Cholesterol in men: the norm table age

Cholesterol is a natural fat produced in the liver and other cells. It is also found in certain foods such as dairy, eggs and meat.

Why men should determine the level of cholesterol?

Increased blood cholesterol (hypercholesterolemia) puts men at increased risk of myocardial infarction, cerebrovascular disease and peripheral arteries. Many of them have the risk of hypercholesterolemia begins to rise at age 20 and increases with age.

Because often there is a family tendency to increase cholesterol, it is obvious that a certain role is played by heredity. But also very important are a variety of lifestyle factors, including nutrition, physical activity and body weight.

Why body men cholesterol?

The body produces from cholesterol hormones vitamin D and bile acids that contribute to the digestion of fats. Cholesterol contained in the blood, has two sources – it comes from food and is produced by the body. The liver is the primary organ engaged in its synthesis. But in the production of cholesterol are also involved intestine, adrenal cortex, testes and ovaries. Cholesterol synthesis is partly regulated its use with the products.

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A person needs only a limited amount of cholesterol when its a lot may develop health problems. Its increased content in combination with other fatty substances and calcium gradually form atherosclerotic plaques.

There are different types of cholesterol. When the blood contains a lot of «bad» cholesterol – low-density lipoprotein (X-LDL) in the walls of arteries can accumulate deposits of fat (atherosclerotic plaque). These plaques can block blood flow to the heart (may occur angina or myocardial infarction) and brain (can develop a stroke).

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«Good» cholesterol – high density lipoprotein (S-HDL) helps remove X-LDL from the blood and body. Men who want to maintain good health, should strive to reduce the levels of LDL and increase HDL levels. If they don’t support this balance, it may be hypercholesterolemia.

Why men have heart disease appear a decade earlier than women?

Although to answer this question with 100% certainty is impossible, there are several reasons for this phenomenon. In boys during puberty decreases the level of HDL, which is not observed in girls. In addition, women are relatively protected from developing heart disease before menopause is probably related to estrogen. In addition, men were more likely to smoke and abuse alcohol.

What factors increase the cholesterol in men?

The possible presence of hypercholesterolemia in men increased if they:

  • Consume food rich in saturated fats contained in meat and dairy products and increase the level of X-LDL. Cholesterol from food can also increase their content in the blood, but not as much as saturated fats.
  • Eat foods with TRANS-fats. These artificially created fats are found in partially hydrogenated oils. They increase X-LDL and reduce X-HDL.
  • Consume food rich in carbohydrates, which also increases the concentration of X-LDL.
  • Suffer from obesity or are overweight.

Холестерин у мужчин: норма, таблица по возрасту

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How to find the concentration of cholesterol in the blood?

Men can learn your blood cholesterol with a simple blood test. Each person over the age of 20 need to take a blood test for lipid profile and repeat it every 5 years. If the results indicate the presence of hypercholesterolemia, the physician may recommend tests more often. The lipid profile includes:

  • Total cholesterol.
  • X-LDL.
  • X-HDL.
  • Triglycerides (another form of lipids, which increases cardiovascular risk).
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Cholesterol levels – the norm for men and boys

Interpretation of the results of lipid profile performed by the physician. By themselves, these values are inadequate for determining cardiovascular risk. They are only part of the larger equation, which includes:

  • age men (after age 50 increases the concentration of cholesterol in the blood);
  • blood pressure;
  • the presence of harmful habits (Smoking and alcohol);
  • the use of medication for hypertension.

The doctor uses this information to calculate 10-year risk of serious heart problems. Then it is a strategy to mitigate this risk.

Norma boys

Physically active boys, keep a healthy diet, having excess weight, and family history of hypercholesterolemia, have a low risk of increasing cholesterol.

Normal values of «bad» cholesterol in boys and teenagers


Acceptable level, mmol / l

Edge level, mmol / l

Elevated levels, mmol / l

Total cholesterol

< 4,45

4,45 – 5,15

> 5,16


< 2,85

Of 2.85 – 3.34 a

> 3,35

Triglycerides (table by age)

Children 0-9 years

< 0,8

0,86 – 1,12

> 1,13

Adolescents 10-19 years

< 1,02

1,03 – 1,46

> 1,47

Холестерин у мужчин: норма, таблица по возрасту

Normal values of «good» cholesterol in boys and teenagers


The permissible level

The edge

A reduced level of


> 1,17

1,05 – 1,16

< 1,04

Normal values of «bad» cholesterol in men


Acceptable level, mmol / l

Edge level, mmol / l

Elevated levels, mmol / l

Total cholesterol

< 5,18

5,19 – 6,19

> 6,20


< 2,59

2,60 – 4,14

> 4,15


< 1,68

Of 1.69 to 2.25

> Of 2.26

Normal values of «good» cholesterol in men


Acceptable level, mmol / l

Edge level, mmol / l

Reduced level, mmol / l


> 1,55

1,05 – 1,55

< 1,04

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How a man can return their cholesterol to normal?

The most effective way to reduce the level of cholesterol in men is to change their lifestyle:

  • A healthy, balanced diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol, consisting mainly of fruits, vegetables and whole grain products.
  • Achieving and maintaining a normal body weight.
  • Regular exercise.
  • Failure from alcohol abuse and Smoking.

If these measures are insufficient, your doctor may prescribe medications that lower cholesterol:

  • Statins – block an enzyme in the liver, which helps to synthesize cholesterol.
  • Ezetimibe – blocks the absorption of cholesterol from food in the intestine.

Tolerability of these drugs may be different for different patients. The most common side effects may include muscle pain and stomach, constipation, nausea and diarrhea.