Heart murmur in the newborn

The term «heart murmur» sounds very alarmist, especially if we are talking about a small child or even the baby. However, in normal these sounds are the person nevertheless observed during the hearing: during the closing of the valves between the Atria and ventricles, as well as at the closure of the arterial valves. Even among the noise of other etiology about 40 – 50% are completely safe and do not indicate pathology.

Varieties of heart murmurs in newborns

There are three main types of heart murmur: congenital, acquired, or physiological or functional (that is, those that are normal for a healthy person).

Physiological variation is not uncommon. Typically, these noises appear in the newborn and gradually disappear until such time as the child becomes a teenager. Parents about these symptoms usually inform you immediately that further visits to the cardiologist, they were able to explain to the doctor that such manifestations were, from infancy, and did not arise as a result of development of a particular disease.

The peculiarity of the functional noises that they do not reveal any violations in the cardiovascular system. In this case, the results of electrocardiogram or x-ray studies of the chest did not reveal pathologies and correspond to age norm.

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Usually physiological noise related to the processes of growth and development of infants and children reflect the characteristics of the development and restructuring of the circulatory system. It is logical that as the entire body, and heart with blood vessels must adapt to life outside the womb. Because of this, and noises appear. In some cases, this symptom find in adults.

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Congenital murmurs are pathological, they are associated with congenital abnormalities of the heart that affect the circulation. With the development of problems even in the first weeks of pregnancy in the formation of the cardiovascular system can already appear certain symptoms: cyanosis of the fetus, the disparity of development age norm and other.

Dangerous thing is that very often the manifestation of pathology are extremely heart sounds, which are not always visible to doctors. In addition, you can appear the symptom may after a certain period after birth as a result of restructuring of the heart and blood vessels. If the noise increases with time, it is considered to be an adverse event.

Most often, congenital abnormalities diagnosed either immediately after birth or within the first year of a child’s life. It is important that the problem is not the sound itself, listen to auscultation, and the defect that prevents normal blood circulation. If necessary, the doctor picks up the medical or surgical treatment.

Acquired murmurs are most often associated with a bout of rheumatism (systemic inflammation) of the heart valves. The disease leaves scars, causing them to either bleed harder than it needed to, or impede the normal flow of this process.

Upon detection of previously undiagnosed noise should think about the presence of active rheumatic process in the kid. This is accompanied by other abnormalities in the body: hyperthermia (increased body temperature), changes in the General analysis of blood, etc. the Absence of such manifestations is said about the impact of the old scars before proceeding rheumatism. Most often recommended drug treatment.

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Causes of heart murmurs

Among other causes of a heart murmur are distinguished:

  • a sore throat;
  • scarlet fever;
  • pneumonia;
  • anemia (anemia — a condition where person is not enough hemoglobin in the blood);
  • defect ontological partitions;
  • myocardial;
  • stenosis (narrowing) of the atrioventricular orifices
  • prolapse of certain valves;
  • rickets;
  • cardiopathy;
  • congenital heart disease and so on.


In order to determine whether the heart murmur is physiologic or they are caused by various disorders, it is necessary to consult a cardiologist! Remember that the doctor will be able to understand the cause of the symptom and the mechanism of its development.

The doctor will examine the child and auscultation (listening). Get ready for the questions about previous illnesses, pregnancy and childbirth. The cardiologist may also ask about the mode of day, diet, physical activity and examine the child on his development age norms (if we are not talking about a newborn, and adult baby).

As additional methods of examination can be used with electrocardiograms, tomography and magnetic resonance imaging, ultrasound of the heart. Particularly effective is the way echocardiography. It allows to assess the speed of blood flow and pressure in different parts of the cardiovascular system, the presence of turbulence in blood flow and other diseases. In addition, Echo produces a structural image of the heart in 3D.


Remember that you need to treat the heart murmur, and the reason for their appearance. Depending on what kind of illness (or age) caused the symptom, is prescribed therapy. Undoubtedly, the most effective is physical therapy. Massage, treatments according to the physician not only to normalize the condition of the heart and blood vessels, and strengthen the health of the child as a whole.

Do not self-medicate, it can be dangerous for your baby!