High cholesterol: a diet table

High cholesterol in the blood is called hypercholesterolemia. This condition is reversible and can vary depending on the composition of the diet. Although more than 65% of cholesterol is endogenous (i.e. produced within the body), dietary cholesterol can also significantly raise or lower the concentration of this metabolite. In the first case, this leads to a measurable increase in the risk of thrombotic complications. How to eat for high cholesterol?

The principles of clinical nutrition to reduce the concentration of this substance is known to everyone. Everyone knows that you do not need to eat foods rich in cholesterol. As an example, usually referred to as fat and fat and say that reducing cholesterol reduces the risk of heart disease. This is true.
But if you ask about the effect of foods low in cholesterol that should be consumed, most often the question will remain unanswered. Only a holistic understanding of why you need to use so-and-so will be able to make an effective fight against cholesterol «at home».

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So, foods with a high content of this substance should not be consumed. The second option – to avoid a «food depression» to eat them slowly, as a delicacy, but not more often than once a month. What can I eat? Neutral products that do not contain cholesterol, and those that contain it in small quantities. The range of such products is large enough to make a sample menu with no repeats for a month or more. The list of «forbidden foods»:

  • Hydrogenated fats, Margarines. They do not occur in nature, it is artificially saturated with hydrogen vegetable oil. They contribute to the accumulation of cholesterol in the blood, because of them, «high» cholesterol is retained for a long period of time, although the margarine may not contain the harmful molecules.
  • Egg yolks. Their use is much higher than from sausages and bacon, but doctors do not recommend eating more than 1 egg a day.
  • Sausage products, smoked products, bacon, all meat (apart from pork).
  • Повышенный холестерин: диета, таблица

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  • Offal: kidney, liver, lung, all components of the liver, except the heart. So the pies with the liver and liver is a dangerous thing, as well as liver pate.
  • At high levels of cholesterol in the blood are not recommended for canned fish in oil, especially smoked. Modern smoked Baltic sprats instead of sardines often contain herring, but it doesn’t change the fact.
  • In order to reduce the indicators, it is better to abandon the rigid and gourmet cheeses long aging, fat cheese, «Philadelphia» is not appropriate, but «Riccota» removed from serum, as well as fresh homemade cheese – please. «Adyghe» («Paneer»). Spanish version «Caso Blanco» is also good.
  • Not without cholesterol almost one meal of fast food. French fries, spicy chicken legs, burgers. Refrain from the «street snacks», or try to replace the products «McDonald’s» juicy Apple.

The list is long. One thing is clear: many of the products of animal origin may contain this compound, and the risk comes from their frequent use. To lower cholesterol you need to choose very different products and stick to the chosen diet for several months for the blood test results revealed a significant decrease of cholesterol level. It’s useful to eat with high cholesterol:

  • All vegetable oils should give preference to olive, corn and sunflower. An unattainable ideal – grape seed oil (expensive but useful).
  • Of confectionery products – wholemeal bread, rye and branny. If the white – only yesterday. Cookies – oatmeal and fresh crackers made from unleavened dough.
  • Means delicate meat: chicken without skin, rabbit, very useful Turkey, game. In the game little fat and lots of muscle.
  • The fish can be any. Oily fish is very useful because it contains useful unsaturated fatty acids, which help to prevent diseases of the cardiovascular system. The main thing – to fry a fish, and cook it boiled or steamed. Smoked and salted fish is better not to eat because salt pulls the water, causing it to accumulate in the body, increasing blood pressure.
  • Drinks. Useful green tea, which has a lipolytic effect. Mineral water, fresh juices, no sugar, clean water – without restrictions.
  • Milk is better to take low fat. Kefir – 1%, any, cheese, sour cream – non-greasy.
  • Entrees and soups are shown on a light sanavaraston and low-fat (chicken) broth or simple water. Sweet and milk soups.
  • Vegetables and fruits can be used all without limitation.
  • Porridge – oatmeal, buckwheat. It is better to limit more nutritious porridge: semolina, corn.
  • From other side dishes can beans, all products of the pasta.

In order to facilitate the comprehension of the above material is based on the number contained cholesterol, the table below shows. With its help, you can choose a variety of products.

Повышенный холестерин: диета, таблица

It is important to know that all the diets that may be required for internal diseases, has long been created well-known domestic therapist, founder of the national diet, Pevzner M. I. Special diet, designed for our case, Pevzner, unfortunately, not provided. Instead, «cholesterol» may be used diet 8 (obesity), but the diet 7 (kidney) will not work.

Using the above table, you can make yourself recipes for the week ahead. It is important to know that the types of food processing can alter the content of cholesterol. So, for example, boiling can reduce the amount of cholesterol, and frying, especially in butter and lard – to dramatically increase. So you should try possible to subject all the products to heat treatment.

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