Creatinine in the blood: what is it?

In the human body continuously occur different reactions. The end product one of them is the development of creatinine. The level of creatinine in the body can tell a lot about the internal homeostasis and the kidney.

What is it?

Creatinine is a final product of the biochemical reactions of protein metabolism. The main source of energy for muscles is fosfaurilirovanna the amino acid creatine. What does creatine do? It is synthesized in the liver and then enters into a chemical reaction with the enzyme CPK. The result of this reaction is the release of energy and creatinine. Thus, this substance is a final product of the decomposition reaction. He enters the kidneys and is excreted out the urine from the body. The accumulation of creatinine in the body and violation of its utilization may signal a serious disease.

Creatine in the blood: normal

While muscle tissue continue to work, in the blood constantly supplied with creatinine. Normally, its amount depends on many factors: gender, diet, physical activity, race, etc. in men, the creatinine level is higher than in women. But in children it is lower than in adults. Rate is very conditional. So, if a woman goes in for sports professionally, then this figure will be higher than that of men working in the office.

To determine this indicator in the blood, you need to perform routine blood chemistry. Blood creatinine rent on an empty stomach in the morning. Before analysis it is better to avoid strong emotional turmoil and exhausting physical activity, that the result was reliable. The table below presents the indicative levels of creatinine.
Креатинин в крови: что это такое?

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How different norms of creatinine in different groups of people

As already mentioned, the average woman creatine lower than for men. This is due to the lower weight and low physical activity. In addition, women on a hormonal level, activity of metabolic processes is much lower. In men the level of this substance above. Its content depends on age and physical activity. In connection with the popularization of gyms and bodybuilding creatinine levels in exercising men higher than normal, which can not be ignored in the analysis.

In children the situation is this: newborns and children under one year have high levels of creatinine in the future is the development and adaptation of the organism to new conditions, and it is gradually reduced. In adolescence may be a sharp jump in the blood levels of this substance, which is associated with sexual maturation and activity of sex hormones.

Why measure it in the blood, and what it shows?

Determination of creatinine level is used to diagnose diseases of the kidneys and skeletal muscles. What can tell the increase of its content in the blood:

  • about protein diet, ie eating foods rich in protein (meat, etc.);
  • of fasting in the initial stages when the muscles are used as source of energy and disintegrate;
  • Креатинин в крови: что это такое?

  • the swift growth of muscular tissue under the influence of drugs;
  • about intense muscle exertion;
  • pathological breakdown of muscle tissue (rhabdomyolysis);
  • on the physiological age of the rise of creatinine;
  • about the period of puberty, when the muscles of a teenager beginning to grow under the influence of hormones;
  • common burns;
  • adverse nephrotoxic effect on the kidneys and some drugs;
  • about the disease of thyroid with metabolic disorders;
  • on severe kidney damage;
  • of toxic damage of the organism (alcohol, radiation, etc.).

Thus, creatinine in the serum may increase as a result of pathological and physiological reasons. It’s important to recognize the symptoms and to consult a specialist. When there is a decrease in serum creatinine:

  • during pregnancy, especially in first and second trimester;
  • in a state of extreme exhaustion;
  • in the case of a vegetarian approach to nutrition;
  • when dystrophic and atrophic diseases of the muscle;
  • when taking certain hormonal drugs;
  • in the absence of physical load, etc.

You need to understand that neither the increase nor the decrease in the level of creatinine can not point to specific disease. These data indicate that in the body there are problems that need attention.

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How you can affect the creatinine level?

Before you wonder how to raise or how to lower the level of this substance in the blood, you need to understand that influence is necessary to the problem, not on the blood.
The danger to the body represent a high levels of creatinine in the blood in diseases that do not allow this toxic substance to be excreted from the body. In such cases, the treatment is carried out in a hospital or home:

  • if the cause of the problem was the medication, or excessive physical activity, the patient should gradually abandon their use or reduce the dosage, because the kidneys can not cope with the volume of the substance;
  • establish mode and extent of supply: in cases of lack of creatine are switching to high-protein foods and in excess, by contrast, choose plant foods;
  • normalization of the drinking mode to accelerate the withdrawal of a large amount of creatinine from the urine this method is suitable only for patients with normal renal function, otherwise the excess water will only aggravate the situation;
  • medicines that promote the excretion of toxic metabolic products;
  • to adjust for light level changes of this substance is possible with the help of folk remedies and decoctions of herbs (chamomile, birch buds, etc.);
  • in severe cases, use of extracorporeal blood purification of toxins (haemodialysis, etc.).

Creatinine is an indicator of normal kidney and muscles. The definition of it in the blood allows to assess the General condition of the body and, if necessary, to take appropriate action.