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Understand the person far from medicine, the phrase «blood cancer» actually encompasses a number of terms. This definition may indicate cancer changes in the lymphatic system, bone marrow and the blood. Most often patients are diagnosed with myeloma, and leukemia, which first develop in the bone marrow that affects the processes of formation of blood corpuscles.


This pathology is characterized by excessive production of immature white blood cells. They not only cannot perform their functions, but will eventually displace all other formed elements, which leads to failure of the blood of their tasks. The symptoms of leukemia are not specific, and this means that they can occur in other diseases. The main symptoms of blood cancer of this type in the early stages are:

  • loss of working capacity and General weakness due to anemia (anemia);
  • an increase in cases of infectious diseases due to lack of Mature white blood cells;
  • causeless hyperthermia (increased body temperature) is due to the possibility of immature white blood cells affect the production of chemicals that control the body’s heat;
  • unexplained bruising and persistent bleeding that is associated with insufficient production of platelets (in women it can also occur prolonged heavy menstrual secretions);
  • joint pain caused by the accumulation of cancer cells in the bone marrow that is in bones (this fact explains the increase of lymph nodes);
  • abdominal pain caused by accumulation of immature white blood cells in organs, where typically blood cells are destroyed in liver and spleen;
  • headache and dizziness;
  • cramps, stabbing pain of different localization, numbness;
  • vision problems;
  • increased sweating, especially during sleep;
  • frequent urination;
  • nausea and vomiting;
  • poor appetite;
  • a change of taste, hypersensitivity to many smells.
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Melanomas called a cancer of blood plasma. This type of blood cancer characterized by formation of excessive amounts of abnormal plasma cells. The first stage of the disease are usually asymptomatic. Eventually, when melanoma progresses and changes begin to affect other important organs, possible violations of the kidneys.

Among other possible symptoms isolated pain in the thoracic spine, fatigue (associated with iron deficiency), shortness of breath, chest pain, dizziness (due to thickening of the blood). Some of the symptoms possible in leukemia, are found in melanoma. This is a common weakness, numbness or tingling in different parts of the body, frequent incidence of infectious diseases.
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Pressure fell below normal?

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What happens in the last stages?

In the last stages of cancer due to dysfunction of the circulatory system and the whole body suffers. Due to lack of oxygen in the tissues are blue lips and fingernails of the patient faster pulse, he can fall into a swoon. Chest pain and sensation of pressure in the chest bother more often, and the heart begins to beat too quickly, the rhythm of his wrong.

The body temperature rises to levels of around 38 degrees Celsius. Breathing becomes difficult, the patient is wheezing when inhaling or exhaling (this symptom is called «dyspnea»). Seizures bother you more often. The most characteristic blood cancer are uncontrolled long bleeding and disturbing the patient pushes in the stomach, causing severe pain.

What causes blood cancer?

Despite the rapid development of medicine, so far none of the existing hypotheses is not precisely pointed out the reasons for the development of leukemia, and melanoma of cancer, in principle. However, there are some credible studies that indicate the factors affecting the development of blood cancer. For example, have already migrated the cancer (or its treatment with chemotherapy) can cause disorders in the blood system, which in turn will lead to leukemia or melanoma.

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Precipitating factor may be the history of life, burdened by a genetic predisposition or congenital diseases. Patients whose parents suffered from blood cancer should have to register with a doctor and strictly to monitor their health. Do not forget about the pathologies of the hematopoietic system in General. The presence of any disease, in violation of hematopoiesis (production of blood cells) can trigger the development of cancer.

How many live with blood cancer?

The best healing rates observed among children. They often can handle the treatment, and the cancer does not recur. Prognosis depends on the form of the disease. The acute form ends with a recovery of only 40 – 60% of cases, depending on the individual patient and the prescribed treatment. The survival rate after suffering a chronic blood cancer is around 90%, which is quite a good indicator.

To say for sure how long people live in the absence or presence of treatment, can not no doctor. In any case, capoterapia and unwillingness to turn to traditional medicine will only accelerate the process of development of the disease and can end in tears.

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