Diet for high uric acid in the blood: the menu for the day

Uric acid is the end product of metabolism, obtained by biotransformation of purines in the body. Factors that influence the increase of level of uric acid salts (urates) in the blood are:


  • genetic predisposition;
  • weight;
  • food.

And if the first factor to fight hard, then the other two will help diet for high uric acid in the blood.

Most frequently diagnosed in people with blood diseases, renal failure and endocrine disorders. Inaction leads to the development of gout with recurrent arthritis, kidney stones and interstitial nephritis and impaired kidney functions, high blood pressure and even death.

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Advice on nutrition

Diet for high uric acid is a complete food, balanced so that the level of urate remains within the allowable maximum. The basis of nutrition lies the division of all foods into 3 types:

  • Banned for use. Will have to completely avoid any canned food, fried and smoked foods, cakes, fatty meats, offal and rich broth, whole milk. This includes the grapes and everything made of it, cauliflower, eggplant, all legumes, acidic vegetables, such as radishes, turnips, lettuce and sorrel. As well as coffee, honey and chocolate.
  • Allowed. A few times a week is permissible, smoked products, lard, butter, cereal with milk, plums, green onions and parsley. Sometimes allowed gin, vodka, milk tea, coffee drinks from barley. Special attention should be paid to salt. If possible, it is better not to exclude or reduce to 5 g per day.
  • A must in the diet. Necessarily in the diet the presence of cereal grain and pasta products from durum wheat, potatoes without skin, lean meat and fish boiled or baked, eggs up to 3 pieces per week, vegetables and fruit. Vegetable oil, milk products, green tea, juices, compotes, alkaline mineral water. Sweet can jam, marmalade and mousse, dried and app cookies.
  • Regular diet with increased uric acid may not only reduce the level of purines in the blood, improve the condition of the patient. In consultation with your doctor may reduce the dosage of prescribed medicines.

    Of nutrition

    To control the disease, you need to understand the principles of correction of the daily diet.

    • The patient should limit the intake of protein (meat, fish, and legumes). Animal fat and margarine prevent the elimination of urates in the urine, while vegetable oil facilitates metabolism.
    • Alcohol in combination with a fatty dinner, even when one-time deviation from the diet causes a critical jump in the level of uric acid in the blood.
    • The correct drinking regime contributes to the regulation and output of acid. Uniform parts, mainly in the first half of the day, you should drink at least 1500-2000 ml of purified water. Part of it can be replaced with a freshly prepared vegetable or fruit juice, alkaline mineral water, buttermilk, herbal teas and diuretic teas.
    • You can not starve and to apply a strict weight loss diet. At such a time as a result of the decay of complex proteins, the quantity of urea in the blood increases. But fasting days will be very useful. Recommended one day a week eat only fresh vegetables, berries or fruit juices.
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    Sample diet for high uric acid on the day. Adhering to this pattern during the week, you can significantly improve the condition of the body.

  • Breakfast. Two slices of bran bread, toasted in olive oil and a glass of fermented milk drink at its discretion.
  • The second Breakfast. Half of an orange or one green Apple, low fat yoghurt (200 ml).
  • Lunch. Fresh vegetables and portion of rice with a piece of boiled meat low-fat varieties. Fruit.
  • An afternoon snack. A few pieces of a biscuit and a Cup of tea or juice.
  • Dinner. Mashed carrots or zucchini, egg, fried in vegetable oil and a Cup of yogurt.
  • Herbal medicine

    Folk remedies can help the body excrete the excess of uric acid, normalizing its level. A few simple recipes:

    • A handful of fresh leaves Ling crumble and pour 0.5 liters of boiling not hot water. After 4 hours, filter and take 0.5 cups four times a day.
    • Tablespoon betony need to pour 0.5 liters of boiling water, wrap a woolen scarf, and a blanket, to insist 2 hours. Filter and drink 2 tablespoons 3-4 times a day.
    • Cup boiling water to dissolve a teaspoon of leaves Boudreau hederacea and leave for 5 hours. Take a warm infusion a quarter Cup up to 3 times a day.

    Diet for high uric acid and recommendations for additional methods of treatment it is necessary to discuss with your doctor.