First aid for stroke — the basic rules

Stroke – diagnosis afraid each of us. Meanwhile, no one is immune from this phenomenon. A seizure can happen all of a sudden, you’re at work, at home or on vacation. It can happen to you, your friends or colleagues. A stroke is sometimes mistaken for alcohol intoxication and pass by someone who needs help. To you and loved ones don’t have such errors, you must know the signs of a stroke and rules of first aid.


What is the danger of a stroke

Первая помощь при инсульте - основные правила

A stroke happens when blood flow disorder, which leads to the brain. In this regard, stop the flow of vital substances including oxygen. The areas of the brain that have become isolated, gradually die off. This happens within the first five minutes after the attack.

To restore these cells is impossible, but there is a chance that their work will take over surrounding areas, the so-called shadow region, which continue to operate for several more hours. So the sooner you get treated for stroke, the more opportunities to maintain a full life to the victim. If the attack goes unnoticed is in danger of disability or death.

What signs indicate a stroke

The first thing to pay attention to such deviations from normal body functions, such as:

  • sharp pain in the head;
  • vomiting;
  • people may start suddenly bad to see or hear;
  • one half of the body is paralyzed, suffers facial expressions and gait is «drunken»;
  • profuse salivation;
  • dizziness;
  • loss of concentration;
  • fainting;
  • the victim could not link a few words;
  • the body is shaken by convulsions.
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Finally verify that the strange behavior is to blame the stroke, will help a little test. Of course, it can be done if the person is conscious. If someone in your environment will suddenly collapse, have no hesitation to call an ambulance.

The test is to ask the victim to do a few simple things:

  • Ask him to smile – after a stroke, one corner of the lips rise and the other will remain in place.
  • Say a simple sentence of 4-5 words and ask him to repeat it. If you have recently had an attack, it will not be possible.
  • Say that he or she raised both hands. If one side is paralyzed, to make it fail.
  • And finally, the last, which may indicate a stroke, is the language. If you ask him to stick, then the tip will look the other way and not directly. The language itself will be highly curved.
  • No time to lose

    Первая помощь при инсульте - основные правила

    If a suspicion of attack is confirmed, it should immediately move to action. First aid for stroke is to immediately call the ambulance. In this case, you should definitely inform the diagnosis and to describe in detail all of its features. In this case, the duty will be able to learn what kind of team should send and where to transport the patient.

    In a time when doctors have left, the patient should be given emergency treatment of stroke. Remember her rules:

    • the victim should be laid in a horizontal position and put a pillow, bag or folded jacket under his head, so she was slightly raised above the surface;
    • if vomiting or excessive saliva and the head turns to the side;
    • pull of his mouth all foreign bodies (gum, dentures, food residues) and free him from the vomit and mucus;
    • if the person lost consciousness, you should bring him to his senses. To do this, use cardiac massage and artificial respiration;
    • remove patient’s clothing and jewelry, which restrict movement and put pressure on the skin. This will provide extra oxygen to the body;
    • with the same purpose open all the Windows if you are indoors;
    • do not leave the victim alone, he needs psychological support in such a difficult moment;
    • as for drugs, food and water, then it is better not to give. The exceptions are those cases where not disturbed swallowing function and there is no danger that the patient will choke. Then you can give him drugs, suspending the destruction of brain cells. The safest of these, Glycine, which dissolves under the tongue. Don’t forget to inform the doctor;
    • if the victim has not regained consciousness, 1 tablet of Glycine can be dissolved in a spoonful of water and instilled gradually by pipette.
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    Now you know what to do when stroke and as much as possible to protect the patient from serious consequences of correct algorithm of actions.

    The provision of medical care in stroke

    After the patient took the ambulance, he was taken to the intensive care unit. If this occurs within 2-4 hours after a stroke, the probability of full recovery is very high. Medical care is provided according to the following algorithm:

  • The definition of damaged areas of the brain instrumental diagnosis of.
  • Measurement of parameters which provides the vital functions (pulse, pressure, etc.).
  • Determining the cause of stroke (stop of blood flow or hemorrhage).
  • Treatment cerebroprotectors. These drugs are able to restore brain cells that are in shadow (nearby) regions. These include Piracetam, Tiocetam, Ceraxon, Actovegin.
  • In that case, if the stroke occurred due to a blockage and stop blood flow (ischemic stroke), additionally used drugs that improve blood flow (Cavinton, Heparin, Cerebrolysin, Pentoksifilin).
  • If the fault of the bleeding in the brain (hemorrhagic stroke), the required stopping him means, such as Aminocaproic acid and Etamsylate.
  • During this period, the patient needs constant care. It is necessary to conduct hygienic procedures, to turn it from side to side to avoid bedsores, to ensure a duck, but in case of need for a catheter. But the main thing for these patients is to support his family and relatives.

    You should never forget that it can happen to anyone, and first aid for stroke, you may need someone from your environment. Above steps it’s easy to remember, and maybe with this knowledge you will save someone’s life.