribe the vitamin intramuscularly 200-500 mcg. Also recommended to use in food products containing this substance:

    • the liver;
    • kidneys;
    • fish;
    • seafood;
    • milk;
    • eggs;
    • solid cheeses.

    The treatment of anemia, caused by lack of folic acid is a medication with the contents of the missing component. Women should take 5 mg per day during the month. The diet recommended to add foods that contain the missing vitamin:

    • fresh fruits;
    • dill;
    • parsley;
    • green onions;
    • broccoli;
    • cauliflower;
    • cereal.

    Treatment of hemolytic anemia depends on the symptoms. If the symptoms are mild, treatment is not required. As prevention can prescribe reception choleretic drugs – Bought and antispasmodic Zabala and the periodic use of duodenal.

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    If you suspect aplastic anemia patient hospitalityat in a hospital, regardless of the extent of the disease.

    The doctor will prescribe a specific treatment after the tests and identify the causes of anemia.

    Traditional recipes at the first degree of anemia

    A mixture of juices. In equal proportions mix the juice of pomegranate, Apple, carrot, beet, lemon. In the received mix add honey. A means to store in the refrigerator and take daily two tablespoons three times a day.

    A decoction of yarrow. The grass steamed in a thermos for about an hour. Take two tablespoons three times a day.

    Stewed juice. In equal proportions mix the juice of carrot, beet and black radish. A mixture of juices to keep in the oven for about an hour, without bringing to boiling state. Take two tablespoons twenty minutes before meals.

    The dried leaves of wild plantain. To use as spices and add when baking muffins or cakes.

    Rowan tea. To make tea you will need two teaspoons of Rowan berries and two cups of boiling water. Vehicle was infused for thirty minutes. Take a glass twice a day. Tea can be prepared from rose hips and blueberries.

    During the emergence of young nettle is useful to cook soups with the addition of leaves.

    Traditional recipes can be combined with diet and medicines prescribed by your doctor. These remedies in the treatment of anemia in mild form should definitely be combined with drugs, the only way increases the likelihood of recovery and relieve symptoms of the disease.

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