Heart cough: symptoms and treatment

Cough is considered to be a symptom of bronchopulmonary system, but there are cases when the absence of inflammation in the lungs of the patient tormented by shortness of breath and cough. After examining the patient and finding the cause, the doctor puts the diagnosis of heart failure or cardiac asthma (cardiac cough).

It is surprising that heart diseases can lead to symptoms from other organ systems. The presence of cardiac cough «cores» is a terrible sign of impending pulmonary edema, require immediate treatment. Knowledge of the causes of such a cough and prevention will help to avoid life-threatening complications.

What is and where does heart cough?

To answer this question, we need to recall the structure of the heart bags. All the cardiovascular system consists of large and small (pulmonary) circulation. The blood passing through the pulmonary artery and enriched with oxygen, gets into the left heart. The left ventricle pushes it into the aorta and peripheral vessels. Giving oxygen to tissues, venous blood returns to the right heart, the right ventricle surpasses the venous blood in the pulmonary artery for oxygen enrichment. This happens in normal.

In violation of the heart muscle, causing a condition in which the heart muscle is weakened, and the circulating blood is not able to pumped into the vessels in full. When left ventricular heart failure (weakness of the left ventricle) portion of blood during systole remains in the ventricle. Over time, there is stagnation of blood in the pulmonary veins leading to pulmonary edema and hypoxia of tissues.

Pressure fell below normal?

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Left ventricular failure is manifested in the extreme, when the myocardium is severely depleted. In fact, it is a powerful muscle to exhaustion which takes time and traumatic factors. If you have any symptoms of left ventricular heart failure, means the heart requires emergency treatment, sometimes surgical. Causes for a cardiac cough:

  • Hypertension (high blood pressure).
  • CHD, or coronary heart disease that occurs as a result of spasm of the coronary arteries and leads to oxygen starvation of the heart muscle.
  • Heart defects (congenital and acquired), accompanied by disruption of the valve or stenosis (narrowing) of blood vessels.
  • Diseases of the myocardium (myocarditis, myocardiodystrophy, cardiosclerosis, myocardial infarction).
  • Neoplastic diseases of the mediastinum, leading to compression of the heart and heart failure.

The signs of incipient cardiac cough, and how to distinguish from a normal cough?

The first reason, which is thinking if you experience cough, is a disease of the lungs or bronchi. But the cough can be a symptom of other serious diseases. To recognize a heart cough from pulmonary otlichij it will help some features:

  • Dry paroxysmal cough, which is not accompanied with sputum, sometimes it may end with a branch of a small blood clot.
  • The attack is accompanied by signs of oxygen starvation of the tissues cyanosis (blue discoloration) of the lips, nose, ears and fingers. This characteristic is especially noticeable in children.
  • This cough is necessarily accompanied by dyspnea (shortness of breath more than 30 min). In the beginning of the disease shortness of breath may occur only after physical activity, with progression of the disease shortness of breath is a sign of a long conversation and can occur even when the patient is lying down.
  • Heart cough occurs in the background or after pain in the heart area, after attacks of palpitation and other symptoms of heart problems.
  • Dizziness, loss of consciousness or light-headedness – frequent precursors of heart cough. This is due to hypoxia (lack of oxygen) of the brain.
  • During the cough the patient may experience swollen neck veins, an indication of the extreme degree of heart failure and is associated with increased pressure in the right chambers of the heart.
  • Forced posture – half-sitting while sleeping. This position reduces the load on the myocardium.
  • Swelling of the lower extremities, which at first occur only in the morning, and with the progression of the disease remain throughout the day.
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    How to treat a heart cough?

    It is not recommended to treat this condition yourself, after all, a cough can be a symptom not only of heart disease. The patient should consult a doctor to be examined, determining the exact cause of cough and only after that to start treatment. If the cough is still a heart, the main directions in the treatment of this pathology are the following:

    • Adherence to work and rest. Adequate and dosed physical exercise will protect the heart muscle from overstrain.
    • The rejection of bad habits. Smoking and alcohol lead to spasm of blood vessels, which increases blood pressure, increases the workload on the heart and worsens existing heart failure.
    • A diet rich in vitamins and minerals, as well as eliminating foods that contain cholesterol. Such a diet will prevent the development of atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease.
    • Avoidance of stressful situations. Any stress is the release of adrenaline in the blood, vasoconstriction, ischemia of tissues. Primarily affect the heart muscle, which reacts strongly to the lack of oxygen.
    • Oxygen (fresh air, oxygen drinks).

    Treatment heart cough medicines

    To reduce symptoms of heart failure use diuretics (diuretics), drugs that expand blood vessels (vasodilators), antitussive centrally acting drugs (codeine). Drug therapy is always complex, doses of preparations are selected individually for each patient.

    Than to treat a heart cough at home?

    For the treatment of this disease is often use and folk remedies. Herbal of equal parts lemon balm, and motherwort Potentilla, brewed at the rate of 1 teaspoon per Cup of boiling water, is used as a means of reducing blood pressure and normalizing heart rhythm. Before using any of the means you need to consult a doctor there are contraindications.

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