Chinese hemorrhoid ointment: apply

Such a problem as hemorrhoids requires a quick solution. Its symptoms are so painful that we are ready to pay any money for the cures that are promised to us by the manufacturers. But before you part with your hard-earned rubles, you should look for information on the composition and efficiency in the Internet, and also testimonials from those who have already purchased these tools.


Китайская мазь от геморроя: применение

The sites that advertised Chinese hemorrhoid ointment, full of sweet promises quick getting rid of the problem and its disappearance forever for half price only if you order right now. Reviews of satisfied customers, one louder than the other, in General, all as on a standard single-page websites. If before people believed these ads, now the buyers have become more discriminating in the purchase of drugs, the price category which is beyond 1000.

Does the ointment for 1500 rubles

To answer this question, one must look at its composition. The manufacturer described each component and have focused on the beneficial properties.

The composition of the ointment:

  • Musk. It’s a secret, produced by glands in the animal organism. Has a strong odor and rich composition. It contains fatty acids, waxes, steroids, and aromatic components. They all had positive effect on local immunity and on affected vessels. Musk reduces inflammation and improves blood flow, making the elastic of the venous wall.
  • a bezoar. These are stones that are formed in the stomach of bezoar goats, the species that live in the East. This tool is highly valued since ancient times. It reduces inflammation, destroys germs and bacteria. Natural ointments bezoar also acts as an analgesic component.
  • The calamine. It is a silicate of zinc. Has a wound healing and protective action.
  • Pearls. Able to stop bleeding and prevent the emergence of new ones.
  • Borax. In the nation – sodium salt. A powerful antiseptic, which prevents the development of infection in the damaged tissues.
  • Amber. A natural mineral, which has restorative properties. Thanks to him, the walls of blood vessels become strong and blood flow is restored.
  • The essential oil of borneol. Has antiseptic and regenerating effect.
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    Excipients are also natural. Among them, petrolatum, lanolin and dimethyl sulfoxide, which make the consistency easy, and also have a local analgesic effect.

    Chinese musk hemorrhoid ointment has a good acting part. These components are really able to get rid of the delicate problems without surgery or chemical means.

    Indications for Chinese ointment hemorrhoids

    Hemorrhoids may not be the only problem faced by the patient. Usually this disease is combined with other unpleasant manifestations. So the makers of the drugs picked up the composition so that it helped with other symptoms. These include:

    • the different stages of hemorrhoids;
    • external hemorrhoids;
    • internal hemorrhoids;
    • eczema of the anus;
    • anal fissures and bleeding.

    When not to use a Chinese ointment

    Unfortunately, even natural ingredients can cause harm when used inappropriately and without consulting a doctor. Do not use the ointment if you have:

    • allergic to any ingredient;
    • no doctor, especially during pregnancy, lactation and in children;
    • intolerance of active components.

    In all other cases, studies have shown that the ointment with musk does not lead to complications when it is used correctly.

    Китайская мазь от геморроя: применение

    How to use Chinese hemorrhoid ointment

    The method of using this tool is a little different from the use of pharmaceutical ointments from hemorrhoids:

  • The drug had a complete effect, you need before applying to empty the bowel. If it failed to do in a natural way, it is recommended enema.
  • Then the anus is cleaned with soap and water and wiped dry.
  • After this you should lie down in a comfortable position, e.g., on the side, and bend your knees. Then squeeze a little ointment and apply to affected area.
  • Keep lying for 40 minutes, until the ointment is fully absorbed.
  • To cure internal hemorrhoids uses a special nozzle that is included.
  • The nozzle tip must be attached to the tube and enter in the same position in the anus.
  • Squeeze a little ointment (not more than 0.5 gram) and extract the nozzle.
  • Applied to the anus dry the swab or cloth and stay in lying position for 30 minutes.
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    Apply ointment 2 times a day, morning and before bedtime. Enough 7-14 days for complete wound healing and resorption of hemorrhoids.

    Tips from the manufacturer

    In addition to the beneficial properties of the ointment the manufacturer focuses in the direction of specific instructions, without compliance with which will not be as effective. First, it is recommended to refrain from eating spicy, salty, fatty foods, canned goods and marinades. Also abstain from alcohol, which cannot be combined with any drugs.

    Eat food, facilitating digestion. Vegetables rich in fiber and dairy products. They contain beneficial bacteria that restore the microflora of the stomach and intestines, resulting in constipation and are hemorrhoids.

    Cook foods properly. Refrain from roasting, Smoking and marinating. Eat vegetables and meat boiled or stewed, and fruit – raw. The most useful is steaming. So the products retain the maximum necessary for the successful treatment of properties.

    If you want to get rid of hemorrhoids, sit less and move more. Vigorous activity strengthens the walls of blood vessels, and they become immune to external and internal pressure. Sports make the blood flow faster, which eliminates stagnation in the places of their occurrence.

    Returning to the issue of high price of the drug, I would like to note that it is really overpriced. In pharmacies, there are cheaper funds with exactly the same composition, but in other packages. For example, Bezornil, which is within 300 rubles. Take care of your health and don’t be fooled.