Apparatus for measuring cholesterol at home

It is known that cholesterol can accumulate in blood vessels and deposited on their walls in the form of plaques. Tapering, the vessel is forced per unit of time flowing the same volume of blood with more speed. At infringement of stability of the plaque it can come off and block the lumen of the smaller diameter of the vessel, causing a heart attack or ischemic stroke. Cholesterol is mostly produced in our body, but a quarter of the amount we receive through food. Is it possible to determine the level of cholesterol contained in your blood at home?

The idea is to determine the amount of this substance in the blood as do diabetics, performing a rapid analysis of his blood sugar at home, emerged long enough and widely implemented. The General principle of operation of the device, allowing to determine the level of cholesterol in the blood, based on electrochemical analysis of substances in the liquid phase.

On the Internet there are many carelessly written articles, from which it follows that times the amount of cholesterol is important, it is important to have a home handheld device. This is clearly wrong. Let us compare this situation with diabetes: for diabetic patients to know the level of glucose in your blood is vital – this is an indication for immediate insulin.

In our case, the unit for measuring cholesterol is clearly not so important. Mainly because in the case of obvious excess should not undertake any active actions: do not need to call an ambulance, and medications, able to lower cholesterol, do not exist. And it is not required, because the process of reducing cholesterol – it is long, and this period is not one month. And if this device needs to control the process, measured not more often than once every two weeks, it is better to go to the clinic or pay the lab and to «trust the professionals».

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Hypertension is no longer a disease?

Doctors are shocked by the statement, the chief cardiac surgeon in the country Leo Beaucaire.

For those who’re trying to measure cholesterol at home, long time, there are portable devices, very similar to blood glucose meters. Some of them are integrated «mini-lab» and can produce not only the measurement of cholesterol and urea levels of blood glucose and uric acid.

The average cost of such device – from 4000 rubles. But you should purchase the products of leading world manufacturers, since all the circuits, all the electronics, calibration and checking of the instrument must conform to the standard and to allow precise measurements. Аппарат для измерения холестерина в домашних условияхIf the cheap meter «cholesterol lie» you will be misled and lose money. And in the case of the meter, this can result in or an overdose of insulin or skipping the administration of the drug. And the first and second fraught with serious consequences. The average cost of such devices – about 500 USD. For unknown reasons, in Russia they are not produced, so the price quoted in foreign currency.
How to measure cholesterol levels and other indicators of blood plasma? With the help of test strips. It is important to their quality, because they are the «gasoline» like glucometers and portable cholesterol analyzers. Value determination of a substance without stripes is not performed. In that case, if you purchased the device, but ran out of strips or their shelf life has expired and you need to buy a new one.

It is here that there is a «stumbling block.» The fact that they are expensive. The average cost of a good set of stripes «Easy Touch» Taiwan manufacture with the accuracy of the determination of the cholesterol concentration up to 93% is around 1200 roubles. The kit consists of 10 strips. Therefore, each measurement costs about 120 rubles.

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Blood analysis in a commercial laboratory will be much cheaper. So, the average cost of a cholesterol test is in the regions of the Russian Federation about 100 rubles. Of course, the blood is paid for separately, but if you take a few tests together, then this factor can not be ignored. If you are being treated by a doctor, all the tests were carried out as free, but in the context of passing the examination, you can take a blood test for cholesterol, even out of turn.

Perhaps the only option in which an urgent need to measure cholesterol, is the scientific study. For example, the measurement of indicator before, during, and after long fasting the hour to build curves and subsequent studies. So you need to think again, do you have such a strong need to Express the analysis, taking into account the fact that you can in the near future may affect its performance. Even in patients with high numbers of cholesterol and high risk of heart attack or stroke, this indicator is measured only once upon admission to the cardiac hospital and at discharge, as practically does not change for a few days.