Diet for atherosclerosis

Atherosclerosis is a «scourge» of humankind in the twenty-first century. That is what defeat is «excellent springboard» for heart attacks, strokes, sudden cardiac death at an early age. It cardiovascular disease rank first among causes of death.

Cause is atherosclerosis of the blood vessels due to narrowing of the lumen of the delivery of oxygen and nutrients becomes difficult, and sometimes impossible. Is it possible to help someone in if the «late to drink Borzhomi», and atherosclerosis has already affected large vessels?

Nutrition has always been very important for older therapists. In our time proper, balanced diet has somehow come to nothing. On the one hand, a huge number of «fashionable» diets. On the other hand, the meaning of these diets has changed so much that their goal today is not a normal, healthy life a healthy body. Patients only care about «endpoints», to reach: for example, to reduce your waist up to 95 cm in three months or lose weight for the beach season to 10 lbs.

But you need to remember that we represent that we ate awhile ago. Cholesterol, which is deposited as plaques on the vessels, 25% is from food, because the remaining 75% produced in our body. Therefore, with proper nutrition you can improve the indicators of vascular wall condition in the same 25% or to reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke every 4th man to middle-aged values.

How to really lower blood pressure?

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About the diet with reduced cholesterol, have a prevention focus, they say very often. And what should be the diet for atherosclerosis, which has already taken place? Its principles are slightly different, they are represented by the following General provisions:

  • This diet – not that other, as proper nutrition for an elderly person. Therefore, food should be easily digestible. An elderly body’s need to conserve energy.
  • Диета при атеросклерозе сосудов

  • To eat moderately, in divided portions, often. Must be at least 5 – 6 meals throughout the day. Food should be eaten with an appetite.
  • You need to follow a feasible physical activity and to monitor the regularity of the chair. To do this, the food should be items such as vegetables, fruits and dietary fiber fiber, can improve peristalsis and «clean» the intestines.
  • The nutrition of the patient with atherosclerosis should not severely limit or ban any products. In General terms, on the plate of an elderly person should be about 50% of fruits and vegetables in different forms and combinations, about 25% should consist of various cereals, and the remaining 25% of digestible proteins and fats.
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Do I need to abandon the cholesterol in old age?

It is important to understand the fact that all have been counted through scientific research that laid down evidence-based medicine, operating scientific methods and statistics-based endpoints that can be easily calculated.
For example, it makes sense to follow a cholesterol-lowering diet from a young age, combining it with physical activity and avoiding harmful habits. If you start this «big deal» at the age of twenty to seventy years can be magnificent vessels, cheerfulness, good level of security, a great memory and be a productive member of society.

If after the first heart attack patient who drank and smoked all his life, finds out that he’s «off the charts» cholesterol, there are plaques that narrow the lumen of the common carotid artery on both sides in 50%, there are memory disorders, atherosclerosis circulated on coronary vessels, arteries and arterioles of the brain, how will help him a vegetarian diet? Impartial calculations show that the normalization of cholesterol levels to those numbers that allow you to «add» the duration of life, come much later than the present average duration taking into account all the risks involved, for example, varicose veins, heart attack, overweight and Smoking.

What to do?

Thus, the main «areas of impact» will be Smoking cessation, normalization of body weight (these two points are quite difficult to perform simultaneously), the use of low doses of aspirin and perhaps elective surgery carotid endarterectomy and coronary artery bypass grafting. Such measures for 1 – 2 years will significantly reduce the risk of sudden coronary death, and ischemic stroke. And only then we can again, as in his younger years, to take a cholesterol-lowering diet. Otherwise, the pursuit of a «healthy diet» with a cigarette in his mouth may end sadly.

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