Capillary hemangioma: what is it, photo

Capillary hemangioma — a disease of children, usually it is detected immediately at birth, but may occur in the newborn during the first days of life. So called benign tumor, consisting of multiple small capillaries. This tumor may not develop into cancer, however, it is still not refers serious.

Feature of capillary hemangiomas is that it can be localized not only on the baby’s skin, but also on the surface of his internal organs inside of them and even in the cavity of the brain. How and why you receive the neoplasm is still not installed. Often in the preschool age, the hemangioma goes, leaving no trace. However, the decision on treatment must be made by a doctor.

What is a capillary hemangioma?

Some people confuse these tumors with birthmarks. Yes, some similarities between them. Externally congenital hemangiomas look small in size red dots that do not cause the child discomfort and are not sick. In a few days «point» begins to grow, change color and become more noticeable. Upon closer examination, you notice a pattern of vessels and small capillaries that extend from the tumors. Because of this, the tumor resembles an asterisk from the vessels, which is characteristic for hemangioma.

The surface of the tumor is smooth, it just looks like skin and not heavily favored over the skin. If you push the hemangioma, she sharply turns pale, and then «return» to its natural shade. Most often the tumor is on the face near the upper lip, eyes or ears. Sometimes there are cases of localization of the hemangioma on the neck, head, upper extremities or the back. Approximately 60 – 75% of cases the disease occurs in girls, boys have – several times less.

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Hypertension is no longer a disease?

Doctors are shocked by the statement, the chief cardiac surgeon in the country Leo Beaucaire.

If education is not dangerous to the development of cancer process and doesn’t hurt if do not pay attention to him? In fact, you can’t just «forget» about the hemangioma. Even if it does not cause discomfort at first, the tumor can rapidly grow and spread extensively. The growth of tumors may lead to necrosis (death) of the skin, the appearance of bleeding ulcers and inflammations. In any case, with little care for a hemangioma it will be a noticeable cosmetic defect. Given that the disease is more common in girls, but this problem is quite serious.
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Tactics therapy should choose a doctor. The disease can pass itself to 5 – 7 years, or can rapidly progress, starting to deliver significant inconvenience (especially when its location close to the eye). In any case, you should «sound the alarm»? There are a number of cases where the presence of neoplasms can be dangerous to health and even life of the child.

For bleeding of the tumor and the appearance of the sores must see a doctor. The reason for the consultation, are also a rapid increase in tumors in size, its development into the skin, and inconvenient location (e.g., in the neck when clothing or hair touch the hemangioma, irritating it). If the tumor is inside the organs, prevents them from fulfilling their functions or prevents a number of movements (again, with localization in the neck or the arm), it is also necessary to remove. To the basic techniques of treatment of capillary hemangioma include:

  • laser surgery — the most modern method of bloodless gradual dissection of the tumor while preserving healthy tissue;
  • electrocoagulation — cauterization of tumors with electric current; quite painful, but no less effective method;
  • cryotherapy — freezing of the cells of the hemangioma with the carbon dioxide or liquid nitrogen, the method most commonly used in pediatric practice;
  • radiation treatment with the use of shock doses of radiation — radical method, but it is necessary for treating large, deeply located, or inaccessible to other methods of tumors;
  • sclerotherapy therapy is somewhat outdated because of the long recovery and pain method of removing the hemangioma is injected into the tumor of ethyl alcohol;
  • classic surgical intervention with excision of the tissue with a scalpel;
  • hormone therapy – in the treatment of large tumours it will help to prevent the increase of tumors in size and «dry up» the mesh capillary hemangioma.
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Some methods have proven to be outdated and radical. However, when there are concomitant diseases, the unstable condition of the child, General weakness, inaccessibility of the tumor area and in other cases the «old» ways (for example, a typical removal with a scalpel) can be effective. Remember that the method of treatment and the need for it selects only the doctor. Under favorable course of the disease, you can do without intervention, over time, the hemangioma may disappear on their own.