How to lower cholesterol without drugs?

In modern treatment and prevention of diseases of the cardiovascular system (CVS) must adhere to the normal concentrations of cholesterol in the blood. It is necessary to reduce the risk of development of cardiovascular accidents such as heart attack, thrombosis and stroke. Spectrum hypolipidemic activities includes drug and non-drug methods of correction of lipid metabolism. Their adequate application lowers the concentration of cholesterol and reduces mortality.

What is cholesterol?

Lipophilic alcohol, natural organic substance included in the composition of cell membranes, called cholesterol. Its formation occurs in the liver cells (75 – 80%). A small amount of cholesterol the body gets from food. Feature of substance is its insolubility in water. Cholesterol in the blood without auxiliary substances can be transported, for this he combines with special proteins. Formed complexes are called lipoproteins. Proteins have different molecular weight. Varies the level of the water solubility and the strength of the affinity for cholesterol in the lipoproteins are also divided into:

  • VLDL – very low density lipoproteins;
  • LDL – low density lipoproteins;
  • HDL – high density lipoprotein;
  • the chylomicrons.

During the research it was found that LDL may precipitate. It «sticky» structure makes it possible to attach to the damaged vessel with the formation of plaque. A thicker layer LDL reduces the diameter of the vessel, which leads to disruption of blood supply. HDL such properties do not possess. They do not form sludge and prevent this effect of LDL. Both factions must remain in balance for the proper functioning of the body.

Why the need for cholesterol in the body?

Cholesterol plays a significant role in fat metabolism. Due to the fact that lipids actively participate in the functioning of the body, the role of cholesterol is as follows:

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  • starts the formation of hormones (steroids), these include sex hormones;
  • involved in the production of fatty acids;
  • promotes the synthesis of vitamin D;
  • is a stabilizer of cell membranes of the organism, normalizes the flow;
  • is a structural component of the system, regulating the permeability of the cell walls;
  • prevents hemolysis under the influence of toxic substances.

How to lower without medication LDL levels?

The increase in the concentration of LDL may be a significant threat to the patient. The drugs used for lowering cholesterol have side effects which can lead to deterioration. In this regard, the question arises of how to reduce without pills the concentration of LDL? The main methods are:

  • increase physical activity;
  • getting rid of bad habits;
  • diet.

Exercise for lowering cholesterol

Is it possible to lower LDL levels by increasing physical activity? In some cases it is possible. You need to combine exercises with diet and Smoking cessation.
Increased physical activity normalizes the level of cholesterol in the blood. There are several reasons for this result.
Как снизить холестерин без лекарств?

  • Increased consumption of cholesterol during physical exercise. Lipoproteins are the source of energy for working muscles. The more the muscles tense up, the more they require power. Cholesterol is not just faster it is removed from the blood stream, in the case of increasing physical activity it is spent faster.
  • Increased consumption of cholesterol while increasing muscle mass. During training is the strengthening of muscle corset. The myocytes begin to use more cholesterol for everyday loads.
  • Physical exercises strengthen the muscles. This increases stability, confidence and reduces stress. The last positive effect on lowering cholesterol.
  • Moderate exercise with daily exercise for 30 – 40 minutes can reduce the risk of death from acute vascular events by 50% not only by reducing LDL cholesterol levels. Gymnastics, running or swimming help to increase HDL, which prevents the damaging effects of LDL and has a protective effect.
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The risk of vascular events increases with age. Older patients may have concomitant diseases from the musculoskeletal system. In this case, it is necessary to increase walking. You can use the Nordic poles. During this walk you will find a greater number of muscles and increases the resistance during exercise. Also recommended swimming and horizontal gymnastics. For any patient you can pick up a set of necessary and appropriate physical therapy.

The rejection of bad habits

Smoking greatly affects the increase in the risk of heart attacks and strokes. Atherogenic effect of cigarette arises from the fact that they increase the concentration of LDL and reduce HDL levels in the blood. This increases the damaging effect of the first embodiment and reduces the protective function of the second version of cholesterol. Hitting all the internal organs, Smoking triggers several mechanisms of disorders of lipid metabolism, which reduces the effectiveness of prolonged confrontation pathological process. If you quit Smoking immediately does not work, even reducing the number of smoked cigarettes daily will have a positive effect on lipid metabolism.
Как снизить холестерин без лекарств?


Diet if giperholesterinemia contains foods that increase the amount of HDL and reduce the LDL levels. Recommendations for dietary modification include:

  • A decline in the use of lipids, especially saturated fats. This can be done by reducing consumption of meat, butter, dairy products with high fat content (cheese, sour cream, cream), refined oil. They can be replaced with fish, Turkey, chicken (breast), low fat dairy products and vegetable oil (corn, sunflower).
  • A diet monounsaturated oils. Their source can be nuts, olive oil, avocado. Use monounsaturated oils lowers LDL more effectively than a diet based on low-fat products.
  • The restriction of the use of eggs. Maximum recommended consumption quantity of this product is 3 pieces in a week. To limit the receipt of cholesterol with food, you need to use when baking egg whites and eggs to combine egg with several proteins, because protein does not contain cholesterol.
  • The increase in the diet legumes. Peas, beans and lentils contain pectin, which successfully displays the body of cholesterol. You can alternate them in the diet, so as not to cause annoying.
  • The increase in the number of consumed fruits containing pectin. The most effective is the use of grapefruit. Also other fruits such as apples.
  • The introduction in the diet of oats. The effectiveness of bran is comparable to the application of products rich in pectin. You can add them to low fat yogurt, cereal and rolls.