Drugs to improve cerebral circulation and memory

Memory, attention, intelligence is an extremely important operation parameters of the brain. They help actively and successfully function in society — to build a career, to build relationships, it is interesting to relax. Why with age the memory starts to fail, and what can be done?

The reasons for the decline of memory

This complex brain as the storage, preservation and reproduction of information depends on many factors. This adequate blood flow, and the level of saturation of blood with oxygen and glucose, and the presence of essential vitamins in food. Most often memory impairment lead to the following factors:

  • atherosclerosis — plaques narrow the lumen of the brain vessels and reduce blood flow;
  • hypertensive disease, especially with sudden changes in blood pressure, is dangerous not only memory loss, but and stroke;
  • Smoking and diabetes are changing the structure of capillary walls, preventing the exchange of oxygen between the blood and the nerve cell;
  • head trauma can cause disruption of vascular integrity and hemorrhage;
  • constant stress, chronic fatigue and lack of sleep disrupt the operation of the neurons;
  • scoliosis, low back pain, a long stay in revisionaries position contribute to compression of neck vessels.

The harbingers of serious problems

Some symptoms of trouble appear long before people will notice the decrease in memory, attention, or intelligence. They are transient, stoped taking drugs or rest, and therefore often ignored. However, to close our eyes to the ailments dangerous. That’s what should be alerted:

    Лекарства для улучшения мозгового кровообращения и памяти

  • frequent headaches;
  • episodes of vertigo;
  • pain in the eyeballs;
  • nausea and vomiting;
  • numbness and cramps in the extremities;
  • distortion of perception, fainting;
  • hearing loss — noise, ringing, a feeling of stuffiness in the absence of ENT-pathology.
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These symptoms require examination by a neurologist. They can occur as a result of fatigue, and a variety of serious diseases, including genetic and cancer.

Hypertension is no longer a disease?

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How to improve brain function without medication?

To improve cognitive function of the brain will help some guidelines for daily routine.

  • Don’t neglect the regime — go to bed and Wake up at the same time.
  • Take sleep at least 8 hours a day. Try going to bed no later than 22.00.
  • Sleep in a cool, well-ventilated room, if the weather permits and immunity — with the window open. Can’t hurt and a half-hour walk after dinner.
  • During the day alternate between physical labor and mental work. If the activity involves a long stay in one position, try to identify five-minute charging at least warm up the muscles of the neck, back, shoulders.
  • Give up Smoking.
  • Do not run comorbidities.

Drugs to improve cerebral circulation and memory

The pharmaceutical market offers a variety of tools to improve memory and cerebral blood flow. Here are the most known:

  • antispasmodics (no-Spa, Drotaverine, Papaverine);
  • calcium channel blockers (Nimodipine, Cinnarizine);
  • derivatives of Vinca alkaloids (Vinpocetine), ergot (Nicergoline);
  • compound nicotinic acid (ksantinola nicotinate, Nicotinoyl-GABA);
  • xanthine derivatives (Pentoxifylline).

In addition, there are drugs of the group of nootropics, improves metabolic processes in the nervous system — Piracetam, Aminalon, Pantogram, Piriditol, Glycine etc.

Drug group antispasmodics have a relaxing effect on all smooth muscle in the body – from the walls of the blood vessels to the uterus. It is inherent in the phenomenon of «victimize» — the uneven effect on the healthy and constricted by atherosclerotic plaque vessels. This causes the rare destination of Papaverine and Drotaverine to improve cerebral circulation and memory.

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Nimodipine selectively acts on the blood vessels of the brain, allowing you to avoid falling blood pressure. This is especially important for older people with already chosen antihypertensive therapy.

Cinnarizine, not only extends the arterioles of the brain, but also improves the rheological properties of blood, that is, makes it more liquid, fluid, able to seep through even the narrowest capillaries. To penetrate into the finest vessels, red blood cells have to «curl». Cinnarizine improves the ductility of the membranes of red blood cells, making this process easier. Is this drug moderate antihistamines (anti-allergic) effect. In addition, the drug reduces the excitability of the vestibular apparatus, therefore, helps with dizziness and is also used to treat motion sickness (motion sickness).

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Vinpocetine also has beneficial effects on the smooth muscles of the arterioles of the brain and the plasticity of erythrocytes. In addition to the main effects, the pill reduces the susceptibility of neurons to oxygen deficiency and make the absorption of glucose in the nerve cell, the most energetically favorable.
Лекарства для улучшения мозгового кровообращения и памяти
Nicergoline improves cerebral, pulmonary, renal blood flow. Appointed on the background of atherosclerosis and thromboembolism.

Nicotinic acid has a strong vasodilatory effect on the entire body, therefore poorly tolerated by patients – there is a feeling of heat, redness, and poor health. To mitigate these effects it is replaced by coupling Theophylline – a ksantinola nicotinate. The drug increases the resistance of tissues to hypoxia, improves the fluidity of blood.

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Pentoxifylline improves the elasticity of the membranes of red blood cells, microcirculation and oxygen delivery to the tissues.

We should also highlight a combination drug Instenon. It has three operating components:

  • hexobendine (dilates blood vessels);
  • etamivan (stimulates the Central nervous system);
  • etofillin (directly improves brain blood flow).

Among the most popular nootropics deserve Piracetam. It improves memory, reduces the susceptibility of the nervous system to stress, reduces anxiety. For these qualities he gained popularity among students during the session. However, the effect occurs after about a month of regular use and only in case of violation of cognitive processes. Healthy nerve cells Piracetam has no effect.

Another effective, inexpensive and safe nootrop – Glycine. Represents the amino acid playing the role of the inhibitory neurotransmitter of the nervous system. Helps to improve memory, focus, reducing anxiety and improving sleep quality. Before you begin taking a medication, consult your doctor. Always tell your doctor about concomitant diseases, take medications and allergic reactions. Self-treatment can be dangerous.