Burst capillaries in the eye: what to do?

Vessels involved in blood supply to the structures of the eye, have thin fragile walls, which are easily damaged under the influence of various causal factors. The appearance of the red spot on the sclera of the eye indicates the development of the pathological process. Effective treatment of the ruptured vessel is aimed at excluding the impact of the causal factor.

Why burst blood vessels in the eyes?

The small arteries to the microcirculatory vessels of the tissues of the eye have certain structural differences. They are characterized by a thin and fragile walls. This structure is physiologically reasonable to exclude disorders of visual perception triggered by thickened walls of blood vessels. Thin and fragile the walls of the arteries and capillaries are easily damaged with the violation of their integrity and the development of bleeding due to the impact of various adverse factors, which include:

  • Increasing the level of systemic blood pressure with vascular damage.
  • State, leading to significant blood flow to the tissues and organs of the head – lifting, childbirth in women, excessive exercise, prolonged stay of the person in the head-down position.
  • Endocrine and metabolic disorders that lead to defeat and even greater thinning of the walls of the blood vessels in the eyes, in particular, angiopathy in diabetes mellitus.
  • Inflammatory disorders of the conjunctiva (conjunctivitis) and cornea (keratitis) of the eye caused by infections or damaging effects of different physical (bright light) or chemical (eye contact aggressive compounds) factors.
  • Various tissue injuries of the head or eyes (bruises).
  • Prolonged eye strain – working at the computer without resting, reading, working with documents or small parts can cause burst capillaries in the eye with the development of hemorrhages in the sclera.
  • The impact on the human body high temperature and humidity environment, ruptured blood vessels in the eyes are often the result of visiting the baths or saunas, especially in the case that the relaxation is accompanied by the use of alcoholic beverages.
  • The deficiency of vitamins (hypovitaminosis) required for adequate strength of the vessel walls or their absence (beriberi).
  • Influenza and other acute respiratory viral diseases in which the inflammatory process often extends to structures of the eye.
  • The use of some drugs – drugs of the group of antiplatelet agents or anticoagulants that «thin» the blood.
  • The formation of malignant or benign tumors in the tissues and structures of the eye and its appendages.
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Reliable clarification of the reasons for the burst in the eye vessels, holds a doctor. This is necessary for subsequent effective therapy and prevention for this condition, aimed at the exclusion of exposure to the causative factor.

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What to do?

If burst capillary in eye tissue, the bleeding can be small and people may not notice. Such small hemorrhages usually resolve on their own. When damage to a larger vessel (usually arteries of medium caliber), you should seek the advice of a doctor. He will conduct a thorough inspection of the eye and try to find out the cause of a broken vessel. Also with the help of special magnifying instrument specialist will perform the examination of the internal structures of the eye to reduce the risk of bleeding in the retina, resulting in a significant reduction in visual acuity, which is difficult of correction.

Be administered if necessary additional research, including determining the level of glucose in the blood, measurement of blood pressure, electrocardiogram, as well as bacteriological and serological study aimed at identifying a possible infectious process in the structures and tissues of the eye and its appendages. Based on the results of the study, the doctor makes a conclusion about the cause of vascular injury, localization of the hemorrhage, which gives the opportunity to carry out the subsequent effective therapy.


To effectively address the bleeding that is the result of a ruptured vessel in the eye, used causal treatment aimed at removing exposure to the causative factor. To do this, depending on the diagnosed causes are:

  • normalization of systemic blood pressure hypertension;
  • normalization of sugar in the body diabetes or other metabolic disorders;
  • ensuring a sufficient supply of vitamins, especially responsible for the strength of blood vessels (ascorbic acid, rutin, b vitamins);
  • correction dosage of drugs that reduce blood clotting;
  • detoxification of the body, and the use of antiviral drugs for the flu or other acute viral respiratory diseases.
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In the case of suffering a head injury, particularly in the eye area, be sure to apply a medicine that accelerates the resorption of hematomas (bleeding into tissue). To prevent damage to the blood vessels of the eyes it is important to follow General guidelines that include avoiding harmful habits, sufficient physical activity, restriction of diet of fatty, fried foods, pickles and spices.