Cardiovascular drugs for the brain of the new generation

Modern medicine has a large number of medicines designed to treat diseases of the brain. Among them special place is occupied by vascular equipment to improve the provision of blood to the nervous tissue and thus solve many neurological problems.

Vascular drugs that are used in neurology are called correctors of cerebral circulation. Their action is directed on expansion of vessels, but not in the whole body, and selectively in the brain. On blood pressure they tend to be affected significantly.

Indications for use vascular tools for the brain

The brain is very sensitive to lack of oxygen to nerve tissue carries blood blood. Therefore, any problems in blood circulation of the brain can cause the development of neurological diseases: acute stroke, chronic chronic cerebral ischemia and others.

Causes of impaired circulation in the vascular system of the brain can be injured, atherosclerosis, hypertension, intoxication and increased blood clots. Vasodilatation for all these States is the most effective way to improve cerebral blood flow and stop or even prevent the development of neurological problems. Thus, testimony to the appointment of a patient proofreaders of brain (cerebral) blood circulation are:

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  • Chronic cerebral ischemia of varying severity (the main manifestations include memory loss, health, intelligence, deterioration of motor skills, emotional lability).
  • Acute violation of cerebral circulation (stroke).
  • A traumatic brain injury.
  • Intoxication.

Varieties of cardiovascular drugs

Vasodilating action possess a group of medicines. However, when diseases of the brain apply to only some of them (those that influence selectively on cerebral vessels):

  • Calcium channel blockers with selective cerebral action (Cinnarizine, Nimodipine, Flunarizine).
  • Alkaloid derivatives of the periwinkle (Vinpocetine, Cavinton, etc.).
  • Some representatives of alpha-blockers (e.g., Nicergoline).
  • Ksantinola nicotinate.
  • Preparations based on the extract of the relict plant Ginkgo biloba (Bilobil, Tanakan, etc.).
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Cardiovascular drugs of new generation

A new generation of drugs have the least side effects (do not cause hypotension and disorders of the heart), their duration of action more, respectively, they can be taken less frequently, and the effectiveness of treatment by them is much higher.
Let us consider some of the modern drugs that are indicated for problems in the vascular system of the brain.

Nimodipine – calcium channel blocker that also has vasodilating action on peripheral vessels and penetrates well into brain tissue. A special application of this drug is found in subarachnoid hemorrhage and severe cerebral-vascular disorders in the elderly.

Cavinton is a medicine on the basis of Vinpocetine (Vinca alkaloid), which has a beneficial effect on cerebral circulation and metabolism in the nervous tissue, and helps to normalize blood rheological properties, which is also important for cardiovascular problems.

The main indications for the application of Cavinton – a failure of cerebral circulation, mini-strokes, ischemic stroke, post-insult States, vascular dementia, atherosclerosis of cerebral vessels, hypertensive encephalopathy, and disorders krovoobrascheniya of the brain associated with diseases of the spine (for example, when disturbed blood flow in the pool baziliarnah cerebral artery due to the compression of vertebral arteries).

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Tanakan is a tool made from the extract of the plant Ginkgo biloba. Mechanisms of action of compounds in this extract are not limited to the positive effects on microvasculature. This drug promotes activation of metabolic processes in nerve cells and normalization of blood rheological properties. The main indication for starting treatment with Tanakan are cognitive disorders (primarily memory impairment and mental processes) in the elderly.
Nicergoline – selective vasodilator drug acting on cerebral vessels. Its use is justified and in chronic and acute disorders of cerebral circulation and migraine.

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Described medications may be used in combinations with the means of other groups (e.g. nootropics). It all depends on the reasons for the disturbance of the cerebral circulation, clinical features, age and state of health of the whole person.
To appoint any cardiovascular medications should only doctor in the presence of specific indications. Alone in the prophylactic and especially therapeutic purposes, they can not be used.