Drugs that expand blood vessels of the brain

Cells of the nervous system are in a constant state of functional activity, requiring a sufficient supply of oxygen and nutrients for energy. A significant number of pathological processes of the brain is accompanied by spasm of the arteries, leading to deterioration of the nutrition of tissues, which greatly reduces the functional state of neurocytol. Therefore vasodilators have received a high relevance for the effective treatment of various pathologies of the CNS.

What causes narrowing of the blood vessels of the brain?

The main reason for the reduction of the lumen of cerebral arteries is the deposition of cholesterol in their walls with the formation of atherosclerotic plaques protruding into the lumen of the vessel. This condition is a consequence of atherosclerosis and develops mainly in people older than 40 years. Provoking factors of atherosclerosis are eating fried, fatty foods and low physical activity throughout life. Also contribute to the pathology of Smoking and regular alcohol consumption.

Vessels may be narrowed due to spasm, which is an increase of a tone of smooth muscles of their walls as a result of inflammatory processes, disorders of innervation the autonomic division of the nervous system (increase of the functional activity of the sympathetic part), as well as increasing the level of systemic blood pressure (hypertension). More isolated narrowing of the spinal (vertebral) artery, which runs in the channel formed by the holes of the spinous processes of the cervical spine. This condition usually occurs when the cervical osteochondrosis.


Regardless of the reasons, the narrowing of the arterial vessels of the brain has similar symptoms, the development of which is associated with eating disorders of narocito (cells of the nervous system). Such clinical manifestations include:

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  • Tinnitus is an early symptom of malnutrition of brain structures, it can be unilateral or bilateral, enhanced by usually at night when people trying to sleep.
  • Dizziness – has different intensity, the severity depends on the degree of violation of the power structures of the inner ear.
  • Headache that often has migrenepodobnaya character.
  • The dysfunction of higher nervous activity, which is decreased intelligence, short-term and long-term memory, emotional sphere (sudden mood shifts within a short period of time).
  • Sleep disorder in which a person a long time unable to sleep.

Also on the background of circulatory disorders of the brain can manifest clinical symptoms of the underlying disease that led to the narrowing of blood vessels (neck pain in osteochondrosis, the signs of inflammatory reaction of structures of the brain and its membranes).

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That dilates blood vessels?

For the long-term normalization of tonus of the walls and expansion of the lumen of blood vessels of the brain there is a complex of therapeutic measures, which include:

  • General guidelines and diet.
  • Gymnastic exercises.
  • Drug therapy.

Drug therapy effectively to expand the arteries, but for long-term preservation of therapeutic effect it is important to include modification of lifestyle.

General guidelines

General recommendations include activities aimed at lifestyle modification to reduce the intensity of the deposition of cholesterol in artery walls (prevention of atherosclerosis) and reduction of vascular tone. These include increased motor activity (moderate exercise half an hour a day 30% lower chance of developing atherosclerosis). Also, be sure to give up bad habits (Smoking and alcohol), healthy sleep patterns (adequate sleep is not least 8 hours a day), mode of work and rest. It is desirable to exclude the impact of stressors and negative emotions.

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What foods dilate the blood vessels, dietary advice

Vasodilation is possible if certain dietary recommendations. First and foremost, it is necessary to control the flow of salt in the body, which should not exceed 1.5 g per day. Should also give up fatty and fried foods. The expansion of the arteries promotes the consumption of plant foods, including spinach, bread from wheat flour, cabbage, turmeric, avocado, legumes and asparagus.

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Drugs that expand blood vessels of the brain

There is a wide list of drugs to expand the arteries. The main mechanism of their action is to reduce the tone of smooth muscles of vascular walls. The main representatives of this group are:

  • Trental – a drug that improves cerebral blood flow, including the smallest blood vessels (capillaries). Available in 2 dosage forms – tablets for oral administration and solutions for parenteral administration.
  • Aminophylline is the most common vasodilator drug that acts directly on the smooth muscles of their walls, reducing the tone. The drug is commonly used in a medicinal form, injections for intravenous administration.
  • Ksantinola nicotinate is a medicine that significantly improves the blood flow in peripheral tissues, including the brain structures.
  • Berlition – is medications that improve blood flow directly to the nerve fibers of the nervous system.

The choice of drug and activities than to expand the blood vessels of the brain, performed by the doctor individually, depending on the causes, extent and localization of impaired blood flow. Adequately dilated blood vessels of the brain lead to the disappearance of unpleasant symptoms. There are also a variety of medicinal plants (herbs) to decrease the tonus of the arteries, but it is better to use them only after consulting a doctor.

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