Heart failure: symptoms, treatment, pills

Heart failure is called the disease, when the heart ceases to pump sufficient blood. It stagnates in certain areas, and tissues and organs receive less oxygen and nutrients.

After 90 years, the disease has become more common. This can be attributed to more frequent passage of people on the wrong beat of life or a poor environment, but the real reason is different. It was at this time began to successfully treat myocardial infarction. The patients after this disease died, but now many survive, however, always remains the problem of heart failure.

Signs of the disease

The most typical symptoms differ depending on which side of the heart is damaged. For right-sided heart failure is more typical swelling, for left — cough and shortness of breath. Most often the patient suffering from bilateral lesions, then the symptoms are alike.

Let us consider the reasons of occurrence of those or other signs of disease. Shortness of breath usually occurs as a direct consequence of stagnation of blood in the lungs. In the early stages of the development of heart failure the patient complains of this problem only if exercise, the development of the disease shortness of breath occurs even at rest.

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Swelling also occur due to fluid stagnation. Most often, swollen feet and ankles, may also increase in size and liver to swell the abdomen (ascites). General malaise in the form of loss of health, weakness and drowsiness caused due to lack of blood supply to internal organs. If the brain is not receiving enough oxygen, the patient concerned and dizziness.

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The heart rhythm disturbance is a typical sign of heart failure. This is logical, as the body tries to «force» the body to work harder for normal circulation. Perezagruzite heart, causing increased heart rate, arrhythmia occurs. Other possible symptoms are:

  • dry cough or expectorant;
  • nycturia — the predominance of nighttime urination in the daytime;
  • loss of appetite;
  • nausea;
  • unexplained weight gain (caused by fluid accumulation in the body);
  • blueness of the skin;
  • dizziness;
  • pulmonary edema;
  • the pain in the heart area.

All of these symptoms describe the signs of chronic heart failure. For acute forms are characterized by the same symptoms, but they differ in more rapid expansion and sudden appearance.
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In heart failure, you first need to go on a healthy lifestyle to support heart. It is necessary to abandon bad habits, to introduce moderate exercise, to reduce the amount of fluid intake and strictly follow the changes of body weight. Patients obligatorily diet limiting the amount of salt, as well as any industrial food (canned food, vegetable juices, smoked meats, etc.). If you have a history of disease related problems in the form of high levels of insulin, you must go on a low-carb diet. It reduces blood pressure and insulin levels. Contraindications are problems with the kidneys.

Heart failure is dangerous because often the cause of the disease persists. In this case, to treat the first priority will be to restore the heart rhythm to support its work and to slow down the development of the disease. Alas, this is rather a supportive therapy than a way out. Pills from heart failure are prescribed to improve the quality of life and eliminate the risk of possible death. If necessary, prescribe surgical treatment.

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Let us consider the necessary drugs. ACE inhibitors act on blood vessels, relaxing them and preventing contraction. This helps to reduce the blood pressure and accelerate the flow of blood. As a result the heart will be less loaded, and tissues and organs will be better to krovenapolnenia.

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Intolerance to the above medications prescribed blockers of receptors of angiotensin-ll. The effect of these pills similar, however, among them no side effects of dry cough (this is the best solution for those patients who are so worried about this symptom because of congestive heart failure).

As ACE inhibitors, beta blockers reduce heart rate and reduce blood pressure. This medication must patients with arrhythmias and high risk of death. In patients with systolic failure pills partially act on the tissues, regenerating the heart after injury.

In addition to the above medications, many doctors recommend taking and some modern additives. For example, «Magnesium B6» effect on the blood pressure, eliminates arrhythmia and normalizes the pulse. «L-Carnitine» – a General tonic that can improve performance, remove drowsiness and weakness, to make the patient more lively and energetic. Taurine contributes to the increased allocation of water, removes swelling and is a natural diuretic.

Remember that all the above drugs must be prescribed by a doctor and taken under strict control. Do not self-medicate, heart failure is a serious disease, and lack of skilled care could end tragically.