Candles from hemorrhoids during pregnancy

When the euphoria of the news of pregnancy is, start a heavy routine. The mother is constantly worried about morning sickness, swelling, mood swings, back pain, and this nasty attack as hemorrhoids. If the disease is not recognised in time, and not cured, it can lead to tragic consequences.


Свечи от геморроя при беременности

The first signs of hemorrhoids are usually discomfort in the anus, burning, oppressive pain and frequent constipation. If you notice that you have these symptoms, talk about them with your gynecologist. He will confirm, or refute a diagnosis and prescribe treatment.

Effective cure for hemorrhoids – candles

Candles from hemorrhoids during pregnancy are the main method of dealing with the resulting in the anal hole by the knots and cracks. This medical form does not act on the whole body and not into the blood. It has a therapeutic effect on a specific area of the body and is harmless to the fetus.

But not all candles are created equal, some contain components that expectant mothers cannot be used even locally. Some of them are potent analgesics, others can be allergenic, and others had not undergone safety studies. Therefore, the choice of candles from hemorrhoids should be treated seriously.

What are the candles from hemorrhoids

Certain suppositories can perform different functions and do not equally affect the problem. Depending on your complaints, obstetrician-gynecologist will choose the optimal tool. Candles are:

  • anti-inflammatory;
  • analgesic;
  • venotonic;
  • stop bleeding;
  • speeding up the healing;
  • eliminating constipation.

Well if one tool will combine two or more functions.

Overview of the most popular candles for pregnant women

You can find drugs that are most commonly prescribed by specialists. But to choose them yourself in any case is not necessary, as you are responsible not only for their health, but also for the condition of the future baby.

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Candles Of «Relif»

Candles from hemorrhoids for pregnant of this brand possess wound healing, anti-inflammatory and laxative effect. They are formulated with extract of shark liver and all natural. The only limitation is the early period of pregnancy or the first trimester.

Свечи от геморроя при беременности

Apply the «relief» is possible only after consultation with your doctor. The number of techniques allowed up to 3 times a day, but only if you can no longer endure the pain and burning. For less radical manifestations of hemorrhoids enough 1 candle before going to sleep.

Candles «Natalise»

These suppositories contain sodium alginate, which is safe during pregnancy in any trimester, and during breast feeding. Sodium alginate is extracted from brown algae. It is not absorbed by the skin and mucous membranes and acts only on the lesion. «Natalise» reduces inflammation and restores tissue.

The manufacturer recommends the introduction of natural candles after going to the toilet or procedure of the cleansing enema. Daily requirement is 1-2 suppository, and the course of treatment lasts from 7 to 14 days, depending on the degree of neglect of hemorrhoids.

Suppositories Gepatrombin G

Contains several active components:

  • the sodium heparin. Anti-inflammatory, regenerating effect, prevents the clotting of blood;
  • acetate of prednisolone. Relieves pain, itching and burning;
  • lauromacrogol 600. Ensures hardening of the affected area.

Gepatrombin contraindicated in the first trimester, as well as the tendency to allergic reactions. Apply 1 to 2 times a day after defecation.

Свечи от геморроя при беременности

Candles Posterisan

Effectively fights the manifestation of hemorrhoids drug Posterizan. It is based on inactivated microbial cells of E. Coli. They stimulate local immunity, restore damaged tissues and normalize blood vessels.

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Suppositories prescribed by the doctor, have no side effects and are applied several times a day. The minimum daily dose of 2 candles, which use morning and evening. Also use the product after every bowel movement.

Candles with sea buckthorn oil

Contained in the suppositories sea-buckthorn oil has an impact on local immunity, restores damaged tissues, relieves pain, disinfects and prevents the development of inflammation.

Свечи от геморроя при беременности

They can be applied to pregnant women, and children, because they are completely safe. Expectant mothers, according to the instructions, you need to enter the candles one by one in the morning and evening. The full course lasts 14 days.

Suppositories with propolis

Another safe and totally natural means are candles with propolis. They can be purchased at the pharmacy, but is easy to make yourself. Their action spectrum is very wide:

  • pain relief;
  • the removal of inflammation;
  • acceleration of regeneration of cells and healing of injuries;
  • the removal itching.

Use candles with propolis daily in the evening. One course consists of 30 days, with secondary symptoms, it can be repeated, but not earlier than 1-2 months.

Potato candles

The most affordable and safe folk remedy treatment of hemorrhoids is recognized as the potato candle. Their size should not exceed a length of 3 cm and 1 cm diameter For ease of entry you can lubricate the candle with honey or vegetable oil.

Unlike the purchase of drugs, potato suppositories left for a few hours to be effective, the gastric juice.

Don’t leave your health unattended. At the first sign of a hemorrhoids refer complaints to the doctor, and you will avoid many complications that accompany this disease.

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