How to choose compression stockings correctly?

Patients with disorders of the blood vessels of the lower extremities (e.g., varicose veins) should wear a compression garment. It is the main component of treatment of diseases of the blood vessels. In addition, the Jersey used by women during pregnancy.


For what it is necessary.

The essence of compression is as follows: stockings to create the various parts of the pressure feet of different sizes. The greatest compression is in the region located above the ankle. This «tightening» is helping to push venous blood upward, then the load on vessels is gradually decreasing. On the upper area of the tibia account for 80 % of the total pressure on the femoral area is only 40 %.

Due to the fact that the load is distributed in a similar way, normalization of local blood circulation.

Important: those patients who wear tight underwear are less likely to suffer from swelling and fatigue in the legs, especially at the end of the day.

There are several types of compression hosiery:

  • knee;
  • tights;
  • bandages;
  • tights;
  • stockings.

Как выбрать компрессионные чулки правильно?

Spanx devoid of contraindications and is suitable for daily use.

Clinical effect:

  • pressure on the blood vessels of the lower extremities;
  • protecting veins from expanding;
  • regulation of blood flow, improving the supply of oxygen and nutrients;
  • the use of compression hosiery helps prevent thrombosis.

Linen made of microfiber, nylon, lycra, cotton. It looks attractive, with breathable. The seams in the compression products available.

Important: if you properly care for linen, its therapeutic properties will persist for 6 months.


How to choose compression stockings? First of all, you should focus on their purpose. Products are:

  • preventive (the pressure generated by the knit has the minimum values);
  • medical (used during exacerbation of varicose veins and other venous pathologies);
  • hospital (applied in stationary conditions after surgery).
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Preventive spanx must be worn patients with early stages of vascular pathology (in the case of single stars, the increase of the saphenous veins, pain and swelling in the legs). Stockings have on the limb a pressure not exceeding the mark of 18 mm Hg. article, their objective is the regulation of local blood flow. Elastic product does not give fluid to build up in the ankle area, thereby directly affect the cause of the edema.

To prevent the compression garment can be worn and healthy people in the risk group of the occurrence of vascular pathologies of lower limbs: barbers, drivers, teachers.

Medical hosiery is divided into classes depending on the degree of pressure produced by:

  • I. the Maximum compression is 23 mm Hg. article Indications for use: increased saphenous vein, spider veins on the legs, pain, swelling of the legs at the end of the day.
  • II. The highest pressure — 33 mm Hg. article Stockings used in the treatment of thrombophlebitis and varicose veins of moderate severity.
  • III. Compression reaches a maximum of 45 mm Hg. article recommended This Jersey to combat venous insufficiency and the consequent violation of the trophic.
  • IV. The greatest pressure is 50 mm Hg. art Products are applied with swelling and problems with limfatica.

Rules for the selection of compression hosiery

Range of lingerie presented in drugstores is very wide. All products have a similar function: they stop the development of varicose veins, improve blood flow, relieve swelling near the ankles. With the task equally well as tights, stockings, and compression socks. The main difference between products — length: knee-length reaching to the knee, the stockings end at the top of the thigh and the tights at the waist.

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Important: the selection of the length of the article due to the localization of symptoms of the disease. So, if the grid is only visible veins on the leg, the patient perfect socks when vascular pattern is present and above pantyhose or stockings.

Female slimming products can be transparent or colored, men’s underwear is no different from the usual knitwear to remain invisible.

In the pharmacies you can find compression products from different manufacturers. It is characterized by such signs:

  • price;
  • length socks;
  • design.

The most popular brand manufacturers spanx:

  • Relaxsan.
  • ORTO.
  • Intex.
  • Wenatex.
  • Sigvaris.
  • Important: regardless of who is the manufacturer of gauze dressings, it has the same effect.

    Once you have determined the model class and the manufacturer of the product, should choose its size.

    With this purpose before purchase of Golf to make such measurements:

    • the amount of leg above the ankle;
    • distance between «toe — knee»;
    • calf circumference at the widest part (below the knee).

    To select the stockings should be measured:

    • the volume of the calf at the widest and the most narrow parts;
    • the hip girth at a height of 25 cm from the knee;
    • the length of the legs from the bottom ankle to the groin.

    When choosing tights, in addition to these indicators, you should consider the waist and hips.

    Obtained as a result of the measurements data are compared with tabular figures (each manufacturer with its own compression underwear dimensional grid).

    High quality knitwear is expensive. Again it is better to buy a model from a lower price category, to get used to the sensations that appear in the process of wearing compression products.

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    Compression underwear for pregnant women

    Experts recommend to wear a tight knit during pregnancy all women. In the first three months, preference should be given preventive products, then you should listen to the advice of a doctor.

    Compression stockings, recommended during pregnancy, differs from other slimming products:

    • the upper part of the tights is a elastic bandage (supports abdomen);
    • for the manufacture of products used breathable knit.

    Most women during pregnancy prefer not to wear compression tights, and stockings for pregnant women. They can be chosen taking into account the physiological characteristics and personal preferences.

    The types of stockings during pregnancy:

    • classical model;
    • products with silicone rubber band;
    • stockings with open toe;
    • model corset belt with Velcro.

    Spanx must be worn and during the first month after pregnancy is a measure that helps to prevent complications such as prolapse of the vaginal walls and uterine prolapse.

    Slimming knitwear with a therapeutic effect can not only be used during pregnancy and for the treatment of vascular diseases legs. It is used for sports (this allows you to expend less energy, but to achieve big results) and losing weight (with the aim of removing excess fluid and uniform distribution of fat under the skin).