Cholesterol: the normal women, by age table

Cholesterol is a complex organic compound included in the structure of cell walls in the tissues of the human body and it performs vital functions. But excess of normal cholesterol levels in blood leads to health risks, in particular, is a factor in the development of diseases of the heart and blood vessels.

The normal concentration of cholesterol in the blood are different for men and women and changes with age. Women have a particularly high probability of an improvement in this indicator after 50 years. Persons who passed this age limit should be periodically tested for the level of cholesterol in the blood.

The types of cholesterol

The almost no cholesterol is present in the body in a simple form, it is part of the fat-protein complexes called lipoproteins. Distinguish the lipoprotein molecules are of two types: low density and high. Fat-protein molecules low density is transported, the so-called «bad» cholesterol, namely its accumulation in the blood increases cardiovascular risk. Particles of cholesterol of this type are larger, so their presence in the circulatory system can lead to blockage of the lumen of blood vessels.
Холестерин: норма у женщин, таблица по возрасту
«Good» cholesterol (alpha-cholesterol) moves through the blood stream by using the high-density lipoproteins and is responsible for returning the molecules of cholesterol in the liver and their subsequent excretion from the body. Thus, the factor increase the probability of occurrence of cardiovascular diseases is high total cholesterol, and increase the level of harmful cholesterol and decrease beneficial.

At the same time on standard biochemical blood tests measure only total cholesterol. To determine the level of «bad» cholesterol is required in-depth analysis of fat composition of the blood – lipid profile.

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Normal levels of cholesterol in women

The amount of cholesterol is measured in mmol per liter or mg/DL. The average rate of women in mmol per liter and 5.2, and the rate of 6.2 corresponds to the permitted maximum. During the life of a normal cholesterol level in women is increasing. Normal high levels of cholesterol are also observed in pregnant women. Valid if by the end of the period of gestation the levels of cholesterol in the blood of the mother grows by almost 2 times.

Normal cholesterol levels in women. Table by age.


Total cholesterol, mmol/l

The «bad» cholesterol (LDL), mmol/l

«Good» cholesterol (HDL), mmol/l

20 − 25 years

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3,2 − 5,6

1,5 − 4,1

0,95 − 2,0

30 − 35 years

3,4 − 6,0

1,8 − 4,0

0,93 − 2,0

40 years

3,8 − 6,5

1,9 − 4,5

0,88 − 2,3

50 − 55 years

4,0 − 7,4

2,3 − 5,2

0,96 − 2,4

55 – 60 years

4,5 − 7,7

3,3 − 5,4

0,96 − 2,4

60 − 65 years

4,5 − 7,8

2,6 − 5,8

Of 0.98 to 2.4

65 − 70 years

4,4 − 7,9

2,4 − 5,7

0,91 − 2,5

over 70 years

4,5 − 7,3

2,5 − 5,3

Of 0.85 to 2.4

How to affect the level of cholesterol in the blood

Already with a small excess of the level of «bad» cholesterol or approaching the upper boundary should start treatment and prevent further growth of this indicator. This is especially important for women after age 60. The view that the content of cholesterol in the blood is associated only with the diet is wrong. More than 80% of this substance is synthesized in the liver and only a small proportion enters the body with food. But the food is the factor that people are easily affected, thus regulating the level of cholesterol in the blood.

Respecting the rules of nutrition you can only affect the amount of harmful cholesterol, 20 − 30% which the person receives with food. To increase the content of good cholesterol by changing the diet, it is impossible, as the HDL cholesterol produced by the body.

Raise HDL possible with the help of moderate physical activity, which at the same time prevent deposition of «bad» cholesterol, arrived with food. Highly recommended sports even for people after a stroke or heart attack, if there is no relevant contraindications of the doctor, as well as persons with sedentary work. The perfect measure to maintain a normal ratio of cholesterol in the blood is the intake of vitamin complexes.
Холестерин: норма у женщин, таблица по возрасту

Diet for the reduction of harmful cholesterol and increase the relative share of good cholesterol

General rules for diet to reduce LDL:

  • the rejection of the highly fatty foods;
  • limit consumption of salty and spicy foods;
  • the restriction of alcohol;
  • the refusal from Smoking;
  • eating food with soluble fiber, nuts, oily fish and garlic.

Soluble fiber

Soluble fiber has the ability to bind and excrete cholesterol, preventing its absorption in the digestive tract and the subsequent entering into the circulatory system. A high content of such materials are beans, barley, oats and other types of whole grains. In addition, at high cholesterol would be useful products with considerable amounts of pectin: strawberries, citrus fruits, apples and grapes.

Nuts and oils

Positive effect on cholesterol levels nuts and some vegetable oils such as rapeseed oil. It is proved that fatty acids contained in nuts, reduce cardiovascular risk. It’s enough to eat about 140g of nuts per week. With high cholesterol are advised to include in the diet cereals porridge with nuts and a small amount of canola oil. You can also fill healthy oils to salads and other dishes.


Fish is very useful for normalization of cholesterol levels. But it is important to know what kind of fish. The contents of «bad» cholesterol and triglycerides helps to reduce the inclusion in the diet of fatty marine fish such as herring, tuna, salmon, sardines and mackerel. These species of fish are distinguished by a high content of omega-3 fatty acids that prevent the increased level of LDL.


Garlic has a unique ability to prevent the oxidation of good cholesterol. Its use is the prevention of the formation of vascular plaques. Regular monitoring of cholesterol level helps to predict the development of diseases of vessels and hearts, and to implement timely prevention. It is especially important to control cholesterol women:

  • Smoking;
  • with overweight;
  • suffering from hypertension, heart failure and other diseases of the heart and blood vessels;
  • postclimacteric age.